Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nice Win Last Night...22-0

My favorite line from Austin Carr last night came with about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. After Brian Skinner got fouled, threw up a shot, Varejeo got called for a goal-tend, and then Skinner hit the free throw, and AC said the following:

"That's Brian Skinner, with a two toned beard, not really a fashion statement, but he has it."

I couldn't have said that any better myself A.C...

...Nice bounce back win last night. 22-0 at home is awesome...

...It was good to see the Big Fella back last night. To everyone that wanted to add a Big for the last two weeks there he is. Z was certainly missed, and he probably would have gotten the All Star nod this year if not for the injury....

... I think Sasha's stock has never been so high, and he would have had a bigger game last night had he not gotten into foul trouble. He looked good...

...remember a year or two ago when the Cavaliers seemed to have no ability to stretch defense by being consistently able to knock down the three ball? Not so much anymore. They currently have (6) players that can legitimately knock down the long ball in Mo Williams, Wally Sczerbiak, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, LeBron James, and Sasha Pavlovic.

...Lastly Fred McCleod, just go ahead and quit that 'Rock and Roll' nickname for LeBron and Mo. Horrible. In not so many words, Austin was trying to tell you that was a bad nickname when you first brought it up. Cut it out pal.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Best PG in East Gets Snubbed...What a Joke!

I'm not talking about Rondo either, so don't even start.

Are the Eastern Conference All Star PG's seriously Devin Harris and Jameer Nelson? That's laughable! Mo Williams is the best PG in the East, and has been all season long.

Due to this development, Shaver Sports is going to be leading a boycott to not watch the All Star Game.

However, when the time comes to actually watch the game, we probably still will, we just won't be too entirely happy about it.

Here's hoping Mo Williams takes this snub personal and continues to ball for the duration of the season, en-route to an NBA Title.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Austin Carr Drinking Game...Part II

I had the privelage to find out the originator of that game we have been playing around town to pass the time - or pass out - during Cavs Games. While a number of people are angling for credit for the creation of the ACDG, it seems to have origins on the Real Cavs Fans site - linked on the blogroll to the right.

Click here to find the games origins:

You might need to register to read it...Enjoy!

One Mo All Star

Shaver Sports first predicted Mo Williams would be an All Star in October, and now the chatter is really heating up. Reason is simple; kid's an All Star folks. Brian Windhorst is now, on board after some debate throughout the season. The outstanding beat reporter was on Reghi's show Wednesday, and said that he thought Mo would be an All Star. Reghi agreed that he should be. Aaron Goldhammer also said on the Really Big Show yesterday that LeBron told the group of reporters after Tuesday's game that Mo Williams better be an All Star, or, if not, 'tell David Stern I'm not going.' Game respects game. But we'll find out for sure today. The All Star rosters should be filled out before the Cavaliers tip-off tonight against Orlando....

Word is that out of Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson, and Mo Williams, one guy is going to get left out. Couple thoughts here...Harris' team stinks, and Nelson is the third best player on his team (Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis). If I had to pick one of these three guys, I would not hesitate with picking Mo 43 times out of 43. Mo is proving to be a legitimate Robin to LBJ's Batman...Sorry Larry.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks for Spreading the Word...

Shaver Sports wanted to send a couple shout outs to our brothers in blogging for linking us up the last few days...thanks to the Big Lead for linking us up for a second time, this time by way of our Aaron Goldhammer calls Randy Lerner a Weirdo post - we're helping you out Hammer, don't even mention it - and thanks to the MWSF as well as WFNY for the love on the ACDG post. While JD Shaver, of Shaver Sports, is a contributer to the MWSF team, we nevertheless appreciate the link for the official rules and regulations on the ACDG game. Lastly, thanks to the WFNY for the shout out by way of MWSF on their site today - we appreciate that as always fellas.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trade Possibilities Visit Q Tonight

Shaver Sports has been saying all season that the Cavaliers can win an NBA title as the roster is currently constructed. Nevertheless, as the trade deadline approaches, the banter continues. Amongst those names rumored as 'available' are Brad Miller and Johnny Salmons. They are both in town tonight, as the Sacramento Kings come to town to take on the Cavaliers. Michael Reghi had Grant Napier, Sacramento Kings TV Analyst, on his radio show Monday, and Grant had the following to say about each player:

In regards to Miller...

"Excellent fit. He accepts his role, and has no ego. He is not a good passer, he is a great passer, and is an excellent shooter as well. He would have no problems coming off the bench, and deferring to LeBron. Now on the downside though, he doesn't have a post-up game, and doesn't play any defense. But, overall, he could be an excellent fit for the Cavaliers."

In regards to Salmons...

"Best wing defender in the league, period. He can score, has a post up game, and would be an excellent fit on any team. As an on the ball defender, he is better than Ron Artest, and can still get you (15) points a night."

Napier went on to say that he knows the Kings are shopping Miller, but doesn't know if they want to move Salmons. Miller has one year left on his contract and Salmons has two. Salmons will have a tall order in front of him tonight, as he will most likely be matched up against LeBron.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Austin Carr Drinking Game

When Austin Carr Says the Following Phrases During the Cavaliers Game You Drink Accordingly:

"L-Train" (1) Drink

"Throw the Hamma Down!" (2)

"Get that weak stuff outta here!" (3)

"Consequently Fred" (1)

"He put the (random word) in the coffin" (2)

"Young Man" when used to refer to any player during a play. (2) Bonus (1) if used after "Get that weak stuff outta here!"

"If (insert anyone here) (insert any situation here) he's gonna (insert any result here) 90% of the time." (2)

"European Style of Basketball" when referring to any foreign player (2) Bonus (2) if used referring to Yao or Yi.

Anytime someone gets a "bird" (3)

Everytime AC mixes up a players name (2) Bonus (2) if it's Delonte Jones

Everytime AC gets flustered and starts stuttering (3)

AC starts to talk about a different play than the one on the replay (3)

AC does an advertisement (5)

"(Insert someones name) from deep, in the Q (or other arena)" (1)

Fred Mcleod Bonus Round:

Drink Accordingly If Fred Says the Following Phrases:

"right down euclid" - (1) drink

"three from 330"- (1)

“the bottom” - (1)

“are you kiddin me?!” - (3)

“shufflin their shoes” - (1)

“rubber rim” - (1)

“ball on a string” - (1)

mentions A.C. as a notre dame alumni" (1)

Shaver Sports Did Not Make Up this Drinking Game. It was Sent To Us In an Email, I do not know who invented the game...but whoever they are did a good job.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

LBJ Steps Back for the Win

As I sit on the couch getting ready to watch the Cavaliers take on Utah in a few, I keep replaying LBJ's game winner in my mind from last night. Nasty shot. Step back, gotcha, for the game. I liked watching him get right in Mo Williams grill after celebrate. I like seeing the King boy-up with Williams alot more than I did when Dam Jones was trying to be his B-F-F for the last couple seasons.

But back to the jumper...what are you gonna do now NBA? For the record, that is the same jumper that James took for the last few years at the end of games. The same jump shot that had haters saying 'he has no killer instinct.' That was a ridiculous comment then, but it looks more ridiculous now. People said, he settled for a J with the game on the line.

People surmised in the past that because he took a J, he wasn't a true tough closer...somehow. They said he should go to the rim. Maybe he should go to the rim with the game on the line. Maybe he will in the future. But he has gone to the rim with the game on the line in the past and not gotten the call. What if he does that on the road last night in Oakland...gets hacked, no call. The Cavaliers loose.

No, the kid is a closer. What a step back jumper is, is LBJ taking the outcome of the game squarely into his own hands. Step Back J with the clock winding down. He won't get fouled, he knows that. There won't be a put back on a miss, he knows that too. Just one shot, win if it goes, loose if it doesn't. He nailed it. What are you gonna do now?

Goldhammer Calls Randy Lerner a 'Weirdo'

So, do you want to know what is wrong with the Browns? WKNR's Aaron Goldhammer will tell you...

"Randy Lerner is a Weirdo."

On WKNR's Saturday Morning sports show, Hammer said that the Browns will never be successful with a "Weirdo as an Owner."

With that said, there is part of me that wants to rip on Hammer for that comment and say: Solid, detailed analysis Aaron. Would you also classify Butch Davis as a 'Jerk,' Romeo Crennel as a 'Wimp,' and Tim Couch as a 'Baby?'

However, there is another part of me that says, as simple, and juvenile a comment as that sounds initially, it is also a pretty accurate depiction. There are certainly plenty of things weird about this guy, and weird about his team. This whole last season was flat-out weird...and it starts at the top - weirdo. Good point Hammer...the Browns do need a less weird owner.

Grady Sizemore: Best Lead-Off Hitter In Baseball?

Tribe Hitting Coach Derek Shelton thinks so. Shelton said that Sizemore was the "best lead-off hitter in baseball," while discussing the should Grady bat 1st or 3rd question with WKNR's Michael Reghi on Wednesday. Let Shaver Sports be the first to disagree with Derek.

Grady Sizemore is not the best 'lead-off hitter in baseball.' He is the best 'overall hitter batting lead-off'' in baseball, but he is not the best 'lead-off hitter.'

Kenny Lofton was the best 'lead-off hitter' in baseball when he played. Sizemore is not Lofton. In a lot of ways he is better, some not as good, but he is certainly not what Lofton was offensively. Sizemore hits HRs, and Lofton couldn't. Sizemore drives in RBI and Lofton didn't. Sizemore steals bases, but not as many as Kenny. And Sizemore strikes out with a much higher frequency than Kenny ever did. But this debate is actually simpler than the Lofton comparisons. If Albert Pujols batted 1st for the Cardnials he would be the best overall hitter batting lead-off in the National League. If Alex Rodriguez batted 1st for the Yankees he would be the best overall hitter batting lead-off in the American League. But neither of these guys are 'lead-off hitters.'

The fact is Grady Sizemore is the best hitter on the Indians. He is an All Star thru and thru, and can do it all. As the best hitter on the team, he can bat 1st, 3rd, 7th or 9th and be productive. The Indians, based on the pieces they have, choose to bat their best hitter 1st. Thats fine, but that still doesn't make him a lead-off hitter.

Just the same as if you chose to bat Lofton 4th, that wouldn't make him a clean-up hitter either.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Browns Fire Mangini for Gruden!

If there was ever an organization in professional sports that would fire a coach, hire a new coach in the offseason, and then fire that new coach, for another coach, before the previously hired coach ever actually coached a game, it would be Randy Lerner's Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately for the sake of comedy, the Browns actually did not fire Mangenius...yet.

But, with Jon Gruden walking the streets, should they? I'll Gruden a better fit for this team than Mangini? Interesting debate if you ask me...the career stats are as follows:

Jon Gruden: (4) Seasons with the Raiders (40 - 28) record; (7) Seasons with the Buccanners (60 - 57) record for a career mark of (100-85) which includes (5) Post Season Appearances and (1) Super Bowl Title

Eric Mangini: (3) Seasons with the Jets (23-25) record; (1) Post Season Appearance

A couple other footnotes...Gruden has deep Ohio ties...born in Sandusky, he played college football at the University of Dayton as a back-up QB. He is an in your face coach that would probably not put up with all that much of the Braylon Edwards type garbage that surrounded the team all season. Maybe Mangini won't either, who knows. What else is interesting is that when Gruden went from his first job to his second, the Buccs traded first round draft picks to get Gruden...Mangini on the other hand got fired after (3) years of service...on the flip side of the firing coin, it took Jon Gruden (11) years to get fired from his first NFL gig and it took Mangini (3) years.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 10 NFL Prospects in NBA Uniforms...(5-1)

5. Glen Davis - If Big Baby wasn't crying, going to Disneyland to ride the kiddie rides, or playing PF for the Celtics, I think he would make one helluva a FB. Davis played FB in high school, and thank all things good that you weren't a 5'8" safety with acne, who accidentally got in his way while trying to make a tackle.

4. Jason Williams - Williams was Randy Moss' QB in high school. While the two of these guys undoubtedly got in a lot of trouble as prep stars, they also hooked up for a lot of yards en route to a West Virginia state championship.

3. Nate Robinson - He was offered both a football and basketball scholarship from Washington. Inevitably choosing basketball as his career path, and unfortunately got drafted by the Knicks, Robinson certainly had an opportunity to play corner, safety, or even possibly running back as a professional.

2. Allen Iverson - If he had chose football he might have been Mike Vick - the football star - before Mike Vick was. Tough, hard nosed, athletic, and can take a hit, his QB potential at the next level is obvious.

1. LeBron James - All State as a highschooler, LeBron has said numerous times that he would be a pro football player if he didn't play in the NBA, and I don't think there is an NFL GM who doesn't believe him. At 6'8" approximately 270 plus, with at least 4.5 speed, LBJ could line up at WR, DE, or Safety, and absolutely redefine the sport.

...for 6-10 click here

From the Desk of Dejatrue...

Dejatrue is a frequent commenter here at Shaver Sports, and had the following to say today:

Trickle down effect: In Cleveland we are as used to coaching changes as quickly as the weather changes - from Chris Palmer, to Butch Davis, to Terry Robiskie, to Romeo Crennel, to Eric Manginni, and that is just the last 10 years. But when you examine the landscape of sports what becomes scary is the trickle down effect of this win now or your fired philosophy. Sometimes, the constant guidance, or leadership of a coach, especially as a high schooler, is important for the development of youngster. However, what we are seeing of late on levels as low as high school age, is administrations that are valuing the win now or your gone philosophy over the idea of molding a young man. This is translating into some ugly messages to our youth, detailed in the Deadspin post titled finish your Anabolic steroids or no cartoons. This is evidence of the fact that the culture of steriods brought to the forefront in recent years is being copied at ages as young as (14). At that same time, HS coaches are getting canned for not winning the big one, just like their professional counterparts. Recently St Ed's has fired their second football coach in (3) years. This is the same St Ed's that has been nationally ranked (3) times in the last 5 years, and send numerous students to D-I schools during the same time. Oh, and the graduation rate for those two fired coaches in that time - 100%. But who cares about the development of the kid anymore...just win it all or get out of here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top 10 NFL Prospects in NBA Uniforms...(10-6)

This list consists of current NBA players who could have parlayed their skills on Sundays, while in the prime of their athletic careers...while Kobe didn't make our top 10, the guys below did.

(10) thru (6) is as follows:

10. Kendrick Perkins - I don't know if he every played football, but I would have to think that he could play any position on the offensive or defensive line. At around 6'8", compares favorable to a Jonathan Ogden type in the trenches.

9. Eric Snow - The Canton McKinley Bulldog has football running through his veins, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs LB Percy Snow, I gotta think Eric could have found a home in the Defensive Backfield for a team in the NFL had he so chosen that career path.

8. Chris Paul - I don't really know if he ever played football, or even likes football, but at the end of the year, I would have had no qualms rolling him out under center to give it a shot at QB instead of letting Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski take snaps from center.

7. Dwight Howard - The guy nicknamed himself Superman. Besides that, I would like to see a RB like Jerome Harrison pick up Howard on blitz pick-up coming off the edge. Or, if he dropped into coverage off the end, I would think he could get his hands on a ball, or pick a couple off.

6. Shaquille O'Neal - I would like to watch Shaq in his prime play TE. I would just like to watch that. How big would he look out there. You thought Antonio Gates was a beast. Shaq would look like a grown man playing football with 6 year-olds.

(5) thru (1) to follow

Kobe Wouldn't Be Mossin' Anything Up

Kobe Bryant said that he could have helped his hometown Eagles over the weekend by splitting out wide and catching passes from Donavan McNabb. Said Bryant on his Football Prospects:

“I’d be a wide receiver, I’d be a bad man too."
“No more red zone issue, just throw it over the top. I’m (Randy) Mossin’ it.”

...sorry Mamba, at 6'6", 205 lbs, you wouldn't be all that bad of a man stretched out for a high hard one with Troy Polamalua honing in on you...I just don't see you Mossin all that much up out there.

However, there are some NBAers that could be bad men in the NFL, and Shaver Sports has compiled a list of the top 10 which will be posted in detail in later blogs.

Top Ten List to Follow...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He'd Be The MVP In That League Too

Reports are that LeBron James will be in a Superbowl Commercial wearing a Browns Jersey, and this picture is reportedly from that commercial shoot. I am looking forward to the commercial. That said, I would like to put the debate to bed before someone asks the stupid question. Of Course LeBron would be the best athlete on the Browns, and he would absolutely be the best Football player too. Additionally, I firmly believe that if he walked onto the gridiron tomorrow, he would compete for the MVP trophy, and a Superbowl.

Randy Lerner is a Great Football Owner wait, I meant to say "Randy Lerner is a great 'Futbol' Owner - apparently.

Ahh, if only we, in Cleveland, could only sit around, while having high tea with the blokes, talk about our beloved Browns as if they were a 'model franchise' that was 'putting other NFL franchises to shame.' Instead, we are talking about how Randy's running of the Browns 'appears to be an unpleasant novelty,' and we are 'forced to view every move he makes with a good deal of skepticism.'

But hey, at least the Aston Villa Villains are doing okay, right??

Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Men agree with Big Changes at WKNR

Way back in October, ESPN Cleveland brass sent out an email survey to its loyal listeners. One of the many topics they addressed was the afternoon "drive-time" slot from 3-6PM. Top Men are happy to report that the People Have Spoken, and KNR listened.

The 3Pm -6PM time slot was formerly held by Mark "Munch" Bishop. The self-proclaimed Proprietor of the Glass Half Full Tavern will now have plenty of time on his hands to have a few pints. Top Men (and DejaTrue) feel this is a move that should have happened a long time ago. You'll remember that Shaver Sports called for this move on Oct. 30th.

Munch was on air today after the announcement to accept his "promotion" to Sports Director of ESPN's 2 stations (850 and 1540). He will still be on air occasionally, probably similar to Greg Brinda's role. Fill-in for vacationing hosts, or post game call-in shows.

Even better news is who is replacing Munch. Michael Reghi takes over afternoon drive. Reghi wouldnt really have to try that hard to have a better program that Munch, but he started strong. On his first day he was loaded with guests including close friend, and former Cavs coach Mike Fratello, sidelined Cavs big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and 850 regular Bernie Kosar.

A late Christmas present from KNR. The gift of bearable radio.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Man's Game...

LeBron James' said after the game Friday that his Cavaliers were a 'confident team' coming into the game against Boston, and that the 98-83 win was far from anything like the 'best win in our history' and I believe him. I also know he believes that, and his teammates believe that. But while I know LeBron and the Cavaliers know they can be the best team in the NBA, I am not sure the NBA knew that until Friday. Moreover, I don't think there was any part of Boston that thought the Cavaliers were a better team then they were, until the clocked ticked zeros Friday at the Q. But they have to know now. The Boston Celtics played the role of Jason Stewart Friday night, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were the Proverbial 6'4" ex-Bruin in the YMCA run, who got a hold of a Jay Stew jumpshot, and air-mailed it onto the stage. Like Stew after the mammoth rejection, I believe the Celtics confidence is now wavering. How can't it be? Pierce was frustrated all night, barking at teammates, getting completely locked up by the King, and tallying (11) points for the evening. Meanwhile, LeBron dominated him on the offensive end, and got anything he wanted. As a team, Boston now has lost (7) of their last nine (9), and are looking for Stephon Marbury for help. When they got back on the plane Friday night, they had to feel about as low as Jay Stew did when the 6'4" shot blocker told him 'Man's Game Bitch,' on his way back down the floor after the block. The East is far from won, but at least now Boston knows that it is a conference that can be won by Cleveland...just as easily as J -Stew's shot got blocked.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top Men Review Browns New Head Coach

Your Cleveland Browns have a new Head Coach, Eric Mangini. The displaced NY Jets coach didn't have to wait long before he found his new gig. Top Men sat down and reviewed the Pro's and Con's of the Mangini hiring. Part One looks at the Pro's of the Browns new hire-

NFL Head Coaching Experience. Mangini is the first coach the Cleveland Browns have ever hired that has previous Head Coaching Experience. Crazy, but true. In his 3 year tenure with the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, he went 23-25. 2 winning seasons out of 3. Pretty good for a 1st Time coach. The last Browns coach to have a winning record in 2 out of 3 years was Marty Schottenheimer in '88-'89! (Sorry to all the Schottenheimer honks- looks like Marty ball wont be coming back to the Lakefront anytime soon)

He'll be coaching with a chip on his shoulder.
Mangini was the fall guy in NY. They spent TONS of money in the off-season on big name free agents. Alan Faneca, Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins, and of course, rocket arm Brett Favre. After the Jets went 1-4 in their last 5 games, someone had to be responsible and you cant fire the players. He is a young coach with a lot to prove. He'll be anxious to show the Jets they were wrong.

He's never been described as being a "Players Coach"
The Crennel Country Club has officially repealed all memberships. Braylon, K2, the entire Defense, should all be doing some soul-searching right about now. One important item Mangini mentioned in his presser was accountability. Believe that he will hold these players to his demands. I don't think Edwards should plan on hopping on a charter flights to see U of M lose to a MAC team next year. He will be tough on his players, but don't expect to see a lot of fireworks coming from him on the sideline. He'll leave that to his coordinators. Top Men expect to see Rob Ryan (son of Buddy, bro of Rex) hired soon.

Cleveland Roots (kind of)
Top Men like the fact that Mangini is familiar with Cleveland and had a history with the organization. (The former ball boy even referenced Bucci's, Shaver Sports favorite Italian joint in Berea in his press conference) He will also get some advice and insight on this town from family. He is the brother-in-law of Indians Top Man, Mark Shapiro.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hurry Up, Take My Football Team, I Gotta Get Back To Europe To Play Soccer

Reports are the Browns hired Eric Mangini.

He might be the right hire, he might not be, I don't know. Top Men will be breaking this down in posts to follow. What I do know is Randy Lerner seemed to be in an awful hurry unloading command of a franchise I don't think he wants any part of running. After Lerner canned Crennel, it almost looks like he went down a list that could have been put together by any run of the mill Fantasy Football Player, that read as follows:

Top Candidates:

Bill Cowher, Scott Pioli, Mike Shanahan, Eric Managini, etc., etc, etc.

He met with Cowher and offered him an ungodly amount of jack - Cowher says no.

Next on the list...

He reportedly offered Pioli the job if he wanted it - Pioli saw something he didn't like and interviewed with the Chiefs.


He reaches out to Mike Shanahan who, according to Andre Knott with WTAM, told Randy he couldn't meet with him until after his vacation - Boom outta here, can't wait.

And then it is almost like Eric Mangini simply said:

"Yes, I'll take it."

And Randy responded with:

"Hired. And who would you like to be your boss?"

"There is this buddy of mine from the Ravens that no one has heard of, hire him, and I'll come for sure."

"Done and Done."

...hope this works, back to the Soccer pitch to find a free agent midfielder, and a back-up goalie.

Best Cold Weather Program in America

After reflecting more on the Buckeyes loss yesterday, I found myself pondering this question?

Is OSU the best bad weather football program in America?

If you haven't noticed, the best players in the country have been choosing to play in warm climates of late. There was a time when teams like ND, OSU, and Michigan where the only teams on television, but that was so long ago, at the time, people said that those were the only teams on the tube.

So, while you are entertaining my first question, I will ask you another one. Off the top of your head...

Who was the last bad weather football program to win a National Championship?

So you don't have to flip to the back of the book while getting ready for the - Florida or Oklahoma game - the answer is as follows.

The last (10) College FB National Title Winners:

2007 - LSU
2006 - Florida
2005 - Texas
2004 - USC
2003 - LSU
2002 - OSU
2001- Miami
2000 - Oklahoma
1999 - Florida State
1998 - Tennessee

Further analysis to follow...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Tressel Can't Coach Now?

I am not a Buckeye honk, and I fully understand the ramifications nationally of losing to Texas last night, but you can't blame the Tressel for the loss. He pulled out all stops last night, whether you want to believe it or not. He dusted off a benched and forgotten senior QB, and drew up a play that had him throw a TD pass to the Freshmen QB that took his job, he guided his offense to (2) TDs in the second half with Beanie Wells out of the game, he blitzed on defense to force the action, he challenged a call I still think he should have won, and he was up by four with under a minute to go. If he was in the prevent people would have been saying he should have blitzed. What is he supposed to do on that last play, tackle Quann Cosby himself? And if that challenge call goes Tressel's way, which would mean the referees went with the original spot, 2" behind where the ball was eventually placed, all these ignorant Buckeye honks and national Buckeye haters would be saying that Tressel figured out how to win the big game, instead of saying he should be fired...and that doesn't make any sense.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Celtics Desperate to Match Cavaliers' Backcourt

The Stephon Marbury to Boston Rumors reek of only one thing if you ask me...desperation. Boston knows that, as currently constructed, they cannot match-up with Cleveland on the perimeter, and they are toying with the idea of adding Marbury out of desperation, in order to keep pace with the Cavs. That is the only reason you make a deal with Starbury. That or your Steve and Barry's.

After losing (4) of its last (6), and getting torched by all world guard Wilson Chandler and the Knicks, Kevin Garnett said today that he would not be opposed to playing with Steph, and that Starbury is "one of the best point guards out there to play with." Sure Kev.

As a reminder, the backcourt of Delonte West, LeBron James, and a statue by the name of Walter Szcerbiak almost out dueled the Celtics last season, taking them to game seven, on the road, one big basket short of advancing. In the meantime, the Cavaliers added Mo Williams and subtracted nothing - except Damon Jones. The Celtics subtracted Posey, added nothing, and got older. And to all you Rondo honks, if Rajon was as good as some people make him out to be, they wouldn't be looking to bring in the TO of basketball over in Chowdaville. But desperate times, call for desperate measures, and I will be interested to see how this plays out in Beantown.

Chargers had same Record as Browns in Week 13

In week 13 of the NFL season, the Browns just finished losing to the Indianpolis Colts, to push their record to 4-8. The San Diego Chargers lost to the Atlanta Falcons that same week, and found themselves staring the Brownies dead in the face with a 4-8 mark of their own. Ahh the different roads traveled from there...
From that point, the Brownies packed it in, lost (4) straight, got every QB they had hurt, fired their GM, and fired their coach. San Diego, won (4) straight, got into the playoffs, and just upset the Indianapolis Colts, lead by newly crowned MVP for the third time, Peyton Manning.

Nothing like that California Sunshine...congratulations to Eylria Catholic product Matt Wilhem and to Iggys Grad Anthony Gonzalez who both had good games for the Chargers and Colts respectively...look for the Chargers to give Pittsburgh all they can handle this weekend in the AFC semis.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buckeye Hoopsters Miss Lighty

Yesterday, ESPN's Doug Gottlieb said, "OSU hasn't been the same since David Lighty went down," and Shaver Sports couldn't agree more.

With Lighty in the line-up, OSU got out early, recording wins over #22 Miami in Miami, and #7 Notre Dame in Indianapolis en route to a 7-0 start. When Lighty went down in the final minutes of the Jacksonville game, he had just finished recording a career high in points that night with 21. At the time of his injury, the Cleveland Hoopster was averaging 10 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists, playing 33 minutes per game.

His void has not been filled as of yet. Since he went to the IR, the Buckeyes lost by (30) to an unranked West Virginia team, squeaked out a (3) point win against an unranked Iowa team, and lost yesterday to #21 Minnesota by (9) 68-59. Expect the Buckeyes, currently ranked #23, to fall out of the top 25 with the loss.

With (4) other Big Ten teams currently ranked in the top 25, someone wearing scarlet and gray is going to have to step up in a hurry if the Buckeyes hope to be dancing come March. It is hard to say for sure if the Big Ten is going to be a (5) or (6) bid league, and if the conference only ends up sending (4), OSU is going to have to finish ahead of a Michigan State (#15), Purdue (#11), Michigan (#24), or Minnesota (#21) for their dance card to be punched.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

From all of us here at Shaver Sports- have a Safe and Happy New Year. Here's to one of these teams bringing us a championship in '09!