Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cleveland State Dominates Wake: 84-69

The whole Cinderella thing kinda looses its appeal when that (13) seed completely dominates the 'said national power' they were matched up against in the NCAA Tournament. Blame Cleveland State for the lack of drama last night as the game wound down. Or blame Wake for not being able to hang, but either way, Cleveland State did dominate Wake Forest last night, and it was more than 'one shining moment.'

Gary Waters' club can flat out play basketball people, and don't be surprised if they win another one. From wire to wire the Vikings imposed their will on the Demon Deacons, and there is no debate who the best basketball player on the floor for any team last night was - Cedric Jackson baby, no doubt. The PG went for 19 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds on the night. From now on, when Clevelanders talk about Cleveland State NCAA lore, they need to say Mouse McFadden and Ced Jackson.

From the point guard's position, Jackson played a perfect game. Absolutely perfect. Coming out and hitting monster (3's) to run it out to a 9-0 start, finding people with LeBron James type vision in the open court (the one handed 1/2 court bounce pass to Chris Moore was spectacular), and working his a@# off on the defensive end. The kid was beyond impressive. While there was a lot to like about his performance, what I liked best was the series when he got his (3) point attempt blocked in the second half. The ball goes out of bounds, and then off the inbounds pass, Jackson receives an Alley-Oop Dunk off a lob from half court. Even ACC Honk Dick Vitale was somewhere saying, 'Are you Seerrrioussss.'

Most kids, on that stage, may have taken a step back after that block, but not Ced Jackson. Not the Vikings, not a Gary Waters coached team. CSU moves on, and this fairy tale is just beginning. They can beat the Arizona Wildcats next round. Oh, and somebody tell Norris Cole that the game is over now, so he can go unlock George Teague. Norris, you looked like a young Gary Payton on the defensive end last night, Dayton's proud of you, and so is Cleveland. Your defense was so impressive, I didn't even notice until this morning that you dropped in a game high (22) to boot.

Box Score
*J'Nathan Bullock scored (21) on a little post move that I think he invented, and Wake never saw before. Half turn deluxe, bank it home Bullock. Look for Bullock to match-up against Chase Budinger for Arizona, and give him trouble...he is a tough match-up for Budinger, and he if can slow Chase down....


Anonymous said...

GO ARIZONA WILDCATS!!! I am looking forward to the Cats total domination of the Vikings on Sunday.

Pride and a winning tradition will always prevail over fluke teams like CSU.

Arizona by 12

Shaver Sports said...

Nice name...JS287299...Ced Jackson's got something for your Wildcats shouldn't even be in the Dance, and you beat the 'Runnin Utes'...CSU by (8).

Shaver Sports said...

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