Sunday, May 3, 2009

NBA Playoffs: Handicapping the 2nd Round

Celtics (-2.5) vs. Magic - Game (1) - in Boston

Before the first round series started, there probably weren't too many people willing to bet that the Bulls would push the Celtics into seven overtimes, along the way to extending the series to seven games, before eventually bowing out to the defending champs. But the they did that, and now that's over, and Boston has to re-group in a hurry with the Orlando Magic coming to town on Monday. Most online betting sites, currently have Boston giving Orlando 2.5 points in the opening game of the series. Should be interesting.

Lakers (-8) vs. Rockets - Game (1) - in LA

Ron-Ron and Yao might be able to give Kobe and company trouble for a game or two, but expect the Lakers to close Houston out in (6) games at the most. Lakers in (5) wouldn't suprise me either, but I do think Houston will get (1) game. The question is which one? I doubt it will be the first one, and so do the handicappers, who have LA giving Houston (8) in the first game of that series.

Cavaliers (-11) vs. Atlanta - Game (1) - in Cleveland

I honestly don't think I am being biased when I say this series won't be close. As much as feel like the right thing to do would be to say that Atlanta wins (1) game, I really don't think they will. I don't see it. The Cavaliers are on a mission, and I am predicting a second round sweep as an encore to the sweep of the Pistons, starting on Tuesday. However, the (11) number is a big one, and I am not sure I would quite go there, but its surely possible.

Denver vs Dallas - Game (1) Recap - in Denver

If you are looking for 2nd round trends, the Nuggets beat the Mavericks 109-95 in the first game of that series earlier today, and covered. Denver was giving Dallas 6.5 points, and won by (14).


steve said...

Yeh, if you just noticed now about the guy that wears the bright colored hats then you probably havent watched the tribe since the 1990s. Did you know that they changed the name of the stadium to Progressive field? It is no longer Jacbos field...isnt that crazy??

Unknown said...

A good bog indeed!! But its even tough for a good blogger to write something about these Indians. They are getting run off the reservation already and its only May!! So enough with the knocks on JD for striking up banter lets get focused on the newly awarded LBJ MVP and the rest of the Cleveland roundballers. GO CAVS!!

steve said...

Coming tommorow he will blog about some guy he noticed yesterday with a big drum that he hits during the games.

Anonymous said...

nice Ya i read an article about this hat guy in THE '

Shaver Sports said...

Steve - I am curious to know what gave you the indication that I 'just noticed that guy' when I wrote about him?

Steve said...

Well when you are amazed about this and want everyone to believe you "If you don't believe me, watch the next game and see for yourself." Then yes we believe you for the simple fact that we have seen him since the ya if you would have watched the tribe prior to that game that you were awestruck by the hat man than maybe we would lay off a bit.

Or are you implying that you noticed him back in the 90s and just got around to blogging about it now? because that is more laughable than the other scenario.