Saturday, September 26, 2009

A.L. Casoni presents.... "Against All Odds"

In an effort to keep the woeful Browns out of your head, I decided to try and help make everyone some money in a segment entitled "Against All Odds". I'll be giving everyone my picks against the line for every game this weekend. I certainly do not consider myself by any means a good gambler, but we're going to give it a go anyways. Here goes.......

Washington (-6) @ Detroit. I like the Lions in this one. They eventually have to win, or at least cover, right? Washington looked awful against a "worse then the Browns" Rams team last weekend, and Portis is banged up.

Green Bay (-6.5) @ St. Louis. Green Bay, no hesitation. If you need more info, see above.

San Fran (+7) @ Minnesota. I am still not sold on either of these teams despite both of them being 2-0. I don't like this game, but history shows west coast teams do not perform well when heading east and playing in a 1:00 game. Take the Favre's.

Atlanta (+4.5) @ New England. The Pats should be 0-2, no question. I still can't believe the Bills choked that opener. I have heard everyone say the Pats are not going to be that good this year, and i somewhat get that, but I am not ready to believe that yet. Lot of offense in this game and the Patriots cover.

Tennessee (+2) @ NY Jets- Will the Titans fall to 0-3? Is Sanchez going to take the Jets to 3-0? The Jets defense is solid, but Sanchez still has a lot to prove. I don't think a team in Tennessee that went 13-3 last year falls to 0-3. I like the team from the Music City in this one. Also, I would like to thank the schedule makers in 3 out of 4 fantasy leagues I am in for deciding that week 2 was a good time for my squads to play against Chris Johnson.

Kansas City (+7.5) @ Philadelphia. The Chiefs are bad, Vick is back, and its in Philly. Will someone eventually agree with me and say that Cassell is a 1 year wonder who was surrounded by an incredible offense last year? Take the Birds

NY Giants (-6.5) @ Tampa. I do think this will not be a good game for the Giants. They are banged up again on the defensive line, and they are coming off 2 battles the last 2 weeks. However, they are playing the Bucs. Take the G-men

Cleveland (+13.5) @ Baltimore. Um.................. Ravens. The line should be more than this. One of these days the Browns may surprise us like when they beat the Giants on Monday night last year, but it won't be this one.

Houston (-3.5) @ Jacksonville. This may be the toughest matchup. You have no idea which Texan team or Jaguar team will show up. Something tells me this game is decided by a field goal, so Jacksonville...

Chicago (-2.5) @ Seattle. Forte runs all over the Seahawks which should make fantasy owners put his 2 previous games behind them. Seneca Wallace is just not a good quarterback also. Da Bears...

New Orleans (-6) @ Buffalo. This Saints team is something else. Is Brees serious with this start? I still think the Bills have a lot of questions to answer on defense with some of their injuries. The Saints march in to Buffalo and take care of business

Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Cincinnati. I think the Bengals are going to surprise a lot of teams this year, just ask Green Bay. I would pay money to see the Steelers start 1-2, but that just won't happen. The over under on this game should be 19, but the Steelers cover.

Denver (+1.5) @ Oakland. This Bronco team is very underrated. Their defense is solid, and Kyle "the beard" Orton is due for a big game in this one. Love Denver in this one.

Miami (+6) @ San Diego. Another tough one, but I like the Dolphins. Merriman is banged up, Tomlinson is out. Rivers threw for like 500 yards against the Ravens last weekend, he can't repeat that. I think San Diego wins, but the Fins cover.

Indianapolis (+2.5) @ Arizona. So let me get this straight. Peyton Manning leads an incredible drive against the Dolphins last week to win the game (and cover the line) in the last few minutes, and he is rewarded by being an underdog in the desert? Colts. The Colts running game is a mess, but I still like them.

Carolina (+8.5) @ Dallas. Jerry Jones looked pretty salty after his squad fell to the Giants in his opening game in that stadium, city, small village, whatever you want to call it. Carolina is just not looking too good right now. I like the Boys...

Good luck and remember, I'm no expert...

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