Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bucks Can't go to Tinseltown without Beanie

Gloria told Billy Hoyle at the End of White Men Cant Jump that "sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win." The Bucks won today against the Penguins of Youngstown State, but if Beanie is out, and anything less than 100% on September 13th, they really lost. A lot is being made about the depth of the USC backfield, and they do have a stable of backs. Today, against Virgina Four Different USC Running Backs ran for a Touchdown. One Running back that did not run for a TD today was Joe McNight, but he did have 60 yards, on 6 carries, and did catch a pass for a touchdown. No doubt the Trojans running game is deep, but there is also no doubt than when healthy, the Buckeyes have the Best Back of them all in Beanie Wells. Beanie might be the best back in the nation. However, after Beanie, USC has 5 running backs better than anything else the Buckeyes can put on the field. Expect Beanie to rest next week verse doubt Mo Wells and Brandon Saine can handle that one...but if your a Buckeye Honk, hope he is ready for Hollywood when it all goes down at the Rose Bowl in two weeks. The Trojans have a bye, as they prep for the game of the century.

ND Skipped Holtz for Charlie...Right Move?

Lou Holtz replied three years ago when asked who he thought should be Notre Dame's next football coach with the the answer, "Skip Holtz." Everyone, including Notre Dame Nation thought he was speaking as a Father, unabashedly lobbying for a job for his kid. Maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was right. What Skip has done at ECU in the same time that Charlie Weiss has been at Notre Dame is impressive. Skip's club is coming off a 8 win 2007, complete with a bowl win over #24 Boise State, and opens this year with a 22-17 win over over #18 Va Tech earlier today. Charlie Weiss opens with San Diego State next Saturday, in an attempt to distance his team from last years 3-9 campaign, and move towards the possibility of winning the first of any bowl game under his command. In the 3 full seasons that Charlie Weiss was at Notre Dame his record is 22-15. Skip Holtz is 20-17 during that same span at ECU. Ever since Lou Holtz left as Notre Dame's coach, the Irish havent been the same. That mystique seemed to leave with Lou, probably because he won the last National Title, or maybe because he had the last Heisman winner, or maybe for some other reason altogether. Whatever reason for the fall, Charlie Weiss was supposed to be the guy to ressurect that glory. They gave him a 10 year deal to do it, and maybe it takes him 10 years. Maybe he doesnt do it at all. Maybe Lou Holtz's kid Skip knows a little bit about what it takes to be Notre Dame's Football Coach. Maybe he would have the Irish a winner by now. He sure has returned the glory to ECU football.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday is Big Night for Brady

Bernie Kosar said on 850 WKNR yesterday that the most forgotten game in the NFL is the last preseason game. Ninety Nine percent of the time I would agree, but I would argue that tomorrow night down at Cleveland Browns Stadium against the Bears is a big one for Brady.

Reasons are two fold:
1. I think he will start at least (4) games this seasons.
I drafted him on my fantasy team with the last pick because I am so confident in it. This is no slight to DA, I hope he does well, but I have this nasty feeling that he is hurt worse than is being let on. Insiders were saying this morning that DA threw outside the Cleveland Browns complex today for the first time since sustaining a concussion. The rumor is, that it hurt his eyes too much to go outside, and made it out today while grimacing.

2. If Quinn has a poor performance Thursday, and then happens to not start a game this year, this is the last performance in front of an audience of league wide possible suitors. It benefits the Browns if Quinn does well. His last showing was suspect, and if he follows that up with a clunker it could raise red flags, thereby diminishing his trade value, if ever so slightly. Maybe the difference of a late first, to early second rounder in '09.

Other Bowns Rumors:
Beyond the DA injury, the other rumor that John Shaver is hearing is that the Browns and (2) other teams offered a contract to Ty Law. One is the Patriots and the other he did not know. It is rumored though, that the Browns offer was the best with respect to dollars. Reportedly, Law is going to make a decision on Friday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Winslow is 6/1 For Arrest in '08

MJD at Shutdown Corner has a blog post up today with a prop bet via that offers you an opportunity to wager on the NFL candidate most likely to be arrested this season. The bookmakers only handicapped (8) NFL'ers - and Cleveland's Kellen Winslow Jr. somehow got his name on the list.

The list of likely NFL Lock-Ups- from most likely to least likely - is as follows:

1. Chris Henry, Bengals: 4/6
2. Pacman Jones, Cowboys: 1/1
3. Tank Johnson, Cowboys: 2/1
4. Ray Lewis, Ravens: 5/1
5. Steve Smith, Panthers: 5/1
6. Kellen Winslow, Browns: 6/1
7. Randy Moss, Patriots: 10/1
8. Ricky Williams, Dolphins: 15/1

Now the majority of this list has all been arrested multiple times, in spectacular fashion, and Winslow has yet to get popped, so why is he on this list? For being a soilder? No way, my money is on the Tank:
I like Big Tank Johnson to roll right over former WVU Classmates Adam and Chris, enroute to securing this honor even if he has to steal it and guard with a basement full of guns...Winslow wont get so much as a parking ticket in 2008.

What were the odds on Leigh Bodden last year?

Other Notables left off the list include: Jared Allen, Bryant McKinnie, Leonard Little, Matt Jones, Cedric Benson, and Travis Henry.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Would Win if they Played?

Before you tell me there is no comparison, the 1992 team is better, tougher, more fundamentally sound, and can shoot better, than the '08 version, I would just ask you to think about it for a minute.The original Dream Teamers were basketball ambassadors, hooping pioneers, and sporting revolutionaries, I am not disputing that... however, that is not my question. MY QUESTION IS, WHO WOULD WIN IF THEY PLAYED, ONE GAME, TWO HALVES, FOUR QUARTERS - WHO SCORES THE MOST POINTS? All hype, and fandom and the obvious comments such as Micheal Jordan was the greatest, and they had Bird, and they had Magic, and all that aside, who would win? Who guards LeBron? If you say Magic does, than who guards Anthony, how about Wade? Oh okay, Jordan guards Anthony and Drexler guards Wade...I'll give you that. Now Cover Kobe. Its a tough call though obviously, because who from the '08 squad guards Ewing and Robinson...Howard and Bosh?...Can Stockton keep up with Chris Paul...I dont know, I am just asking a question. The original Dream Team roster included: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin, Clyde Drexler, John Stockton, and Christian Laettner ('92's obvious key advantage). They were coached by Chuck Daly. We know what the '08 squad just did, but in 1992, the US won the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain by an average margin of victory of 43.8 pts. Barkley was the leading scorer with 18.0 points per game, followed next by Chris Mullin who was second leading scorer. Chuck Daly never used a timeout in the tournament. A note of reference, the 2008 Redeemers won by an average margin of victory of 27.8 pts per game, vs guys like Dirk, Pau, Manu, and Yao. The International Star Players of the day in 1992 included: Detlef Schrempf, Uwe Blab Šarūnas Marčiulionis, Arvydas Sabonis, Dražen Petrović, Toni Kukoč, Dino Radja, Stojko Vranković, and Žan Tabak

Think about it, further analysis to follow...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Celebration Embraced by Cleveland

These guys look like teammates. I watched the US beat Spain this morning on the USA Networks replay and it was great to watch. The Redeem team was great, well coached, well executed, well represented. I was thrilled to see them close it out the way they did. I became even more thrilled watching Mike Redd hug LeBron in celebration. I couldnt help but think, maybe a Wally to Milwaukee for Redd is possible, it seems like it could be. The Cavs have been talking to the Bucks for a while. The two teams pulled off the trade for Mo Williams, and are familiar with each other, and I have to think they talked for a long time before pulling the trigger on that deal. Maybe, the Bucks are waiting until the deadline to ransom Redd off to the highest bidder...and maybe Wally's contract, plus a draft pick, or something else, might be that highest bid. The starting five could be Mo Williams, Mike Redd, LeBron, Z and Wallace. That is good lineup. And if you worry about chemistry, making a deadline trade for Redd shouldnt create too many chemistry issues you wouldn't think. Redd was already on a team where LeBron was the leader, and he played alongside Mo Williams...seems to make sense. I would love to see it - hope these two hug again, except next time they are both wearing wine and gold when they do!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lee's '08 Performance is Best in Modern Era...Seriously - Numbers Don't Lie:

Cliff Lee is 18-2 and his ERA is 2.43. He is pitching at a .900 clip. Beside that his team is 59-67, 8 games under .500. The Indians won 59 games so far, and Lee has won 18 , that is 30% of the overall wins. But thats been done before ...right? Not in the last ten years at least - in either league. I

In the AL over the last (10) years, the best Cy Young Winner's, record / winning percentage, is Clemen's 20-3 mark (.870) with the '01 Yankees. The next best is Pedro Martinez's 23-4 (.850) mark in '99 with the Red Sox, after that is Barry Zito at 23-5 (.820) for the '02 A's.

In the NL, the best Cy Young Winner's, Winning percentage, in the last 10 years is Randy Johnson in '02 for the Diamond Backs at 24-5 (.840), followed by Clemens in '04with the Astros at 18-4 mark (.820), and Carpenter at 21-5 (.810) when he was with St. Louis.

As far as their respective teams were in those years:
Roger Clemens' 2001 Yankees were 96-65 . Pedros Sox were 94-68 in 1999. Barry Zito's A's were 103-59 in '02. Johnson's '02 D Backs were 98-64, Clemen's Astros were 92-70in '04 and Carpenters Cardinals were 100-62 in 2005.

The Cleveland Indians are battling the Kansas City Royals for last place, seriously. I repeat, their record is 59-67.

The Cy Young Rankings per league are as follows below:

1. Clemens - 20-3; 2001 - Yankees
2. Martinez - 23-4; 1999 Red Sox
3. Zito - 23-5; 2002 A's
4. Clemens - 20-6; 1998 Blue Jays
4. Santana - 20-6; 2004 Twins
6. Santana - 19-6; 2006 Twins
6. Haladay - 22-7; 2003 Blue Jays
8. Martinez - 18-6; 2000 Red Sox
9. Sabathia - 19-7; 2007 Indians
10. Colon - 21-8; 2005 Angels

1. Johnson - 24-5; 2002 Diamond Backs
2. Clemens - 18-4; 2004 Astros
3. Carpenter - 21-5; 2005 Cardinals
4. Johnson - 21-6; 2001 Diamond Backs
5. Glavin - 20-6; 1998 Braves
6. Peavy - 19-6; 2007 Padres
7. Johnson - 19-7; 2000 Diamond Backs
8. Webb - 16-8; 2006 Diamond Backs
9. Johnson - 17-9; 1999 Diamond Backs
* In 2003 Eric Gagne won as a closer with a 2-3 record and 55 saves

Top (3) overall ERAs of the (19) starting Cy Young Award Winners is Pedro's 1.74 in 2000, his 2.07 in 1999, and Randy Johnsons in 2002. The Average ERA of these (19) starting Cy Young Award winners is 2.73.

Cliff Lee's ERA is 2.43. This dude is nastier than you thougt.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's Hoping Gus is not Voice of Browns - AGAIN

If it seems like Gus Johnson has been the voice of the Browns the last nine years, that would be because he has - and that is not a good thing if you are a Cleveland Fan. Nothing against Gus, but if he does your game, your team stinks and no one else outside of your collection of degenerate buddies around town is watching the game. For what it is worth, I think Johnson does a solid job with the NCAA tourney, and I really dont mind him doing NFL, but from a national perspective as far as CBS is concerned, he is one ring above the bottom. Johnson was funny about the pecking order reality on the Really Big Show last year when he was joking about it, calling himself a Browns Beat Reporter, but hopefully by week 10 - 11 - and 12 all we hear is Phil Simms...for some reason that is a good thing. I got the following from Awful Announcing, as it related to CBS' Announcer Hierarchy announced earlier this week:
Per Awful Announcing,
How CBS rates them is as follows:

1. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms
2. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf
3. Dick Enberg and Randy Cross or Dan Fouts
4. Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon
5. Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots
6. Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker
7. Don Criqui, Bill Macatee and Steve Beuerlein or Dan Fouts

So, if its Gus Johnson and the former Buffalo Bills Special Teams Specialist - Steve Tasker - in week 14...start talking Brady Quinn and the draft because that means that fat chick is singing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rizzo's Favorite Beer is Now St. Pauli Girl

...and I can't blame him because so is mine. The St. Pauli Girl - Areana - was in the house today for the Really Big Show, and she sounded as hot as she is - pictured to the right. I am sure the official, unofficial drink of the Really Big Show is now St. Pauli Girl - dont tell Top Men. I also must say that I heard Rizz and Hammer drooling more today than the do for Free Food Fridays. When she said her favorite movie was Prison Break, and said that Jeff Thomas' 'voice sounded really hot' I couldnt help but picure Thomas going home, watching Prison Break over and over again, drinking St. Pauli Girl, and replaying that loop from when she said that on the show - over and over and ...I love you too Areana.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shaver Drafts Usain Bolt for Fantasy Team

Last Night at Slim and Chubby's, John Shaver had his Fantasy Football Draft. His pick was coming around and he needed to round out his starters at WR. You start (3) in Shaver's league - Top Men Football - and he felt good about his first (2) picks, he nabbed Roddy White and Anquan Boldin, but still wanted to make a splash with his 3rd WR pick. Shaver's plan going into the evening was to try to nab Travis Wilson for the 3rd spot, but as the Browns were getting their 'Welcome to the Varsity Team' rear ends handed too them in the background by the Super Bowl champs, he thought it best to stay away from Wilson.

Instead John made a splash by drafting Usain Bolt from Jamaica. Now Bolt is definitely fast, no doubt about that. But what makes this pick interesting is that Shaver selected a player to for his Fantasy team that doesn't actually play football, may not want to play football, or may not even likes the sport. But, I don't blame Shaver for making the pick, even with all that said, because What IF...

Bolt is the fastest man on the Planet, moreover, he is the fastest man that EVER LIVED on this Planet. He ran the 100 meter in 9.69 WITHOUT EVEN TRYING this past weekend. He just qualified for the finals in the 200 meter tonight by running first in the semifinals - he is well on his way to becoming the first sprinter to win the 100M and the 200M since Carl Lewis did it. -I hope Bolt is a better singer than Lewis - In the Olympic Final for the 100M Bolt STOPPED RUNNING to celebrate his victory with 20 meters to go, and still won by a LOT. And Usain is not just fast either...HE IS 6'5". So, if he played football, that would make him the TALLEST wide receiver in the NFL AND the if we can just find out if he can catch...hopefully for Shaver's Fantasy Team he can - and hopefully he signs with an NFL team ASAP...maybe he can step in for Shaver's favorite real life team, the Brownies.

Phelps is a Better WR than Chad Johnson

In response to being asked about Michael Phelps last Chad Johnson made the statement that he is a better swimmer than Phelps. As a result, I think Phelps is a better WR than Chad. Johnson said the following on PTI last week:

"The problem with Michael Phelps is there’s no competition where he is,” Johnson said. “Now if he came to where I’m from, which is the inner city, Liberty City [in Miami], I was the three-time Charles Hadley Pool champ. . . . I know a couple people who could beat Michael Phelps right now. Seriously, I’m telling you. And I’m one of them.”

In the past I have found a lot of what Chad Johnson has said funny, but this comment just comes off as sounding a bit weird. Cinco just sounds jealous of attention that Phelps is getting right now, and is begging for some of that same attention to go his way. The reality is, Johnson is a small fish, in a big pond of Pro Athletes...known more for his mouth than his game, and not really known at all outside of NFL fans and circles. He will never attain the fame that Phelps has right now, and I think he knows it. As a result, CJ decides to take the high road and just hate on Phelps for no real reason whatsoever.

I dont mean to be a hater as well, but from my point of view, if CJ were to ever say, jump into the dog pound again, I hope he would be made to regret that decision.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Redemcio'n is Spanish for Redemption

I dont know if it was when Tayshaun Prince threw an Alley Oop to LeBron in the first half, or when Carmelo hit his fourth 3 in the second, or when my Dad text messaged me an hour after the game, or when LeBron and Kobe were sitting with their teammates at the Olympic Stadium watching Micheal Phelps and the US Relay team win Gold for Phelps' 8th Gold, that I knew for sure, but it was somewhere in there. I think because I was so disappointed in Athens about the whole thing that I didnt want to let myself get too carried away with the Redeem Teamers until it was blatantly obvious that this is just a different team, a different collection of guys, a different collection of motives, and a different era of superstar, but its blatantly obvious now. I believe the Redeem team will win Gold. In the half court I am convinced, from the perimeter I am convinced, on the defensive end I am convinced, and in the Locker Room I am convinced. Jerry Colangelo's plan was correct. Coach K and his staff's coaching job was masterful. And the players committment to the Olympics themselves are honorable. When LBJ brought the house down with the oop from Tayshaun I knew Spain was about to get routed. When Carmelo hit his fourth three late I knew they were clicking as a unit. When my Dad texted me to say 'I LOVE THEIR ATTITUDES' I knew this was a different group of guys. They werent the same 'OVER PAID PROFESSIONALS' we've watched together before. And when I saw LeBron, Kobe, and company in the stands, supporting Micheal Phelps, Jason Lezak, and the Mens Swimming Team, I knew this was a special group worthy of Redemption. I believe the US will win Gold. But even if they dont, they've earned redemption as far as this American Basketball fan is concerned. This Redeem team has got me Dreaming about Gold, all over again.

Paul Pierce Says LeBron is Toughest Cover in NBA

Since Sports Illustrated published their article a few months ago that said if Kobe Bryant is a Maserati than LeBron James is a Volvo, I have been waiting for someone to publically call shananigans on that bogus comparison. Paul Pierce, of all people, became that somebody on Friday while sitting in for Golic on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Greenie asked him the following: "You have covered Kobe, and you have covered LeBron, who is the toughest player to cover in the NBA?" Pierce didnt hesitate or waver when delivering his response. "I have been asked that question many times," Pierce said. "Kobe is the the most talented player in our league, but night in, night out, I would have to say LeBron is the toughest cover. He's got talent obviously, but the physical pounding he dishes out on a regular basis just wears you down." To me what makes the comment appear even more accrurate is the fact that LBJ and Pierce, publically, do not seem to really like each other all that much. The two got into it in the preseason a year before last, and seem to have been sniping at each other on the court ever since. Dont get me wrong, I know Kobe can play, and I will give him the MVP last year if you want to award him for his body of work over his career. I am even fine with someone saying that they give a slight edge to Kobe...I disagree, I am taking LBJ everytime, but I will give you a slight edge there in the debate I guess. But what I am not fine with are the comments that Kobe is the best player in the NBA and it is not even close as Maseratis are to Volvos - that is ridiculous. It is close, and the edge could even go to James - depending on who you ask. But if you dont believe me, ask Mark Jackson's B.F.F. Paul Pierce, he'll tell give you the 'Truth.'

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greece Down, Spain to Go

The US beat Greece today by 23 and that is great. Don't get me wrong, I am rooting for the US, I like this collection of guys, and I am so glad I don't have to spend the Olympics trying to figure what Larry Brown has against LeBron James - can the best player in the league get some minutes over Steph Marbury? - I digress. I like the message Coach K has instilled, and I like the way they are playing, representing, etc, and I know this was a statement game BUT...they did beat GREECE. And I know, I did say Greece would be a tough game, because Greece did beat them two years ago. But there is no way Greece SHOULD have beat the US two years ago. There is no reason the US should have been staring the Greeks down before the game so much so that every article online opens with that comment. It is good we beat Greece. It is progress, and I am happy we are in the medal round. But we need to be careful. Greece did turn the ball over 25 times. We have won each game with Pressure and Defense. If you talk to any good High School Basketball Coach, they will tell you that if you play a good team, that can handle your pressure, you better have a good half court game to go along with it. The US may have a good half court game, but they didn't use it today - albeit because they were flying to the hoop for dunk after dunk. However, I do hope the US does not get too over joyed with the 'Statement Game' and the 'Redemption' vs Greece, because up next is Spain. And this Spain team, despite what their team photo would infer, is smart with the basketball. Jose Calderon is not going to turn the ball over 25 times, and if you don't believe me on that, just ask the Raptors - he's why they traded TJ Ford.

Jay Kidd's Right On Spain

While I am not going to even try to figure out why Spain and their Olympic Basketball Team took the photo they took mocking China, seen above, I do agree with what Jason Kidd's take on it was. Jason Kidd said that if the US Men's Basketball Team took that photo, the backlash the American Players would get would be so bad that their would be fines, suspensions, and they might not even be let back into the country. I am not an NBA apologist, and I know they all make millions to play a game - yata yata yata - but he is right on that one. Just imagine what the fall out would be if LBJ was doing that in a picture - and people had a real problem with his Yankees Hat! Just imagine if it was Carmelo, or D-Wade, or Kobe...we would hear more about that then we heard about Brett Favre - TIMES FIVE. And if it was Kobe or LBJ or D- Wade or Melo they would become, in the media, the worst person to ever live for at least a week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Mo Piece For Cleveland

On the podium in Boston after the Cavs lost game 7, LeBron said the Cavs were a player and a half away from being where they needed to be. I will let you do the the math, but adding Mo Williams for Joe Smith and Damon Jones put the Cavs ONE full player away from being a championship team in the opinion of this blogger. Mo Williams can play, he can create a shot for himself, and create a shot for his teammates. In Milwaukee, they called it the Mo Zone when he heats up...and when he heats up, he can shoot the thing. He did drop 37 and 13 on Cleveland this past season. It does not appear to be a fluke either, 17 and 6 dimes last year, and 17 the year before is definetely solid. While the move does not put Cleveland over the top, and is not an end all be all move, you cannot argue that the team is 'not improved' with the addition of Mo Williams - because they are an absolutely better team right now, than they were before the trade. Listening to the Kenny Roda show on KNR tonight after the story broke, it seemed that the consensus of Cleveland Fans agreed. If you were to also look at it from the Pistons standpoint as a barometer of the trade, you will find in chat rooms that Detroit fans are not happy with the Bucks, essentially giving Mo Williams to the Cavs for basically nothing - no offense Joe Smith. I also like this deal from Danny Ferry's perspective, because it shows that he is trying to make the team better right now. With Mo signed for the next five years, his contract may not be one that Cleveland will want when his is 29 and 30 and making 9 or 10 mill, but he is a player that Cleveland should want today, and that is why I am glad Ferry pulled the trigger. I would also guess, that this deal did come as a result of Micheal Redd talks...Ferry probably could have made this deal months ago, and may have been continuing dialogs with the Bucks in hopes of landing Redd...when that possibility looked like it had no chance, he made the next best move for the immediate future, without giving up a key bargaining chip at the deadline like Wally. Hopefully at the deadline, Ferry can make one Mo move, and land that last piece that could put Cleveland over the top.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

USA Blows Past Angola...Now It Gets Serious

Their are (42) current or former NBA Players in the Beijing Olympics. (10) out of the (12) teams have at least one NBA'er. Angola is (1) of (2) teams with (0) representatives in the Association, and it showed today. The Redeemers blew the doors of Angola 97-76, but their next (3) Pool Play Games aren't going to be so 'Angolan.' Greece, Spain, and Germany are up next, and if the US gets past them, then they would have a chance to battle it out with Russia, Lithuania, and the team to beat Argentina, in the Medal Rounds. Let us not forget that Greece, who features (3) NBA bench players, beat this version of USA Basketball in 2006 at the World Games in Japan. Then Spain, who would be the biggest test of the Tournament to date, features Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Jose Calderon, Rudy Fernandez as well as (3) other former NBA bench players. Germany, who would round out Pool Play, happens to be led by the 2007 NBA MVP - Dirk Nowitzki - and Chris Kaman, who put up All Star NBA numbers this year for the Clips. The point is these teams are NBA good, and they are Basketball smart. The remaining teams, as they did in '04, are going to sit in the key, and not come out 23' from the hoop to guard somebody, unless that somebody makes them. And thus far, while the US Mens Basketball Team has certainly carried themselves, competed, and represented our country in a way that makes me absolutely proud, no one has unpacked their jumpshot yet. In the first (2) games, the Red White and Blue is 12 of 45 from with the money ball from 3 Point Land. I can promise you this, if the US continues to shoot 26% from distance, they won't win Gold, and may not even Medal. To that point, Tim Legler said on ESPN that the US has not hit 3's consistently yet because they have not had to take a 3 that has mattered yet in the first (2) games...I always thought that pressure thing made it the other way around, but I hope Legs is right!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Braylon Edwards (bare) Foot

Sound the alarm! We've got our first injury of training camp '08! But seriously, it's not that big a deal. Don't get me wrong, I am concerned about #17 having to get stitches and missing time from the pre-season (especially b/c he was treated at Staph Central a.k.a. Cleveland Clinic), but if the Browns are going to have any injuries, the one area of the team where they can afford it is offense. Reportedly he will only be out for two preseason games. Which- really means the rest of them, because starters hardly ever play in the 4th Game. Fine, shut him down. Rest his foot. And will someone find this guy a pair of fricking shoes?!

The area of real concern with this Browns team is the depth in the secondary. If it were Brandon McDonald's or Eric Wright's bare foot getting sliced, this team would be in serious trouble. The injury to Devon Holly and the trade of Leigh Bodden have left this unit young, inexperienced, and short handed. Terry Cousin would have been a quality addition if this were 1994. Another old timer's name that is still out there is Ty Law. The Browns have said he is too expensive. We'll see if they change their tune if these kids in the secondary start off the season getting burned by Romo and T.O. and Big Ben and Hines Ward.

Cliff Lee is having an Historic 2008... Is anyone noticing?

Cliff Lee remains the only bright spot on extremely disappointing 2008 campaign for the Tribe. All that Tribe fans have learned so far this year is that Sophomore slumps do exist (see Cabrera, Gutierrez, Garko), Sal Fasano maintains a mean Fu Manchu, and the 18 Win, Cliff Lee of 2005 is back.

Clifton Phifer Lee is quitely having a monster season. He is leading all of baseball with a 2.45 ERA, and is currently tops in the AL with a record of 16-2. His Winning Percentage of .889 is good for the 2nd Highest Winning Percentage ever by a Cleveland Indians Pitcher. The highest belonged to Johnny Allen in 1937 when he went 15-1. Lee's outstanding 2008 also ranks him currently as the 9th highest Winning % in MLB history.

All of a sudden, his contract that looked overpriced a year ago is looking like a bargain. He is making $4 million this year and is scheduled to make $5.75 million in 2009, with a club option for 2010 @ 10 million.

Cleveland's front office and fans have given up on this team a long time ago. Hopefully the Cy Young voters haven't stopped paying attention.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fantasy Is Reality for Browns Fans in '08

Since the Browns came back in 1999, they really did not have one player that you could really call a legitimate playmaker expected to put up big numbers for sure, during the pre-season of any season. Now, thumbing through my Fantasy Football Magazines as I prepare to do my best Phil Savage impression in a couple of weeks, one thing seems to be certain in Browns Country...ITS GOOD TO BE ALIVE...not only do the Browns offer promise as a team this season, coming off a 10 win campaign, they also offer a host of players that are must gets in Fantasy Football this year...for a team that was utterly unwatchable for much of every year before last that is in the least encouraging. Derek Anderson is ranked #8 by ESPN, and projected to throw for 3,873 yds, and 29 tds this season...That is more yards and TDs than Spergeon Wynn and Ty Detmer will have thrown for their PRO CAREERS - COMBINED. Besides that, Brady Quinn is also ranked #35 out of 78 QBS ranked...Jamal Lewis is Ranked 14th, and projected to run for 1,152 yards (BACK TO BACK 1000 yd campaigns would be nice) with 7 TDs on 4.2 yards per carry...Braylon Edwards is the 4th Ranked WR out of 133 ranked by the mag, projecting out to have over 1200 yards, and 12 TDs on over 80 catches...and Kellen Winslow is ranked 3rd out of 79 TEs rankked, projected to have over 1000 yards receiving, and 5 TDs...Jamal Lewis and Braylon Edwards are both projected to be Top 25 Fantasy Picks this year...Season of Dreams part Deux??

If Brett Favre Can Play for the JETS than LeBron Could Play For...

ANYONE...and that includes Europe if the price is right - and I really do not think that $50 million AMERICAN dollars is that far away from possible - that is like 189 thousand EUROs at this stage of the exchange rate...but that is another topic for another day. The fact that Brett Favre, who's worship in some parts of Wisconsin has more followers than Scientology in Hollywood, could leave the Packers after 16 years should put the entire professional - and college coaching - fans on notice if they were not already. ANYTHING can happen, and ANYONE will go is unpredictable. I hope for the Cavs sake that Danny Ferry has a plan because banking on the fact that LBJ wont go anywhere because he is from AKRON makes about as much sense as Patrick Ewing playing for the Supersonics. Danny Ferry is waiting until the trade deadline to make his move to sure up the supporting cast for LBJ, and I think that is too late. Look no further than last season to see, a major trading deadline shake-up does not leave your team enough time to truly gel. The move has to be made now for it to be an impact in 2009, and it wont be. We, in Cleveland, better hope that they hit Bad Ground, when excavating for the Brooklyn Nets new arena, and that it pushes completion of that move back 10 years.

Carsten Charles Is Filthy...Why Now?

Carsten Charles Sabathia is stepping up huge for the Milwaukee Bucks -errr- Brewers for their post season run. He is down right filthy too, 6-0 with a 1.38 ERA and it seems like he is pitching more complete games for the Brew Crew than Satchell Paige did in his entire careeer. This is what I thought C.C. was going to do for the Tribe last season for Cleveland's Post Season Run. I am still bitter, and I know, get over it, we never win in Cleveland, but wow, I am still convinced that the Indians were going to win the World Series last year, and I know they Lost! It was all coming together, I thought. At 3 pm, I get a box seat to game 5, at home, with the INDIANS CY YOUNG WINNER taking the bump. The Rockies or Diamond Backs or Expos, or some horrible recently expanded expansion team was waiting, and it did not matter. Whoever won this one today was going to win it all. CC had been awful during the post season, but today was the day for the Big Fella, the Ace...and then we lost to Boston. CC, in (3) postseason starts last year had an ERA of 8.80. Then we gave up 159 home runs in game 6, and then we lost game 7. Then Paul Pierce and KG ripped our hearts out again. Well, at least Milwaukee is in the race.

Dreaming to Redeem

The US Dominated a Yao Ming led China team 101 - 70 to open Olympic Play, and this is a promising sign for Americans who believe the best basketball in the world is surely played in the United States. With Josh Childress jumping ship to play abroad, McDonald's All American Brandon Jennings spurning the NCAA to go to Italy and $50 million hints being dropped by Kobe and LeBron, if the US does not win big this time around it could spell trouble for USA hoops enthusiasts, and maybe the NBA. Right now while many still believe that the US is the True King of the Hardwood, the reality is, the 2005-2006 League MVP (Nash) is from Canada, the 2007 League MVP (Dirk)is from Germany, the 2007 Finals MVP (Parker) is from France, and the 2008 League MVP (Kobe) grew up in Italy...and we are coming off a Bronze in Sydney...with a revamped USA Basketball program that says now we are doing it correctly...ughh...I hope so...or we may see LBJ playing home games in Greece.