Saturday, February 28, 2009

Browns Town Again? Always...

If there were any question which of the 3 Professional teams in Cleveland own the hearts of the Fans, this past week made it very clear. A starter on the Eastern Conferences best team went down with a broken leg, and will miss 4-6 weeks, yet the top stories this week in Cleveland revolved around the Soap Opera that is your Cleveland Browns.

A quick glance at proves our point. In their Top 10 commented articles, 3 of the 10 are about the Browns, with 1 pertaining to the Cavs situation. There are 4 times as many comments about Shaun Rogers and his weight management and the K2 trade, than there are about the Cavs losing Big Ben.

People love a good train wreck. Must be why the Browns have stayed so popular all these years.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Let the JJ Hickson Era Begin

I like Ben Wallace. I would trade him for Larry Hughes 100 times out of 100 and not think twice about it. However, this Ben Wallace - when healthy - is a mere shadow of the Defensive Player of the Year that used to play in Detroit. I am not trying to throw dirt on a guy that is down, but I am trying to say that losing Ben Wallace does not spell the end of championship aspirations.

It does two things really, that could both work out fine. First, it begins the JJ Hickson era right now. I have no problem with that. The youngster looks real solid to me, real solid. What exactly can't Hickson do that Wallace can anyways? Are you going to say that you don't think JJ is able to guard low post scorers? Neither can Wallace anymore, so that's at worst, a push. On the offensive end, it is not even a debate. The upside of Hickson is huge, and Ben is an offensive liability at best. A statistical breakdown is below:

JJ Hickson: 12 mpg - 4.4 ppg - 2.9 rpg - 0.53 bpg

For the sake of argument, double Hicksons mpg to match Wallace's. Then, averaging the same mpg, Hickson would project to average 8.8 ppg - 5.8 rpg - and 1.06 bpg. There is no drop off there, and if Hickson could get you around 10 and 6, and average a block a game, playing half of it, that's an upgrade. What was Marcus Camby gonna get you? Nothing more than that.The second thing the Wallace injury does is more of the challenge. That being, filling the 12 mpg that Hickson averages currently. Lorenzen Wright or Darnell Jackson are going to have to step up and give you that. Or, if not, Z and Anderson are going to have to give you another five or six minutes each. If not that, the Cavaliers other option is to play a combination of those things, and small for those 12 minutes.Whatever happens, while I look forward to Ben coming back, I think the Cavaliers are deep enough to find 3 points and 6 boards a game somewhere on their roster.

A Soldier Deployed: Winslow Traded to TB

Eric Mangini and George Kokinis are cleaning house. The first casualty is TE Kellen Winslow. He was traded today to the Tampa Bay Bucs for undisclosed draft pics.

This move does 4 things for the Browns- hopefully secures them at least 1 draft pick this year, after Phil traded some away last year, gets rid of a clubhouse cancer, will allow for them to play a TE that can actually block, and allows last year's draft pick Martin Rucker to develop.
Can't wait to see who is next....
UPDATE: The trade brings the Browns a 2nd Round pick this year, and a 5th round pick in 2010's draft.

Fox Sports: NBA Over / Under Paid

Fox Sports has a list up right now of their (10) most overpaid, and (10) most underpaid, players in the NBA. At the top of each list is a Cavalier. I agree wholeheartedly with one. Their most underpaid player in the NBA is LeBron, and that is a fact. While he will be a max player in 2010, he is not now, and obviously he should be. Coming in at number (1) on the most overpaid list in the NBA is Ben Wallace. Now I kinda agree here, and I kinda don't. His numbers are certainly down, he has certainly lost a step, he can't really jump anymore, and he is having some trouble with the old 'dunk' shot (even when healthy, reports are he broke his fibula last night against Houston), however...he is still better than Larry Hughes. Like this morning, with a broken fibula, he is still better than Larry. How Hughes didn't even make this list I don't know, he absolutely belongs there. There are only 35 NBA players that make more money than Larry Hughes, and there are about 1,000 guys I would rather have on my team instead of Hughes, including Big Ben, shaved head, or otherwise.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the Corner Office of Top Men...

The Need for Greed

A big topic on both the Really Big Show and the Reghi show yesterday was the talk of Shaun Rogers asking the Browns to release him before they pay him his 6 million dollar roster bonus next month. According to Adam Scheffter at, there are a couple reasons for Rogers wanting to skip town. Both of them have to do with Eric Mangini not going out of his way to say hello to the big man.

Top Men aren't buying it. The real reason is MONEY. Rogers agreed to come to Cleveland when he found out that the Browns were willing to renegotiate his contract. Last March, the Browns agreed to pay Rogers $42 Million over 6 years, through 2013. In the first 3 years of the contract, Rogers is guaranteed $23 Million. At the time, a great deal. Would Eric Mangini not saying hello really make Big Daddy not want to cash in on another $15 million guaranteed? Probably not. So what are the real reasons?

One, rumors are that Pro-Bowler Albert Haynesworth, the free agent nose tackle from Tennessee, is close to signing a deal for up to $15 million a year. Yes, that's right. $15 million a year. More than double than what he and Rogers made this year. He would be the highest paid Defensive Lineman in the league. Rogers must see that kind of cash out there and want to capitalize on his Pro Bowl season.

And two, the NFL collective bargaining agreement ends at the end of the 2010 season. This brings some uncertainty to free agency and the dollars teams will be able to spend. The threat of Lockout by the Owners is making agents and players approaching their peak earning years very, very nervous. Players are looking to cash in now under the current agreement. Rogers may just be the first in line of players looking to opt out and sign a short term, high guaranteed dollar contract, vs. a long term, high total dollar contract. (notice the Nnamde Asomugha contract. Biggest contract in the NFL. HUGE dollars in the first two years, all guaranteed, with a club option for the third year. If the CBA changes the salary cap structure, the Raiders can opt out of the top contract in the league in year 3)

An interesting note: One of the proposed changes to the CBA is rumored to be a Team's ability to recoup money from players when they do not fulfill their contract. Meaning-when players like Rogers/Winslow try to get out of their current contracts, or hold out demanding a trade, Owners will get some of the money back they paid in signing bonuses.

We can't imagine the Browns new front office taking any action on this. They wont release him. Rogers was obviously the most talented player on the defensive side of the ball last year. And we don't think the Browns want to set the precedent of re-negotiating with disgruntled players. As we all know, Disgruntled Browns players are a dime a dozen these days.

*Top Men frequently take time out of their busy schedule to contribute to Shaver Sports.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mo Williams on ESPN Radio

Before anyone tries to make the Mo Williams interview yesterday on the Tirico and Van Pelt Show something that it wasn't, such as an outlandish, daringly brash, cocky guarantee, listen to the interview. The interview with Mo is on ESPN's podcast, and it starts with about 15:05 to go on the 2/24 podcast, and goes to about the 22 minute mark.

Why we still talk about guarantees I do not know. Its not really that cool, interesting, or cutting edge, but apparently people like Screamin A. still get excited about them. Scream was filling in for Tirico yesterday, and Mo's answer to his throwaway question at the end is what people are calling a big, bold, guarantee.

Screamin said: "Are you going to the NBA finals?"

To which Mo said: "Yes, that's for sure."

So what would you have preferred Mo to say there? No, we don't think we are. Or how about, we needed Shaq to do that. Or maybe, not without Amar'e? No, I like the answer, and that's what I want to hear. Enough losing. Tell me we are going to win for sure. I can at least enjoy the idea of it for the rest of the day.

With that aside, I did think the All Star PG hit a couple interesting points in the interview. He thanked the Bucks for doing him a favor and trading him to Cleveland, which was funny, and he also said that what impresses him the most about LeBron is his 'work ethic' and 'how he can bring guys together around him.' He said that 'LeBron can blend in and have normal conversations with anyone around him, and that, in my opinion, separates him from other mega stars, from what I have heard about other people.'

Plain Dealer: Austin Carr Drinking Game

Bill Lubinger published an article in the Plain Dealer yesterday on the Austin Carr Drinking Game . As referenced in earlier posts, we did speak with Bill a few weeks ago while he was first researching the game. I told Bill what the game was all about, what the 'rules' were, the basic premise of the game, and where it originated. Bill, however - like the Scene Magazine - was unable to reference JD Shaver, or Shaver Sports in his article, despite our conversations. I would like to tell you to 'get that weak stuff outta here' Lubinger...but its all good!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Notorious Cavs

You may have clicked on it already. I posted the link in the sidebar on Monday night, and wanted to see anybody noticed it at first. When I was sent this You Tube Link on Monday by someone that found it, I thought c'mon. A rap song about the Cavaliers set to the Notorious BIG and Bone Thugs Collabo Notorious Thugs...weak right? Well take a listen to the song and then let me know. Its Hilarious. Well played fellas.

A couple of my favorite lines include:

'Better Run and Tell the Celtics'...'and play some D, some D, some D'...'Big Z, Wally for 3.'

This song puts the Super Bowl Shuffle to shame.

The You Tube link is as follows:

Around the Blogosphere: Part IV

Slam Online - Delonte West:
I was at the Q on Sunday and glad to see Delonte West back. How about adding a guy to your line-up that can score 25 points, grab 5 rebounds, and dish out 5 assists in his first game back after missing 17? Slam Online was glad to Delonte back as well:

"Delonte West returned for the Cavs last night. Man, did it feel good seeing him out there after 16 games off, with that broken wrist. Postgame, he joined the NBTV crew and he was great. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, and I love that about him. 5-5 from the three-point line and he had that wrist wrapped in more ice than you could imagine. Great to see him back on the court where he belongs."

Deadspin - C.C. Sabathia:
With pitchers and catchers reporting this week, I am of the opinion that the Indians will be better off without C.C. I am sick of him coming into camp out of shape, and folding down the stretch. Deadspin has this picture posted with the headline: 'CC Smuggles a Small Child Into Camp'. Hilarious.

Awful Announcing - Charles Barkley:
Lastly, not that I am happy about it, but noted Cavalier hater, and old school Flats Brawler, Charles Barkley was sentenced to jail yesterday. Awful Announcing has that story posted. At least for the next 5 to 10 days he wont be able to hate on Cleveland.

Around the Blogosphere: Part III

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lavin Says Roe Uses the Crab Dribble Too

Must be a Northeast Ohio move. When Delvon Roe (St. Edwards High School) got fouled with about (9) minutes to go in yesterday's Wisconsin - MSU game, ESPN color commentator and former UCLA Head Coach Steve Lavin said the following:

"Good pass over the top by Walton, and a the pin and the seal by Roe. And then Roe uses the Crab Dribble, or the Spider Dribble, which is below the knees to maneuver, there's the good target, the catch with two hands, now the little tiny one bounce dribble to maneuver into position for jump hook on the foul."

When 'Bron 'Bron used that term a month or so ago, the NBA hater community - headed by the Washington Wizards Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison - chuckled and acted like James made the term up. Must not have haters, because it sounds like my man Lav, in between slicking his hair back every few hours, has been teaching that little one bounce maneuver for some time now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Couple Cavalier Related Thoughts...

* I am glad Danny Ferry did not make a move at the deadline, and I think the Cavaliers are going to be better off down the stretch as a result. I have a post up on Midwest Sports Fans discussing this topic: Danny Ferry Makes the Right Move at the Deadline - Again.

* The guy I used to think was the best GM in Basketball is bringing his club to the Q tonight, but these days I am not sure even Joe Dumars knows what he wants to do. He looked good when they added Sheed some years back, but since then, there has been (3) coaches, declining win totals, and now Allen Iverson? With the Pistons (14) plus back in the division coming into tonight, I expect the Cavaliers to make short work of Tayshaun and company. I'll be down there, so I hope so.

* Reports are out of Boston that Kevin Garnett will miss 2-3 weeks. Not that you want anyone to be injured, but with the Big Ticket sidelined, and Skip to My Lou replaceing Jameer Nelson in Orlando, you gotta think that it looks like thing are lining up for a 1 seed in the playoffs, whether David Stern likes it or not.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fifty Five Reasons Why He is the King

The best thing that Drew Gooden ever said as a Cavalier was when he called LeBron 'Video Game James' after going for 50 one night while the Rat Tail Patch was playing here, and sitting for all of the 4th quarter, before getting dealt to the Bulls and then the Kings in less than a season. LeBron was Video Game James again last night though - definetely. When he hit the sky hook in the 1st quarter it was like look out. If he goes to that move inside he is unstoppable - like flames are coming from his basketball in NBA Jam unstoppable. But then he went on, and made like Reggie Miller, crossing half court and nailing one after another - Deep, in the Bradley Center (1 pt) and the momentum meter in the top corner of the screen was about to burst. Even Z said something about LeBron looking like he was playing Nintendo Wii - and after he said it I couldn't help picture Z playing Nintendo Wii Tennis in his living room...but I digress. What was most impressive about the (55) LeBron scored last night was that they needed all of them. They were down double digits when he hit most of them, and the 3rd quarter was spectacular when he brought them all the way back. Its just awesome to watch. It makes you wonder too, with a guy like that on your team, you have to be insane to tell me that 'he' needs Amare Stoudemire, Shaq, Richard Jeffereson, or Marcus Camby to 'help him' win anything. No, I think he'll be okay with what he's got. He already went to the finals with Marshall, Jones, Gooden, and Hughes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brian Windhorst: "Cavs not desperate"

On the Really Big Show this morning, Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst said the Cavs are in the drivers seat with just hours to go until the trade deadline. He said the Cavs are happy with what they have, and getting everyone healthy for the remainder of the year would be equivalent to them making a move.

He did say that the Cavs DO have a bunch of lines in the water, but they are waiting to see what the other teams decide to do. Being 30 games over .500 and an attractive expiring contract, teams that are looking to dump salary now may be willing to lessen their demands to deal with the Cavs.

Specifically mentioned as possibilities were Raef LaFrentz out of Portland, and maybe even a possibility of Tyson Chandler OR James Posey from the Hornets, who the Cavs were after in the off season.

NBA Trade Deadline: 3PM

As the trade deadline quickly approaches, the Cavs have been involved in numerous rumors. Wally's expiring contract is a big bargaining chip and rumors were the Cavs were trying to acquire Clips F Marcus Camby (Clips want Andy or someone in addition to Wally), or Suns F Amare Stoudamire (doesnt seem that the Cavs have or want to give up enough to get him), or even Sacramento center Brad Miller (too late-traded to Chicago).

As Danny Ferry proved last year, anything can happen. One name that was off the table that may be back on it is Joe Smith. Smith was part of the Tyson Chandler deal to OKC that fell through. Smith played well for the Cavs last year as part of their trade deadline blockbuster. He wouldn't be a scoring threat, or a legitimate Center like Miller, but he is 6'10", adds depth and has played in this system, with this team so he wouldn't disrupt the chemistry. There would probably be someone else involved in this deal, Wally for Smith seems like a stretch.

Check back frequently with Shaver Sports for the latest in NBA Trade Deadline transactions.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rumors Out of Phoenix: Amare?

There is something going on with the Cavaliers, and Phoenix starting front line. The word earlier in the week was that the price tag was too high for Amare, and that the Big Cactus was on the block, and possibly heading to the 216. However, how much interest really exists for Amare. Reportedly the Knicks and Cavaliers are in the most legitimate talks right now. But just like it ended up shaking out with Micheal Redd, Micheal Redd, and we get his teammate Mo Williams, a similar scenario could be playing out here with Shaq and Amare. A lot of things line up here too. Besides the fact that the Suns are trying to blow it up, Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry were teammates in their playing days -kinda like, McHale and Ainge? And while the latter relationship resulted in KG, the former could result in Amare. Assuming your starting line-up includes Mo, Delonte, LeBron, Amare, Z...that's nasty. No more rebuilding, it would be built.

...So who could the Cavaliers deal. Wally's contract, maybe Snow, JJ Hickson's name is coming up, and possibly Gibson. Not a crazy scenario. Frees up a ton of money for the Suns, the upside for Hickson is legitimate, and Gibson could fit into the top 7 or 8 in Phoenix and contribute while not making too much money.

All eyes on the Desert, this might get interesting. I would put nothing past Ferry at this point either, because, to date, if you say he has been anything short of brilliant, your lying.

Friday, February 13, 2009

From The Desk of DejaTrue

College Hoops Rivalry Week

When talking rivalries pf all sorts you first speak of Red Sox Yankees, Celtics Lakers, Browns Steelers, Buckeyes Wolverines and of course Blue Devils Tar Heels. But, what you must focus on is a rivalry that is very much alive and focused on all year long that has been brewing in southern Ohio for a long time; Dayton Flyers vs. Xavier Musketeers. Xavier has been the marquee mid-major team for long time as far back as when the Cavs' own Tyrone Hill was wearing the XU across his chest. Who is often forgot about is the team that challenges the 'mid-major marquee' year after year. The Flyers give the Musketeers a run for their money often three times a year. An A10 title runs through I75 every year. Xavier has been on the upside as of late but for Dayton residents and UD students goes there is only two games they concern themselves with whole-heartedly with and it rhymes with FU!

Wednesday night when most of the country was wondering which team would go up in smoke on tobacco road, the Miami River Valley was flooding with excitement. The Flyers entered the game unranked and on the bubble of an NCAA bid at 22-3 against a lock to the tourney No. 14 Xavier Musketeers. To no surprise of the most intelligent college basketball fans in the country, Dayton not only won the game but flew past FUXU by 13 points in a game not even as close as the score indicated for a 71-58 victory. 

Duke NC rivalry pales in comparison to the I75 showdown of Dayton Xavier. This is exemplified when Shaver Sports interviewed a UD Alum, "If Brian Gregory loses another to Xavier I will murder one of his daughters." Now, Shaver Sports definitely does not condone any action such as that, and truth be told the man who said that is actually a pacifist living in Portland, it is proof as to where this game stands in importance. Congratulations goes out the the UD faithful as well as the Gregory family.

This win not only put the Flyers in a tie for second with XU, behind only St. Joesephs, who the Flyers already beat, it puts them in the driver seat to a first round bye in the A10 tourny. It very well might have sprayed their bubble right into the NCAA tourny regardless of what happens in the conference tournament due to the win earlier in the season against Marquette who right now stands at #10 in the AP poll. We can assure, along with the Gregory family, the  'Ghetto' fans have been sleeping soundly 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the Desk of DejaTrue

What a Goatee Does for a MAN

The quiet head chief of the Cavaliers we got used to the first couple years is gone! You ask what’s the difference? Its not the experience, the comfort in the greatest player in the land, or a new QB in Mo, no its none of those reasons it is simply a short pointed beard on the chin but not the cheeks, GOATEE!! Not only has that follicle growth made him look older, tougher, increased the love of the ladies but has made him boisterous also. Following a horrific call on Tuesday night he said of Joe Crawford’s call, “That last call, on the run, is the worst call that I have ever been a part of," Brown said. "I cannot imagine another worse call than that. It was an awful call and for him to take away a basketball game from a team with .4 seconds on the clock is irresponsible." He added, “If they fine they fine me!” The NBA had not contacted him about the comment most likely because they fear the follicles.

Whatever he said to the press or what was said behind closed doors the Cavs got the picture. (Rock and Roll) or (Batman and Robin) or simply Mo and the L Train threw the hammer down for a total of 70 points while leading the Cavs to a 17 point victory to take Cleveland into the All Star break with 40 wins.

There was a period in which Cleveland was holding their breath. Coming out in the third Cleveland pushed the lead past 15 but with a blink of the eye the lead was cut to 5. That’s when Mo made his presence felt again by hitting a 3 and the onslaught was on.

Mo “Hitman” Williams, as the Roadman calls him, took tonight’s game as a practice session for the skills competition during the All Star festivities. Finished with career high 44 points, 7 three’s, 7 assists, 3 steals, 2 boards, 1 block and only 4 turnovers. LeBron added his 26 points off of 9-18 shooting, 6 boards, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 block and only 3 turnovers. That’s the All Star combo performance that needs to exist on the north shore for the Cavs to keep up their performance coming back from the All Star break.

Cavs get a much-needed break to rest their legs, which looked tired both at Indianapolis and against the Lakers. The other advantage is that they all have time to join Brown in the fierce follicle facial makeover. If you are sitting at work and have the desire to go off on the boss don’t do it yet. Give yourself a few days to manscape yourself a beard at the bottom of your chin but not the cheeks to gain intensity and confidence, who knows maybe its time to ‘be like Mike’!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shaq to Cleveland? Shazam!

With the Suns coming to Cleveland tonight, just go ahead and picture their 7' 350 pound center who shoots 60% from the FT line suiting up in Cavalier gear? No way you say...the rumor is gaining momentum. Shaq has been quoted recently as saying he would love to play alongside LeBron, and the '2 Live Stews' reported this rumor as legitimate today on their radio show out of Atlanta. Whether it happens or not, how about this starting 5: Mo Williams, Delonte West, LeBron, Zydrunas and That line-up is awesome for this season, and I don't really care what it does for the cap. Who do the Cavs move to make it happen? I don't know really. Maybe Wally's contract, Snows, and something else? It appears the Suns are just trying to blow it up - trading Amare, Nash rumors, and Shaq as well. They need expiring contracts and Wally and Snow would provide that.

From the Corner Office of Top Men

Browns Rumors

*The Browns are actively shopping Derek Anderson, with the current asking price a 2nd rounder or two 3rds.
*Cleveland will be in the market for a veteran backup QB/Quinn mentor to replace recently cut and soon to be retired Ken Dorsey.
*They also looking to add a power back and would throw tons of money at Brandon Jacobs. Jamal Lewis will not be back. Another possibility is Larry Johnson. KC is looking to trade him, or more likely will release him due to his high salary.

Indians/MLB Talk

*Former Indian Robbie Alomar is being sued for 15 million for having unprotected sex with his girlfriend after being diagnosed with AIDS. The only person excited about this news is A-Fraud.
* What 2 things do all of these players have in common: Jose Canseco, ARod, Rafael Palmerio, Sammy Sosa (allegedly), John Rocker, Juan Gonzalez, Ken Caminiti, Ismael Valdez? They all spent time in the Texas organization and are all connected to steroids. Canseco planted the seed in his book, and little by little he is being proven correct.
*Hmmm..That gets Top Men thinking...Who else spent time in Texas? None other that Travis Hafner. I'm not saying, I'm just saying....
*Speaking of Jose Canseco, he has sent a letter to Union head Donald Fehr and Commish Bud Selig to "help baseball take additional strides in getting beyond the negativity of performance-enhancing drugs" I am sure this is just what Bud wants. The self-proclaimed "Godfather of Steroids" in baseball helping clean up the game.

*Top Men frequently take time out of their busy schedule to contribute to Shaver Sports.

Why Are Steroids All The Rage?

I am about done with hearing about steroids. Seriously, I don't care. I don't care that Clemens took them, I don't care that Bonds took them, I don't care that McGwire took them, and I really don't care that Madonna's Boyfriend took them either. Memo to nerds like Buster Olney: everyone took steroids pal, story's over. It would have been interesting if you and Gammons and Kurkian broke this news 15 years ago, but breaking these stories now is like me breaking the news that Cleveland's economy is a little down at the moment...everyone knows that already. What's more, I think that Baseball writers talk about steroids in baseball because it is the most compelling story in the sport - unfortunately. Steroids in baseball sells newspapers, it makes headlines, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beating out financial empires like the Yankees and Red Sox to win their division just don't. Shawne Merriman took steroids and he went to the Pro Bowl that year. Bonds took 'roids and he might go to jail. This whole thing is just ridiculous, and I am sick of hearing about it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Desk of DejaTrue...Signing Day

Buckeyes Score Big on College signing day.

Or did they? I will tell you for sure in the fall of 2012. In the economically strained climate we live in today we hear more and more about financial buyouts. Its not an entirely new idea, its been going on since John D Rockefeller (not to be confused with Rockafella) bought out every railroad company in te US. In CFB it is no different, except we call it “National Signing Day.” As one Prep Head Football coached referred to it,

“Signing Days is the largest national annual buyout this country has ever seen. Millions of dollars are poured into kids all over the country who [some] have no business being in the presence of college professors.”

The analogy to business is this. With the Internet, handheld PDAs, text messaging, and the birth of “trained” talent scouts rating millions of High School players all over the country, every coach is blinded with information as to whom they should invest in. The list is predetermined. If you land this player, you get a high mark. Who cares if maybe a Jim Tressel sees a chink in the armor of a highly touted kid, if he passes on him, and Penn State gets him, that is a good for Penn State when it come to recruiting. And lets not kid ourselves, College Football is big business, and just as in business if an investment fails so too does the investor.

Therefore, put yourself in Jim Tressel position. On this day you need to make 100% correct short line investments or out the door you go. Now, when you got into the profession you were well aware of this game. Then came Zack Morris’ cell phone, car phones, pagers, internet, email, text messaging, hand-held internet, and you have had to adapt to all of this on the run. You have also been “exposed.” Every move is analyzed, dissected, and examined. And what is it worth, well its worth your starting position out the gate in 2009. At this point, the AP polls are already being generated for the season to come, based on the kids you signed just now.

DejaTrue is a featured contributor to Shaver Sports. Click here to view previous posts.

Austin Carr on the Austin Carr Drinking Game

The Cleveland Scene Magazine picked up on the Austin Carr Drinking Game, and currently has a story up on their website about it. While Shaver Sports or JD Shaver couldn't get a shout out in the piece - despite posting about it on the MWF as well as posting the rules three Mondays ago - they do have an interview with Austin Carr, and it is worth the read nonetheless.

Below are excepts of the interview with Carr from the article:

Scene: Do you script any of what you're going to say?
Austin Carr: No, it just kind of happens. I just try to be myself.

AC on the popularity of the game:

"I think winning has a lot to do with that," says Carr. "My kids told me about it. They haven't played it and I don't understand how it goes. I heard Kenny [Roda] talking about it."

AC on an example of how he gets his material:

"I was actually talking to the trainer and I had been looking for something to describe the way the team's been playing without two of their starters," says Carr. "And we were talking, and he said, 'This team is going to be battle-tested when Z and Delonte come back.' And I thought that was perfect. That's kind of how things happen."


Additionally, Shaver Sports did also speak with Bill Lubinger of the Plain Dealer about the game last week as well. Bill contacted us through email, and followed up with a phone call while researching the ACDG. While Bill may or may not end up writing an article about the ACDG, it was nice to chat with him, and we appreciate him keeping an eye on the happenings here at Shaver Sports.

Click Here for the latest from Bill Lubinger at

Monday, February 9, 2009

23 and 1...Cavs Lose First Game at Home

Sometimes a loss is just a loss. Doesn't mean the Cavaliers are fatally flawed, doesn't mean they can't compete with the best in the NBA, doesn't even mean they couldn't beat the Lakers in a Seven Game Series. Sometimes its just ugly and your team looses. Despite a 20 point effort from Z, the bigs got outplayed Sunday by Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Does it mean the Cavaliers need to add another big? I don't think so. If the other Cavalier bigs had their best game of the season and still got dominated I would say they do. But Ben had his worst game maybe ever, Varejeo was at best average, and Hickson was a complete non-factor. I would venture to guess all three won't have they type of outing in the same game ever again. I would also bet my house that Lamar Odom doesn't get 28 and 17 ever again in his life.


While I did watch the ABC feed for the national perspective, I did miss hearing Uncle Austin. And while usually I will give you my favorite AC line of the game, this time the line of the game comes from the man made famous by fighting the shin of Alonzo Mourning, Jeff Van Gundy. While commenting on a story by Mike Breen that while Z was rehabing he got back in shape by playing Danny Ferry in one on one games JVG had the following to say:

"That had to be one of the slowest games of one on one ever played. Danny Ferry even in his younger days was slow. I can only imagine how slow he is now."

Agreed Jeff. However, I must add this about Ferry as a player. As more and more of this season goes by, I feel better and better about Danny Ferry "for three" the basketball player. While still doesn't mean I think GM Wayne Embry should have traded Ron Harper for him, I do think Owner Dan Gilbert made the absolute right choice in hiring him.


Wally Szcerbiak - Speaking of Danny Ferry I have done a complete 180 in regards to my stance on a particular tradable commodity by the name of Walter Scerbiak. Previously, he was the only guy I was willing to move on the Cavaliers roster, if you were going to trade anybody. Now I'm gonna say you gotta keep Wally. He has been shooting the ball well of late, and if he can bring that stroke into the playoffs...look out Cleveland. To be fair to Wally, it was just last year this time he joined the team, and now that he is about a year in, he is playing his best basketball as a Cavaliers...kinda makes sense really.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

LeBron v. Kobe...Tip-off at 3:30

On ESPN this morning Jon Barry said the following in regards to the impact of the MVP race on today's Cavaliers - Lakers match-up:

"If Kobe Bryant goes in, with his Lakers, stops this streak (Cavs undefeated at home) they sweep Cleveland, Kobe is the leader in the club house, it is his MVP race to lose."

Barry did go on to pick the Cavaliers to win, inferring that the Lakers win at Boston over the weekend took a lot out of LA. While noting that, it should also be noted - when referring to a possibly sweep of the Cavaliers - that Kobe won the first game in LA while LeBron was down two starters. Delonte West and Z did not play. Now I can already hear the Kobe honks, honking it up if Cleveland does win saying they won without Bynum, but the way I look at it, today, both teams are down (1) starter - so its even. Let's tip it up.

I am expecting a performance today similar to the one that LeBron and D-Wade had going on a Sunday in Cleveland a couple years ago, except ratcheted up a bit. The scalpers are feeling it too. Reports are that the cheapest way you can get into the Q today is for upwards of $150 for a loudville ticket. Should be fun. Go Cavs.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rob Ryan. Leaving to coach with Brother?

Eric Mangini has already faced some tough critics with the press his first few weeks on the job. So he had an old mural painted over. So what? But Shaver Sports inside sources say the one leaking some of these stories is none other than new Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan. If you remember, Rob was hired prior to his brother Rex, being names as Eric Mangini's replacement.

If he is upset that he signed with the Browns, its his fault. Why wouldn't he wait to see if his bro was going to get any offers? Why hurry to sign with the Browns? If he wants to go- let him. Something tells me if it really is Ryan leaking things to the press, Mangini's time on the set of the Soprano's wont allow him to stand for having a rat in Berea.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This Just In...Samuel Dalembert Only Had 3 Blocks

The score keeper in Philly had Dalembert for 4 blocks last game against the Bucks, but after further review, it turns out he only had 3. After a thorough statistical analysis, slow motion eight times, and the wearing of 3-Dimensional glasses in the dark by some loser in the NBA office, it turns out that Dalembert's finger did not actually touch leather on the lay-up attempt by Andrew Bogut late in the 3rd. His actual stat line should read 4 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks, instead of the 4-6-4 game previously tallied.

Additionally, in breaking statistical review news, Tyronn Lue actually had 2 assists last game against Pheonix, instead of the 1 they had him down for. Nice work Lue. Steve Novak also scored 9 points instead of the 10 they had him for on Thursday as well, turns out his toe was on the line on the three - hold up two - he hit before halftime. Good catch on that too stat loser.

The reason the above sounds stupid is because the NBA DOESN'T DO THIS! You've never heard of statistical adjustments in the NBA in the past have you? I sure haven't. What this move was, taking LBJ's triple double and record away, is a slap in the face of Cleveland, the Cavaliers, and LeBron himself. The Cavs were on the ROAD. Maybe the hometown stat guy might give Ben Wallace a rebound on a tap out, but c'mon, what does the Knicks' statistician care? And two days later? Mr. Stern, if you want to investigate something, why don't you see how many of your referees are still on the take.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LeBron, Kobe, AC, and Screamin A

Screamin A. Smith just said on ESPN that he felt Kobe's 61 point performance at the Garden was better than LeBron...Screamin must have really got a kick out of the additional nine points Kobe scored on Monday...hey Smith, LeBron accounted for 74 points and your boy Kobe, who you keep nudging on Facebook, accounted for 67. LeBron grabbed 10 boards as well, and Mamba tallied 0.

My favorite line of the night from the best broadcaster in the biz last night came with about 4:32 left in the 4th Quarter, when AC said the following:

"The L-Train has been devastating tonight."

Simple, effective, sincere, and descriptive. Drink (1).

I have a new JD Shaver Post up on Midwest Sports Fan currently in their Featured NBA section, but I wanted to add a couple of notes that I stumbled across last night.

In response to Kobe going for 61, Mike D'Antoni said of his defense strategy on the Mamba:

“We tried to do the rope-a-dope a little bit where he might shoot himself out, but he didn’t,” D’Antoni said. “He just kept on going.”

...and you tried it again Wednesday. There is a reason you are the first person to think of that strategy for Basketball Mike, it doesn't work.

...With 2:35 left in the first quarter last night, LeBron was at that point beating the Knicks himself, 18-17. The overall score at that point was 26-17.

On the Dan Patrick Radio Show Wednesday, Doc Rivers said of Kobe and LeBron:

"Kobe might be the most talented player in the league, but I don't know if he is the best the way LeBron is playing this season."

Agreed Doc.


Oh yeah, and Ray Allen gets the nod over Mo...don't get me started.

If Only USC had a Tow Truck Playing DE

From the Desk of DejaTrue: Boone vs. Tow Truck.

Alex Boone squared off against a very aggressive Tow Truck in Southern California and actually stayed in the fight! I know this is very rare thing to see the 6’5’’ 300+ pound Boone do. We are all accustomed to seeing the “Great” left tackle of The Ohio State University matched up against the best defensive ends in the country and wither to the challenge. Not true this past weekend in Southern California. Boone battled a tow truck through multiple stun gun shots to the body. This was the left tackle that Tressel thought he was getting when he dipped into the very deep talent pool of St. Edward High School four years ago. Unfortunately, while described as a "Mad Man" on the prep gridirion, it took Boone all of four years to fulfill his potential. And even more unfortunatley for him, and the Scarlet and Gray, this potential was finally reached in the presence of multiple orange county police officers. As depicted in the OC Register, “He was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, threatening officers, jumping onto the tops of several cars and banging on garage doors around 11:30 p.m. Sunday at the Barcelona apartments at 23500 Windsong.” This is another ill-fated mistake made by a collegiate athlete coming at a time when he was training for the NFL draft. But while Boone's status for the NFL is now in doubt, he does look to be a sure-fire lock for the All Pac Man Jones team.

Monday, February 2, 2009

From the Desk of DejaTrue...

Kelly “the Italian Stallion” Pavlik?

Remember during the cold war when an Italian from Philly was determined to dish out some brotherly love on a goliath-like Russian boxer? No, not the Rumble in the Jungle, I am referring to the Rocky "Italian Stallion" Balboa vs. Ivan "the Superhuman" Drago bout. As viewers of this heroic battle between good and evil we know where the bout was won...the turning point came during preparation. Rocky was working out in a barn in the snow with below freezing Russian temperatures. “Eye of the Tiger” started up and the Rick James anthem was tossed aside. It was time to prepare again, and there is only one way Micky knew how to prepare. However, the debate about boxing preparation has always been, when does exposure turn into over-exposure?

I know Micks answer and Micks style, and it looks like the Ghost’s trainer Mr. Jack Loew must have tuned into The Versus network over the weekend. Normally Pavlik's training regimen is open to the public, and it was during the Bernard Hopkins prep time, however:

"Trainer Jack Loew has put the clamps on Pavlik's workouts, keeping the media and well-wishing friends out of his newly located Southside Gym on Market Street."

It’s safe to say Adrian is sleeping in a different bed, Rick James is singing at the nearest karaoke bar, while the band "Survivor" and Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik is training as usual in Youngstown for his Feb. 21 title defense against Marco Antonio Rubio at the Chevrolet Centre. Its safe to say after the beat down Hopkins put on the ghost a return to his roots is much needed. Nothing to be ashamed of though, the Stallion did the same thing after Mr. T pitied the fool in Madison Square Garden.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's Worse?

If you are watching the Super Bowl through Cleveland eyes, I know you're not smiling. But while you're telling your buddy's the 'Steelers Suck' I have to ask you this question. What's worse? Your "Rival" winning the Super Bowl, or a team like the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl before you ever get there. Me, I am going with the latter. I am in no way whatsover rooting for Pittsburgh, but there is a part of me that would find it tougher to swallow if a perennial dormat of a franchise won the Super Bowl before Cleveland ever got there. Misery loves company, and I always used to think that no matter how bad it got, at least we are better than the Cardinals. Guess those days are over. Here's hoping we have some good commercials tomorrow night.