Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whats Phil Gonna Say, You're About to Be Fired?

Usually when a GM says a Coach's job is safe, and he is fully supportive, and behind his Coach, the thing that happens next is that the Coach gets fired. Earlier this week Scott Linehan got whacked as Rams coach. Today Al Davis pulled the plug, and then verbally defamed Lane Kiffin. Two down, is there one to go? Phil says he isn't even thinking about it.

''I've talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business for a long time, and you don't go blowing things up after a couple games,'' Savage said. ''You're not going to be successful in this league doing that. It's not been any thought of changing quarterbacks, changing the coach, or any of that. That's not the thing to do at this juncture of the season. You've got to give the people a chance to pull themselves out of the situation. We all put ourselves in this spot and we're the ones who have got to pull us out of it."

Two untruths there. One, of course he is thinking about it. My mailman is thinking about it. And two, he sure does believe in blowing it up at this point in the season, and if you don't believe me ask Charlie Frye how he likes the rain in Seattle.

Currently, 86% of Browns fans would like to see Romeo fired, according to a poll on Cleveland Fan, and I would be one of the 86%. And while I don't want to dive into the controversy that involves a certain Chin, whether he was in Strongsville looking at houses, or eating steak in Beachwood, I really don't know...but I do know he wouldn't be 1-3 with this team, I do know that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Adams and Edwards Exemplify Browns Problems

Mike Adams has a real attitude problem. Mike had an interception yesterday. He picked off a QB from Harvard...maybe one of the worst QB's to start for any team during the last 3 NFL seasons. That is not what bothers me about Mike. What bothers me about Adams is during the game I was starting to think, I dont mind this Mike Adams guy. And then I read his quote in Tony Grossi's article today:

"If Palmer was in there, we would have gotten after him as much as we went after Fitzpatrick," Adams said. "Actually, I was looking forward [to Palmer playing]. I was looking for two picks and I only got one. I needed Carson Palmer."

Mike. Mr. Adams. What on earth is your problem? In the world of NFL players, you are not even a starter. As a reminder, you are on the field because of injuries. The Bengals are an awful NFL team, and Fitz threw up an equally awful ball that you happened to catch. Just be quiet Mike, and at the end of they year, you will have an int next to your name on the stat sheet, and people will forget who you picked off a QB that used to battle the Penn Quakers. But you dont do that, do you Mike? Instead, you decide to call out a Pro Bowler. How is that going to play for you next year when Sean Jones is healthy, you get cut, and then join someone's practice squad? Even Damon Jones doesn't think you should have said that.

Braylon Edwards is another story. He does not have 100 yards yet on the season - total. He now has (1) TD. Yesterday, the Bengals Defensive Backfield was striken with injuries. Braylon had 26 yards receiving. And when he got into the endzone, he felt it necessary to play air guitar. Your team was losing 6-3 to the worst team in the NFL at halftime. You caught a 4 yard TD pass, and then played Air Guitar. Did you really do that Bray?

This is the attitude of the 2008 Browns. Thats why we're 1-3, and awful to watch.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ndukwe Makes Roomate Brady's Case to Start

Chinedum Ndukwe was Brady Quinn's roomate at Notre Dame. The Bengals DB did his best to weigh in on Cleveland's QB controversy, by once again, having his best game of the season against DA, the guy keeping his boy with a hat a clipboard on the sidelines. Ndukwe picked DA twice last year, and picked him off again today. Along with his pick of DA, he also deflected (2) other balls, and sacked DA for a 12 yard loss.

After the sack, he exchaged pleasantries with Derek. DA took offense to whatever it was Ndukwe said, and barked back. Maybe Ndukwe said this is the last game you are starting this year, and my boy BQ is gonna make it so you never see the field again. Or maybe he didn't. What he did do, was continue to dial up DA's number once again.

Full Stats on Browns game, go to cleveland.com.

Hey Chud: Dial Up a Running Play

Since the teams return in 1999 two glaring weaknesses have been the lack of a rushing attack, and the inability to stop the run. Jamal Lewis didnt even get the ball last week I dont believe, and if the Browns want to get into the win column today, they need to do both in Cincy - regardless of who takes the snaps from center.

Currently, the Browns are 30th in rushing yards per game at 72.3 yds per game. I think I counted 9 teams averaging 150+ yds per game.

That got me wondering, when was the last season that the Browns ended the season averaging 150+ rushing yds per game? Take a guess.

By the way, if you guessed "during the Mack and Byner seasons?"... wrong.

Try 30 years ago. 1978 with Mike Pruitt, Greg Pruitt, Calvin Hill and Cleo Miller the team averaged 155.5 yds per game rushing.

In 1977 the average was 157.1 with Pruitt, Pruitt, Cleo and Larry Poole... and in 1976 this same foursome averaged 163.9.

The Browns broke 150+ 5 straight seasons from '63 - '67. In 1963, the Jim Brown averaged over 133+ himself.

The rushing Stats are below:

1963 - 188.5
1964 - 154.5
1965 - 166.5
1966 - 154.7
1967 - 152.8

For comparison:

2008 - 72.3
2007 - 118.4
2006 - 83.7
2005 - 93.9
2004 - 103.6
2003 - 104.4
2002 - 100.3
2001 - 84.4
2000 - 67.8
1999 - 71.9

1995 - 92.6
1994 - 103.6
1993 - 106.3
1992 - 100.4
1991 - 85.0
1990 - 76.3
1989 - 100.6
1988 - 98.4
1987 - 124.6
1986 - 103.1
1985 - 142.8
1984 - 106
1983 - 120.1
1982 - 97
1981 - 120.6
1980 - 104.6
1979 - 142.9
1978 - 155.5

Rizzo: Bucks have 5000 to 1 Chance of Title

On the Really Big Show Friday, Tony Rizzo said that if the Buckeyes won every game by 50 points the rest of the way out, they still might not get in to the National Title game.

"Nationally, the perception of the Buckeyes is just not good, no on is going to vote for them, and I give the Buckeyes a Five Thousand to One chance of getting into the Title game.

Those Odds had to have gotten better yesterday afternoon. On the heels of USC's upset loss to Oregon State Friday, three other top ten teams in Flordia, Georgia, and Wisconsin, all lost. Terrel Pryor looked good, and Beanie looked healthy, and you could see the foundation of an arguement forming for the Buckeyes to make their claim as national championship material - maybe.

Hammer went on to counter Uncle Rizzy's arguement Friday by saying that if the Buckeyes are the last One Loss team in the country, they could still get in. "Its just how the system works," said noted Denver Fan Hammer, and I believe he is correct.

Additional food for thought on why the Buckeyes could get into the mix: They play a Wisconsin team that is going to be ranked in the top 15 next week despite losing to Michigan, they play a Penn State team that is going to be ranked in the Top 10, and they play an Illinois team that should be in the top 25 when they play.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Could Brady Be Worse Than These Guys?

Currently, Derek Anderson has a passer rating of 43.5 for the 2008 Season. The only QB with a worse rating is KC Chiefs QB extraordinaire' Tyler Thigpen, who is clocking in dead-last with a 38.3 passer rating for the young season.

Since 1999, the Browns have probably had the worst QB situation of any team during that stretch. I don't know if the following list of Browns starting QBs in that time is supposed to make me laugh, or make me cry. What I do know though is, there is no way that Brady Quinn could be the worst QB to start for the Browns since they have been back.

The following is a list of Browns Quarterbacks since 1999, and their Career Passer Ratings:

1. Kelly Holcomb: 79.2
2. Tim Couch: 75.1
3. Ty Detmer: 74.7
4. Derek Anderson: 74.5
5. Jeff Garcia: 71.3
6. Charlie Frye: 71.1
7. Trent Dilfer: 70.2
8. Doug Pederson: 62.3
9. Luke McCown: 52.6
10. Spergon Wynn: 39.5

That is an awful list, and here are some numbers to put the above into perspective. Currently, Kyle Orton of the Bears has the 18th Highest Passer Rating in the NFL for the 2008 Season. His rating is a 79, to tie match Kelly Holcomb's - team leading - number.

There are also (9) guys with Passer Ratings OVER 100 for the 2008 season, including Jason Campbell of the Redskins. Matt Kassel, in his first two starts since HIGH SCHOOL, has a passer Rating of 87.

Lets Give Brady a shot and see if he cant crack the SEEMINGLY UNBREAKABLE PASSER RATING OF EIGHTY...or we can move forward with a guy who is competing with TYLER THIGPEN for the TOILET BOWL TROPHY.

Romeo, maybe you might want to take this information and FLIP ANOTHER COIN!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kenny Roda Predicts Kosar Will Buy if Randy Sells

On 'In the Zone' with Kenny Roda yesterday night, Kenny Roda said that he wouldn't be suprised if Bernie Kosar would try to but the Browns in a few years if Randy Lerner chooses to sell.

"If in a few years, Randy Lerner tried to sell the Browns, I wouldn't be suprised if Bernie Kosar and an ownership group tried to buy the Browns. He made a run at it last time, came up a little short, and would probably try again. He is currently paying his dues so to speak as owner of a minor league team, and learning how to run a pro team with his work with the Gladiators, and if Randy tried to sell, mark it down I wouldn't be suprised to see Bernie making a run at it."

Roda also said that during home games Kosar is seen from the press box, in the owners suite, with Randy Lerner, and Phil Savage.

I for one hope that happens. I think we need an owner like a Bernie Kosar in Cleveland. One thing to remember is that Randy Lerner never bought the Browns in the first place. His Dad did, and to be fair to Randy, who says he ever wanted to own the Browns, he just happened to inherit it. He bought it for $660 mil, and it is currently worth $1 billion. I, for one, hope Randy makes the wise business decision and sells the Browns. I, for two, hope Kosar is the guy that buys them.

Rumored Altercation Examplifies Leadership Void

Rizzo talked about a rumored fight in the Browns locker room last week. The rumor has been all over message boards. The funniest thread I read about the fight was on the Cleveland Fan message boards: reportedly DA tossed Braylon a sub, he dropped it, and a fight ensued. I can see that happening. What I heard from someone, that is a friend of a friend of Eric Steinbach's, was that Braylon Edwards was complaining, and running his mouth in the locker room, about whatever it is Braylon complains about, and Willie McGinest took offense to it, a physical altercation ensued to some degree.

Whether the details of this skirmish are accurate or not doesn't really matter. The Browns certainly look like their fighting, look like they are going in (52) different directions, and look like they have no 'on field leadership' on either side of the ball. Now maybe Willie McGinest was this 10 years ago, but he isnt anymore, and maybe Jamal Lewis was 6 years ago, but he doesn't even get the ball anymore.

What all of the good teams have that undoubted leader - and it is obvious for all to see. Ray Lewis is in charge of the Ravens Defense. Peyton Manning is in charge of the Colts Offense. Michael Strahan was in charge of the Giants Defense last year. Tom Brady ran the Patriots Offense.

Who is in charge of the Browns? Andra Davis? Kellen Winslow? Braylon Edwards? Willie McGinest? Ken Dorsey? Paul Zastidul?

Whoever it is, its not obvious, and thats not a good thing. And with no leadership, in-fighting ensues, and losses occurrs, over, and over, and over again, year after year, after year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cincy is Good Place To Start Quinn

Romeo said that he is getting the other guy ready this week. The other guys is Brady Quinn. That is a good thing for (2) reasons:

1. Derek Anderson now has a Career Passer Rating Lower Than Tim Couch's
2. When Browns QB's play the Bengals, their Passer Ratings go up 10 points.

Let me first reiterate my first point for all the DA fans out there. Tim Couch has a CAREER PASSER RATING OF 75.1 Derek Anderson has a CAREER PASSER RATING OF 74.5, and plummeting.

The Career Passer Rating, on Average, of the (7) QBs that have started against the Cinncinnatti Bengals since 1999 is 71.95. When playing Cincinnatti specifically, those same (7) QBs have a Passer Rating in those (18) games of 81.48.

Everyone does better against Cincy, and so will Brady.

The following is how the (7) Browns QBs Passer Ratings looked in their starts against Cinci, vs. their career passer ratings:

Jeff Garcia: 115.5 against Cincy 71.3 Carreer Passer Rating
Kelly Holcomb: 113.7 against Cincy 79.2 Career P.R.
Derek Anderson: 85.4 against Cincy 74.5 Career P.R.
Tim Couch: 83.2 against Cincy 75.1 Career P.R.
Trent Dilfer: 67.8 against Cincy 70.2 Career P.R.
Charlie Frye: 54.3 against Cincy 71.1 Career P.R.
Doug Pederson: 50.3 against Cincy 62.3 Career P.R

...well maybe not Doug Pederson or Charlie Frye, but who cares.

Stats were taken from NFL.com.

Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Scheduling Exec Is Worse Than Romeo

The guy that found it necessary to schedule the Browns to be televised for Five Primetime Games this year is having a worse year than Crennell, and Romeo is having a god awful season. At least Romeo can say that the injuries have hampered him, the offseason moves weren't really all that good, Braylon Edwards turned into a locker room cancer, I dont know what I am doing, etc. But what does is the NFL scheduler's excuse? I didn't think NFL fans wanted to watch Primetime Games? I thought the Browns were the real deal? Shame on you. Poor assesment. Romeo is getting reemed on the radio, in the newspaper, and hopefully behind closed doors as well, and he certainly should be. But that scheduler better be getting piled on as well, ripped up and down, and called every name in the book, because now, we have to watch this play out on a National Stage. It used to just be on local tv before.

It will all come to a head soon too, because after the Bengals, a MNF show- down with the Giants looms in two weeks. Nationally, no one is going to tune into what could be an undefeated Giants team against a totally defeated Browns team. And to add insult to injury, we are going to have to listen to the 'Poor Man's' Dennis Miller, as Tony Kornheiser makes stupid jokes about the disappointment that is the Cleveland Browns, Brett Favre, and sportswriters, all the while the Giants are rolling it up on the Brownies. But I guess I am getting ahead of myself...the Bengals are up next. And while that NFL scheduling exec is sure to be fired in the next few days, lets see if Romeo makes it that long. The watch is on.

Ahh whatever, lets go Browns.

Curtain Closes on Season of Unfulfilled Expectations

The Tribe beat the Tigers 10-5 to close out the home games Sunday at the Pro. They beat the D-Train to do it, in an ironic twist. If you recall, when the Tigers signed the Dontrelle some around Cleveland said it would be a piece that could push the Tigers past the Tribe, and towards the division title. It wasn't, and while these two poverty striken towns battled it out on the diamond this weekend, the Twins and the White Sox battled it out for the division.

Couple interesting items on the Tribe's season:

1. Of all the players expected to have a big year in '08...Hafner, Martinez, Gutierrez, Carmona...the guy least likely to have a big year was the '07 Buffalo Bison Cliff Lee, and he had the season to remember. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Lee is the 9th player to stand at least 20 games above .500 at any point in the season...everyone else to do so won the Cy Young, guys like Sandy Koufax, Dwight Gooden, and Roger Clemens to name a few...and Cliff Lee? Yeah I saw that coming. But kudos to Lee, leading the league in wins at 22, and era at 2.41, he was the only reason to pay remote attention to the Tribe down the stretch.

2. Buster Olney and Peter Gammons both picked the Indians to Win the World Series. As a tribe fan, it would honestly hurt less if these guys woudnt do this too me in the offseason.

3. In the second half of the season (w/ 200 plate appearances) Shin Soo Choo is 4th in the league in OPS at 1.071, behind Man Ram, Pujols, Teixeira, and ahead of everyone else in the league.

4. Since July 10th, the Indians won 41 of their last 65 games...What if they started the season 41 and 24? Oh well.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reghi Sounds Off On Browns React

Michael Reghi is the most fair and balanced voice in all of Cleveland Sports in my opinion. He was going off on the Browns tonight during his Browns React Show on ESPN 850 WKNR in response to their 28-10 showing against the old Browns. He asked questions that I would like to hear Phil Savage's answer to. Such as "name me who the play makers are on Defense...there aren't any." Reg went on to say what every honest Browns fan knows in regards to Phil's first round pick out of Florida State, Kameron Wimbley..."Wimbley is AWFUL, I repeat AWFUL." Said Reghi, "he brings nothing to the table, stop making excuses for him." Reghi also referenced Derek Anderson's QB rating from the game, which was 22.9. "You don't stay in the league too long with numbers like that," he said. "The Browns are 0-3 boys and girls, and you all know where 0-3 teams end up on December 31st, that is NOT IN the Playoffs." No truer words spoken Reg. Lets just start talking draft now...its over before it ever started.

Betting Line Moves As Money Goes On Cleveland

When the betting line for this game opened, the Ravens were giving the Browns 2 points. Money going the Brown's ways has moved the line up a half point on Saturday, and then another half point on Sunday. Currently, the Ravens are giving 2.5 point to the Browns today before kickoff. Click Yahoo Spots here for the Browns line as well as all other NFL betting lines. This is a good sign if you are a Browns fan, it means the money is being bet on the Browns so much to move the line one whole point in Cleveland's favor.

The consensus around Cleveland is that the Browns should make short work of the Ravens today, and get into the win column, avoiding and 0-3 start that no team has gone on to make the playoffs from. I hope they do, but it will be a real test for Cleveland on both sides of the ball.

The Browns Defense has a real opportunity here to pin their ears back and go after to the Ravens QB Joe Flacco. Flacco is a rookie, and he is not mobile. Hopefully the Browns secondary can keep Flacco confused long enough to allow Big Baby and company to make Sunday a long afternoon for Flacco.

I am especially watching Shaun Big Baby Rogers to see if he is going to be a guy that shows up when the bright lights of the national spotlight are off. He didnt show me much in week 1, and seemed to show up on Sunday Night Football last week. Hopefully he shows up against Baltimore to god knows we need him too.

I will also be watching the Eye in the Offensive Sky, Chud, to see if he can re-capture the magic he seemed to be able to orchestrate week after week last season. Either teams have figured the Mad Scientisct from The U out after a season of suprises, or he has run into a couple of rough outings, looking to rebound agains a Defense that was good eight years ago. An opportunity awaits for the Browns Offense today as well.

One note I noticed this morning is that Braylon is questionable for today's game, and as of now, I dont know what impact that has had, if any, on the latest line.

And for me, more than the Steelers, I want to PUNISH the Ravens...I still havent forgot that it was you that packed up and left in the middle of the night...Here we go BROWNIES, HERE WE GO!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pryor Impressive in Win Over These Men of Troy

If the OSU Buckeyes don't win the National Title in the next three years, at least it will be fun to watch Number 2 for the rest of this season, and the next two after that. While the Bucks got embarrased by the West Coast's version of the Men of Troy Last Week, they were able to bouce back and beat Alabama's version of Troy this week. Pryor looked good today too, leading the Buckeyes to the their best win of the year (sorry MAC, Troy would beat the Bobcats and the Penguins). He was supposed to be only able to run at this stage of his development, but he looked close to the complete package throwing for four TD's, leading the Buckeyes to a 28-10 win.

For the ESPN 850 WKNR Pregame Show, the award goes to Jordan Sherwood, for being the closet to the final score with his prediction of 24-10. Kenny Roda predicted 24-17, not too bad, and Munch was the farthest away from being accurate with his prediction of 30-24; not too much faith in the old defense at the glass is half full tavern eh Muncher?

Prop Bet on Braylon, Over/Under on Brady

There is a prop bet being offered by Las Vegas in regards to the amount of drops possible by Braylon Edwards this weekend. Thats not good for Number 17. Check link for details NFL Fanhouse. There is also an over under on how many games Brady Quinn will start this weekend. If I am a betting man, I am betting the under on the Braylon drops, and the over on the Brady starts. I just have a Butch Davis gut feel, that at some point, DA is going to take the hit for the awful start for the Browns. I dont see Chud, or Romeo firing themselves beforehand. DA is an easy scapegoat, that is why I am taking the over on #10's snaps from scrimmage.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantasy: Grim Reality for Browns Owners

I drafted Braylon Edwards early in my fantasy draft, like TO early. He blows so far. As back-ups, much later in the draft, I took Anthony Gonzalez and Bryant Johnson. I started Braylon both weeks, and benched Gonzo and Johnson. Brayon has 4.6 points total so far (Yahoo league), the other two guys have over 18. Braylon is killing me. He is killing me as a Browns fan and as a fantasy owner. I am starting him this week though, because Uncle Rizzy said today on the Really Big Show that Braylon is going to have a big day on Sunday. I hope Uncle Rizzy's right.

Hammer also reminded me today that Braylon said on the Really Big Show, that if he were a fantasy owner, he would draft himself first. Nathan Zegura replied to that comment by saying, if Braylon took himself first in his fantasy draft, "then his team isn't doing very well."

Regardless, for me, I am giving Braylon one last week to suck. If he continues to drop more balls than he catches, and continues to infer that DA throws to hard, I will trade him for Tyler Thigpen, and a box of matches.

Besides Braylon, DA was a highly picked QB in most fantasy drafts. A caller called in today while Nate Dog was in the house, and asked if he should start Phillip Rivers, or "continue to let DA screw him over." With no hesitation, the fantasy consultant said to start Rivers.

It might be that type of year for Browns owners. I just hope you didn't take Jamal Lewis early...that would suck even worse.

Carmona Bloodies Sheffield's Lip

If you get hit by a pitch, and you decide to charge the mound, usually, you dont stop at first base, before you do so. Typically the mound is charged immediately. Not Gary Sheffield. He felt the need to get hit, unintentionally by Fausto Carmona tonight against the Indians, walk to first base staring Carmona down like a fifth grade fat kid trying to intimidate a 2nd grader, only to then take his base for a little while. Sheff got to first, lead off like he was either trying to steal 2nd, or steal some more attention, and caught a throw over to first from Carmona, to do nothing but keep him honest. Based on Fausto's lob over, Sheff found it then necessary to charge the mound, from First Base. I am not that old, but I have seen the mound charged plenty of times, however I have never seen it charged from First Base. Regardless, Gary Sheffield, charged Carmona from first, and caught a couple right hooks from Fausto, and a bloody lip for his trouble. The benches emptied, and Fausto got ejected, along with Victor for the Indians. While all benches emptied, only Placido Palanco, along with Gary, got the boot for the Tigers. Nice work Fausto, I didnt like Sheffield with the Brewers, didnt like him for the Dodgers, hated him with the Yankees, and damn sure dont like him now. Go head big fella.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Than A Game

After the documentary movie
More Than A Game
made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month, LBJ made a stop to do an interview with a local talk show in Canada, seen here at And One Cleveland After hearing about the movie, and reading all the positive reviews about it on the internet, I am looking forward to watching it. With this interview as a preview to the documentary, and a look into the human side of LBJ vs the marketing presentation of LBJ that we often hear and see, it made me root for the guy even more, and look forward to seeing the film.

A couple interesting aspects of the interview to me were why he went to St. V's vs Akron Buchtel...he talked about one of his friends not getting a fair opportunity to play at Buchtel. I dont know for sure, but I am going to guess that it was Dru Joyce, and Buchtel had something going with the father, but I dont know that for sure. What I do know is, I bet Akron Buchtel would love to have that one back. For obivous reasons they would have gotten LeBron...but beyond that Romeo Travis was the MAC player of the year, Joyce started (3) years for Akron, and I believe Sian Cotton played D-I football...they lost all of them because they wouldnt give someone a fair chance at playing...ouch.

Another point he discusses is how he views players in the NBA, he said there are superstars, then stars, then All Stars, and then okay players...The Cavs haven't had an All Star since he's been here, so....

Check the interview out, he also talks about his marketing firm, LRMR, his quest to be the best, and his version of what he said to his Mom in the playoffs vs. the Celtics.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

29.7 Million Watched Us Loose This Weekend

As a Northeast Ohio Football Fan, it was a tough weekend for me, and everyone else around here. We got rolled on Saturday night when the Buckeyes got embarrassed, and we got smacked in the grill on Sunday too, just as we were trying to stand up from the previous nights beat down by the hated Steelers. I realize it was rough. I did not realize until reading today's post on Awful Announcing just how many people watched our National Title hopes get stomped, laughed at, and thrown in the trash, followed by the Steelers making us say uncle again...that total was 11.9 million households on Saturday, and 17.8 million on Sunday, for a total of nearly 30 million households nationally. The only thing that makes this a little bit better is the fact that it did not draw the audience that the Monday nighter drew...an alltime high of 18 million.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eric Deetz, Afternoon Drive on Fox: Expect Brady Quinn Soon

The Browns are a ship heading straight for an iceberg, and they need to get re-directed. Its not all DA's fault, its not all Romeo's fault, its not all the injuries fault, its a combination of everything. But regardless of who's fault it is for this 0-2 start, the fact remains abundantly clear, that the Cleveland Browns need a shot in the arm, and they need it fast. Eric Deetz, host of Fox Sport's Radio's Afternoon Drive on Fox, thinks that shot in the arm could be Brady Quinn. He said to expect Brady Quinn soon if your a Browns fan. I agree with him. I am not saying he has any inside information, or knows anything we don't know, but I am saying I am all for the idea. If the Browns go on this way, they will end up 1-7 or 2-6 at the mid-way point, and then what? Fire Romeo, and wait until next year. For a new Coach, a new system, and the wait 3 years while everyone learns that system, all the while, the losses continue to pile. No thanks. Look no farther than last year. Browns had high expectations, came into the season, and got the doors blown off themselves in the first game. Then, the Browns made the bold move to go with DA, caught lightning in the bottle, and ripped off 10 wins. The Browns need lightning in a bottle, and they need it now. Firing Romeo isnt going to help this year, and I thought that was what we were trying to do here. Win now. DA just doesnt have it, and it looks to me like his offense doesn't believe in him - at least Braylon doesn't - at all. Throw the kid in there, what's the worst thing that can happen? He throws two picks and cant engineer a touchdown in a nationally televised game against your rival? Oh wait, we did that last night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

OSU - USC; Hype Was a Joke

I dont think it was the 21-3 halftime score that was the most embarrassing aspect about the OSU - USC game tonight. It wasn't the 35-3 final either. The most frusterating part wasnt the fact that Terrell Pryor didn't play every down. I am not even bothered by the fact that USC has four running backs better than anything the Browns have backing up Jamal Lewis. What bothers me was the build-up. YouTube - Ohio State vs. USC preview 2008 Its like starting a fight at a bar, only to get your ass kicked in front of your girlfriend. Its like walking into a USC keg party with a 'Trojans Suck' t-shirt only to loose your money, said shirt, and your girlfriend to some hairsprayed mohawk USC frat boy. Its like both of those things happening in the same night, and then having someone post it on you tube, so anyone in the world can watch over, and over again. The Bucks didnt loose. They didnt show-up. They displayed no heart. The game was a joke, and an even bigger joke is the idea that if the Bucks had Beanie they might have won. Seriously, the kid is good but he is not worth 35 points, and I dont believe Beanie has ever played DEFENSE. The collision at the coliseum - whatever? But worse than the game was build-ups like the video above, that just make me want to hide my face, and not let people know, I am in deed from Ohio, and I am a Buckeye fan. Its gonna take 10 years, and 2 coaching changes to earn back the respect that OSU lost tonight.

Weiss Limps through Win for ND

I almost dont want to show the video because it looked awful. Chuck Weiss, the epitomy of non-fitness, non-athleticism, and non-agility, went down hard in the first half of the ND v Michigan game Saturday afternoon. It was just reported that he tore his ACL and MCL on the play. Weiss hasn't run since 9th grade and dont expect him to any time soon. To be fair, he did get rolled up by one of his own guys from behind, and he did stay on to coach the rest of the game. The trainers immediately put a full leg brace on Chuck's leg, got him crutches, and carted him to the locker room for halftime. He gave it a go in the second half as well, finishing the game on crutches, in the rain, and I respect that. Its just an ugly scene anytime a guy with Chuck's build goes down hard, and today was no exception. It just looked awful. The silver lining for Chuck is that his team won the 'battle of the national powers that once were' - or at least look to with 13:05 left in the fourth, holding a commanding 35-17 lead over the Wolverines of Michigan.

USC's Depth is Ridiculous

Not that this fact is news to the PAC 10 and USC honks, but as the Collision at the Coliseum looms imminent, USC's obvious depth has just smacked me in the face as being ridiculous. Its not their starters that they have that amaze me, so much as their second unit.

Why do players go to USC to sit on the bench. Is it because Matt Kassel never started a game and is starting for the Pats tommorrow? Is it Hollywood? Is it Pete Carroll? Are they getting Reggie Bush dollars to play there? I dont know what it is, but what I do know is there is no college in the country that gets multiple 5-Star Recruits to agree to go there, stay there, and compete to play the same position. The Buckeyes get that starter to go there there and play. They get Beanie Wells, and they are good because of it. But they cant get someone of equal talent to come there and compete with Wells. No one else can for that matter, no one except USC. How does Mitch Mustain agree to go there to be behind Sanchez? How does CJ Gable go there to agree to be behind Joe McNight and company? Mustain started for Arkansas, and they were a top 20 team as a FRESHMAN. Now he sits behind Sancez. That doesnt happen at OSU. The Bucks loose Beanie and their offense seemingly falls off the face of the earth. I think USC could loose their starting QB, and starting RB, and not skip a beat. But, in the end, the game is decided by the guys ont the field, not on the bench, so at 8, we will see what happens.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Buckeye Honks Represent in Jungle

While every talking head alive is saying that the Buckeyes have about as good a chance to beat the Trojans Saturday as Shawn Kemp does winning a paternity suit, the Buckeye Honks did represent for the Horshoe on the Jim Rome show this week. Taking a page out of the Nebraska v USC 2007 Game Day Checklist smack, the OSU fans came strong with the USC Fan Gameday Checklist. A couple of Shaversports favorites below:


1. Remove Mud Facial from Face and Cucumbers from Eyes
2. Take Morning Bubble Bath
3. Air Dry Skin to protect moisture
4. Pretend Barbwire Tattoo around bicep is still cool
5. Prepare Line of Blow for tailgate party
6. Have breakfast of strawberries, kiwi, and Starbucks
7. Leave house that is 1500 SF and costs $450,000
8. Watch while elderly woman gets assaulted
9. Take Prescription pills that fall from elderly womans purse
10. Drive Twice stolen Hummer to game
11. Dodge bullets on Expressway on way to game
12. Genuflect before OJ Simpson statue

Rome mentioned Thursday, "Buckeye fan you are pretty good at this, but still dont think you have a chance in the game."

I agree with Romey that Buckeye fans can run smack with anyone, and I also think that it will be a little closer than the talking heads think...or so I hope.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dawg Pound: Brandon Lang Says Give the 6

Handicapper Brandon Lang was on Fox Sports Radio this morning with the Zabe, and Steve asked him if the Steelers giving 6 at Cleveland is too much to give on the road. Brandon - Matthew McConaghy - Lang responded with the following:
"The Browns are done, take the Steelers, give the 6. The Steelers are 7-1-1 in the last 9 match-ups vs. Cleveland against the spread, and look for this trend to continue Sunday Night. You me and our mothers in wheelchairs can get open against the Browns secondary."
Another Shot fired across the bow of the North Coast, unfortunately Lang has made a tremendous fortune being accurate on such matters. To add insult to injury, at the commercial break I turned the dial to 850, and hear Josh Sabo wake me up with the news that Sean Jones is out for 4-6 weeks. To quote Brodney Pool, "thats gonna hurt." Indeed it will Brodney, indeed it will.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LeBron Hates Cleveland Teams: Fine With Me

Attention Cleveland Degenerates: LBJ roots for the Yankees, he roots for the Cowboys, and he doesnt care at all what you think about it. Personally, I am good with it. Let him root for whoever he wants to root for, just stay here win games for Cavs, put on highlight real performances for Cleveland nightly, and let us Clevealnd fans feel releveant when we go out of town as sports fan, because regardless of what teams he roots for, WE got the CHOSEN ONE - at least for now. Some clown called up Uncle Rizz today and told him that LBJ should just get outta hear...because he wore a Cowboys shirt and a Yankees hat. I say No, No, please stay, root for USC also for all I care, just stay here. For the love of Ricky Davis, Willie Green, and Alex Cole, please stay here. I dont think people in Miami care who D-Wade roots for, and they shouldnt. I will admit, it took me a few days to come to this. I was at the Browns game in section 518, and I got two text messages throughout the game from a couple people I knew saying LBJ was yucking it up with TO, and they could see him wearing a Cowboys shirt and Yankees hat, and at first, it stung a little. I cant lie. I was like, damn dude, thats a big slab across the front of the grill...and then by the end of the game I was over it. I was over it because I realized that he doesnt care, really at all, what we think about it. Maybe the big fat guy from down the dial thinks LBJ should apologize, but I am sure James thinks that loud mouth should cut his har, and go on a diet as well, so its a wash. The truth of the matter is, as long as he is on our team, he is our Yankees fan, and he is our Cowboys fan. We didnt do anything for him in Cleveland that another city wouldnt have done for him, so just get over it, and if you see the King, simply ask him, how bout them Cowboys, and move on.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 1 Browns: Aikman and Buck to Call Action

Awful Announcing has the Week 1 NFL Announcing schedule posted on their site, and for Week 1, at 4pm, Fox is bringing in their A-List Announcers to call the Action. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck will be in studio to call what many national experts are calling a match-up of (2) potential heavyweights. ESPN analyst Jeremy Green called the match-up the most intriguing one of the weekend for him on ESPN radio this weekend. I hope their right. I hope its competive, and I hope Cleveland comes out on top, but after the preseason that we have just seen unfold...lets just say I am nervous.

Browns Miss on Foxworth: CB Situation Still Scary

Does anyone want to see Eric Wright or Brandon McDonald match-ed up on Terrel Owens? I dont, and it appears the Browns dont either, but they are running out of time and options. While Ty Law was the rumor of last week, Foxworth was the rumor of today when the work week started this morning. The Broncos were going to move him, and reportedly the Browns made an offer, but in the end Foxworth went to Atlanta. That leaves the Browns with 4 days and counting to make a move, and dont expect an impactful move this late in the game. For all of the strides the Browns made in the last two years, they are going into week 1 with possibly the worst corner back situation they have had in the last few years. Last season they were going in with Leigh Bodden, Daven Holly, Eric Wright, and Brandon McDonald. While Wright and McDonald are solid as number 4, number, 3, and even number 2 corners, I dont think anyone, including the Browns, wants to see them 1-2 on an island against the likes of TO and Crayton, Holmes and Ward, Johnson and TJ, and so on. Cleveland's revamped Defensive Line better get some pressure on Sunday - A LOT of pressure - or Jessica Simpson could be jumping up and down cheering for her man Romo all day long - like that would be bad.

Monday, September 1, 2008

McShay Says Bucks Loose without Beanie

College Football Analyst Tood McShay said on ESPN radio this morning that the USC v OSU match-up that is looming comes down to the health of Beanie Wells...period. McShay said quite simply, if Beanie Wells is 100%, he would pick the Buckeyes to beat the Trojans when they invade the Rose Bowl. However, if Wells is anything 100% healthy, OSU cannot beat the Trojans. He goes on to say that the Buckeyes do have solid backs behind Beanie, but Wells might be the top back in the nation. McShay went on to say that if you make the arguement that Beanie is not the top back in the land, he has to be in the top three, along with Georgia's Moreno, and Pittsburgh's McCoy. As a Buckeye honk I hope Beanie is at top speed in a couple weeks, and as I sportsfan, I want to see the best play the best...but my fingers are crossed because I agree with McShay.