Monday, January 26, 2009

Austin Carr Drinking Game

When Austin Carr Says the Following Phrases During the Cavaliers Game You Drink Accordingly:

"L-Train" (1) Drink

"Throw the Hamma Down!" (2)

"Get that weak stuff outta here!" (3)

"Consequently Fred" (1)

"He put the (random word) in the coffin" (2)

"Young Man" when used to refer to any player during a play. (2) Bonus (1) if used after "Get that weak stuff outta here!"

"If (insert anyone here) (insert any situation here) he's gonna (insert any result here) 90% of the time." (2)

"European Style of Basketball" when referring to any foreign player (2) Bonus (2) if used referring to Yao or Yi.

Anytime someone gets a "bird" (3)

Everytime AC mixes up a players name (2) Bonus (2) if it's Delonte Jones

Everytime AC gets flustered and starts stuttering (3)

AC starts to talk about a different play than the one on the replay (3)

AC does an advertisement (5)

"(Insert someones name) from deep, in the Q (or other arena)" (1)

Fred Mcleod Bonus Round:

Drink Accordingly If Fred Says the Following Phrases:

"right down euclid" - (1) drink

"three from 330"- (1)

“the bottom” - (1)

“are you kiddin me?!” - (3)

“shufflin their shoes” - (1)

“rubber rim” - (1)

“ball on a string” - (1)

mentions A.C. as a notre dame alumni" (1)

Shaver Sports Did Not Make Up this Drinking Game. It was Sent To Us In an Email, I do not know who invented the game...but whoever they are did a good job.


Anonymous said...

I created the Austin Carr drinking game.

Link to the original thread started in December about is

Shaver Sports said...

Dave - Nice work on the ACDG! Its an awesome game...Go Cavs!

Unknown said...

Great list guys. Can we get something for his weird philosophy of free throws. Whenever you make the first shot, he says something like "When you make the first one, that usually gives you the confidence to make the second one." And if you miss the first shot "You usually don't miss two in a row, so after missing the first one you should make the second one."

Anonymous said...

this game will get you wasted lol Carr uses his sayings so much

DM said...

Can we add the use of the Mo-flow or "got a mouse in the house"? I still miss Reghi but love the duo.

Anonymous said...

What, no "best at the tip drill?"