Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kosar to be President of Operations?

Tony Rizzo read an email on The Really Big Show yesterday that Shaver Sports agrees with. The emailer felt that KNR and a lot of callers had become "Kosar honks" and were really pushing for Bernie to become President of Football Operations. The emailer concluded with the fact that they dont want to Kosar's good name in this town to go down in flames.


BK is a legendary figure in this town. For an average QB, with a sidearm delivery, slow feet, and 1 Pro Bowl Appearance on his resume, he is the best QB a generation of Browns fans have ever seen. His Career seems to get better the longer the Browns struggle.

Why would Bernie want to take this risk? He knows how quickly the Browns fans can turn on anyone. Our Pro Bowl QB from last year cant get out of town fast enough.

As a Kosar fan, I think Bernie should stay in the Owners box as an invited guest, not as Top Man.

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