Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Rome and Ryan Garko

The Cleveland Indians' Ryan Garko is a frequent guest to the Jim Rome Show. He and Romey exchanged text messages yesterday, according to the self proclaimed 'pimp in the box,' and the conversation went as follows:

Garko: Romey, Benny and I were out driving around and we just spotted a car with the license plates 'Rex 3:16' and the driver was smoking a pipe. Unbelievable!

Rome: Liars

Garko: Swear to god. We tried to catch up to the guy to take a picture, but we couldn't catch up to him. Apparently it was not meant to be.

Rome: Right - and Mike Tyson and I were in my office this morning drinking Bombay Sapphire

Apparently that was the end of the exchange.

I like Garko. I think he's funny, and its kinda funny he text messages Rome. It is also funny that he was rolling with 'Benny' Francisco at the time, and I laugh at the picture of those two guys huddled up like school kids snickering as they busted out a 'prank text' to Jim Rome. I would like Garko more though, if he hit 30 homers, drove in 100 runs, and batted .300 this year. Then maybe he'll get on the Jim Rome Show for a good reason.

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Anonymous said...

What's the Rex 3:16 and the pipe about? Sorry, I'm clueless, but interested.