Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Braylon is a Go - Not Stay

Don from North Carolina who works for a relocation company called The Really Big Show today, and told him that Braylon should relocate as well. When posed with that question Stay or Go , Don said 17 is a Go, and we agree.

Rizzo then asked the question to his co-host, "what could we get for him," and seemed to be surprised by Josh Sabo's answer... "A 4th Rounder at best."

Shaver Sports also agrees with Josh. Edwards should go, and I would be happy to get a 4th Rounder for him. And if you want to say he is worth more than a 4th Rounder, then talk to Randy "Straight Cash Homey" Moss.

Moss got dealt for a 4th Round pick before last season, and caught more balls (98) for more yards (1,493) and scored more TDs (23) then Edwards did last year, during Braylon's good year. Last year Edwards caught 80 passes, for for 1289 yards and 16 TDs. This year. Moss has had (54) catches, (740) Yards, and (8) TDs, with (5) games to go in the season, while Edwards, (40) catches, for (661), and (3) TDs.

4th Rounder at best, but the addition by subtraction will be like Larry Hughes going to Chicago.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Glad Bibby Came to Cleveland a Visitor

A lot of the talk over the past few years centered around Mike Bibby being the answer to the Cavaliers Backcourt woes. Count me as a guy happy that trigger never was pulled. I would rather have Mo Williams on my team over Mike Bibby right now - straight up. And, if you want to compare cap dollars, the option to pay Mo and Delonte West what you would have had to pay Bibby is a no-brainer.

During Saturday night's 110-96 win over Atlanta the Cavaliers backcourt of Mo and Delonte scored 42 pts and dished out 9 assists. The Atlanta starting backcourt of Bibby and perennial All Star Joe Johnson combined for 14 and 3. Delonte held JOE JOHNSON to 4 points in 32 minutes Saturday night, something Mike Bibby could never have brought to the table in Cleveland. West also kicked in 19 point 5 assists to go along with Mo Williams' 4 dimes and 23 points. Mike Bibby, on the other hand, scored 10 points, with 1 assist. On the young season, Mo is averaging 17 ppg and Bibby is averaging 14.

Off the court, Bibby is certainly not worth the money he is making this season. His $15.25 million is more than the $12.20 million that Mo Williams and Delonte West are making combined this season (Mo is making $8.35 mil and Delonte $3.85 mil). Credit Danny Ferry for constructing the backcourt they way it is currently comprised, and not succumbing to reaching for a big name guy to satisfy a fanbase...the Cavaliers are better off for it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Fixed Variable Is Edwards

In the Algebraic Equation that is QB + WR = Completion, we often look to change the value of the the Quarterback when our answer does not match that in the back of the book. However, it is more and more obvious every week that Braylon Edwards is the real reason the completions are not adding up in Cleveland. Number 17 appears on a quest to derail the careers of two, once seemingly promising, young QB's.

With the 'Cowher - Cowher' chants raining down in the 4th quarter Sunday, Braylon Edwards dropped one pass after another in embarrassing fashion. Brady Quinn wasn't great, but he might not have been benched if his No. 1 receiver would have ran out his slant pattern earlier in the 3rd quarter, instead of giving up, and getting the ball picked off. But Edwards did quit on the ball, like so many others this year, and with that, Brady was back to the clipboard without even breaking an NFL sweat.

Derek Anderson, came in and looked pretty bad himself. But in his defense, he would have looked a lot better if Braylon didn't drop the TD pass Derek threw him. Moreover, DA may never have been benched in the first place if Edwards didn't start by dropping his 60- yard TD pass in game one vs Dallas, and go on to lead the league in drops from there.

Whoever the QB, Braylon Edwards certainly doesn't look like a receiver that should have been drafted 3rd overall. If you don't believe me, ask the 3rd overall pick from 2004 - Larry Fitzgerald. While Braylon is hopefully on his way out of town, Larry Fitz is on his way to Canton.

2009 Browns Head Coach Candidates

The Soap Opera that is your 2008 Cleveland Browns has gotten Shaver Sports thinking….when Romeo Crennel gets fired next year, which TV/Movie Character would best replace him?

In answering our own question, Shaver Sports' Top Ten List of Character Candidates best suited to be the next Head Coach of our Beloved Cleveland Browns is as follows:

10.) Coach Herman Boone, i.e. Denzel Washington. Remember the Titans. Remember when the Browns were competitive? I don’t. He brought a racially divided school together. Maybe he could bring Kellen Winslow and Phil Savage together.

9.)Tony Micelli, from Who’s the Boss. You wouldn’t even need to ask that question with Tony Danza in charge.

8.)Mickey Goldmill, from Rocky. Would drastically improve team speed, with his Greased Lightning training camps. Shaun Rogers would easily shed a needed 40 lbs chasing a chicken around Berea.

7.)Michael Rogers, Resident Advisor in Saved by the Bell, The College Years, played by Cleveland’s own Bob Golic. Main value to Berea: Tough Love. While a strict figure of authority to Screech, Zak, AC Slater, and Kelly, Mr. Rogers was able to find a place in his heart for a helpless little laboratory mouse. (Would be ranked higher but when he went out of town, Zak threw a rave in the dorm. The last thing Berea needs is glow sticks and some E going around the locker room)

6.)Bud Kilmer, Varsity Blues. (Jon Voight) I know. I hear you. You’re saying, but he was shamed into walking off the field at the end of the movie by Mox and the rest of the Coyotes. But Kilmer won 31 Division titles. This team needs a Head Coach with a track record as a winner. Not a track record of riding someone else’s coattails as a Coordinator.

5.)Tony D’Amato, aka Al Pacino, from Any Given Sunday. Best coaching attribute is Personality Management. Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards are the real life versions of Willie Beamen (played by Jamie Foxx) and Julian Washington (played by LL Cool J). The Clowns even have their own version of the tired, washed up, 3 steps too slow, linebacker Shark Lavay (played by LT) – Andra Davis. The similarities are eerie.

4.)Jack Bauer, from 24. Highly skilled under pressure and at clock management. Would actually implement a 2 Minute Drill. Something the previous coach was unable to do.

3.)Detective John Kimble, played by The Governator. Most people would think that Arnold as “The Terminator” or as “Dutch” from Predator would be a better pick. But did you see the way he got those rug rats into shape Kindergarten Cop? As Romeo says “Kids will be kids”. And these kids need some discipline.

2.)Norm Peterson, (George Wendt) from Cheers. Fans wouldn’t have to bother to email him and risk an expletive laced reply, they’d know where to find him after a game. That, and he would save the Browns some money. They already have the size 62/30 pants from the previous regime.

1.)Vic Mackey, from The Shield. He makes #4 Jack Bauer look like a choir boy. Think his players would quit on him? Not a chance. Running around after practice without their shoes on? Please. Tom Coughlin thinks Vic Mackey is uptight. Question his play calling? You would hope the worst thing that happens to you is that you are benched.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey Screamin A: Shut Your Pie Hole!

ESPN's Screamin A. Smith doesn't report anything, he doesn't analyze anything, and he doesn't know anything either. If he did, maybe his show wouldn't have gotten canceled so fast. He just Screams, and he Screams for the sole purpose of creating outlandish headlines. I have watched him for five years now, and never heard him make a good point. He didn't make any Friday either.

The Knicks cleared cap-space on Friday, and Screamin A. automatically makes the leap of faith to say that now that the cap space is cleared, the Knicks are in a position to get LeBron James AND either Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, or Amare Stoudamire in 2010 when they all become free agents. Of course Screamin, why wouldn't they want to team up with Chris Duhon and David Lee.

I can't totally get mad at the guy, though, because this appears to be the company mandate coming out of Bristol this year: as soon as someone clears cap space, that means LeBron is going there. Henry Abbot had LBJ going to Detroit after the Iverson deal, and now Screamin has LBJ in New York WITH D-Wade after the recent dealings of Crawford, and Randolph.

I wish all of this can stop though, because if it doesn't, we are going to be in for a long year...it is game 14 for crying out loud.

Funny Man Frank Comes to Cleveland

Comedian Frank Caliendo was in Cleveland on Friday at the State Theatre and he lived up to the hype. Turns out, Caliendo has Northeast Ohio ties, in that he married a Lorain girl, who he said was on hand last night, along with his extended family. He was wearing a Kent State Golf Shirt that he said his brother in law gave him, and begged him to reference in the show.

The show featured a lot of his hilarious impersonations of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Charles Barkley. He referenced LeBron James using his Charles Barkely voice in talking about how Barkley's TNT halftime remarks reference nothing about basketball or the game his is watching. Other Sports personalites that Caliendo offered his spot on hilarious versions of included Bill Walton, Jim Rome, and John Madden.

If I had to pick my funniest bit, it would have to be from his John Madden loves Brett Farve sketch. In the Madden voice, he talked about how when Bret Farve retired, Madden wanted to retire the Number Four not just from all of football, but from all of the English lexicon as well, replacing it with the word Farve. He counted 1 -2 - 3- Farve - 5 and so on. He went on to say instead of saying forehead, it would become Farvehead, and instead of yelling out Fore on a bad golf shot, you would want to now yell Farve!

Caliendo also did his Robin Williams, Al Pacino, and Robert Deniro voices. He signed autographs and took pictures in the lobby afterwards, and seemed to be real gracious to those that waited in line. His kids came on stage at the end of the show as well, and when referencing his wife's Lorain, Ohio roots he said, "be careful, if you don't think I'm funny she'll shoot you."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cavs Start Still Impressive

Chalupas and Pistons aside, the Cavaliers look good. I liked hearing Mike Brown just call his team out after the Detroit loss, saying that the Pistons just made a decision to come out and take the game from his guys. He didn't go with his coach speak crutch line of old saying that 'the guys played hard tonight and I was proud of them.' It was nice to hear, and it is nice to see Mike Brown manage a team that he believes should win every night. I don't think previous Cavs team should have won every night, but I think this one can.

It looks like so far that LeBron is off on his way to his 1st MVP, and his new running mate Mo Williams looks to be off to his first All Star Game. Besides those two I have been impressed with Andy Varejeo who looks to be back to playing like a guy fighting to earn a spot in this league with his foucs on defense, rebounding, and opportunistic scoring, as opposed to last year. Delonte West is a solid starter in my opinion, and looks to be meshing well with the chemistry of this team. Ben Wallace and Z look three years younger, and Mike Brown is getting interviewed on the Jim Rome show. Things are looking up.

Next Up : The Atlanta Hawks on Saturday at 7:30 - 10-3 would make it a statement start.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Subject: You Are Making Everyone Laugh At Us


This is embarrassing. Did you really have to drop an F-Bomb on an angry Browns Fan? Do you really exhange emails with Browns Fans? Is Big Dawg Mike your friend too? Aren't you supposed to be busy, Phil? You're a GM of an NFL Team for Crissakes! Just watch the game! How'd he get your email address anyways, Facebook? Are you guys ex-My Space friends who had a falling out? Did he say something about you in chat room?

What bothers me Phil, is that I am trying to forget the mismanaged potential that was the 2009 season. I am trying to forget your savvy handling of Kellen Winslow's undisclosed illne-- Uggh - Staph Infection. I am trying to overlook your signing of Dante Stallworth. I am trying to dismiss the fact that your Coach Romeo knows as much about clock management as he knows about the South Beach diet. I am trying to pretend that Braylon Edwards didn't really bet Micheal Phelps he would score 2x as many TDs as Phelps had Golds. I am trying to forget DA's passer rating. I am trying to tune out the rumblings of the washed up RB you signed to an extension about people quitting on this team. But you are making it worse.

Then Phil, you go and leak a story saying you are offering $8-$9 million to Bill Cowher to divert attention. Like I wouldn't notice that Phillip. Nice timing. And don't act like you are making any smooth moves there with Cowher either. If I offered Cowher $9 mil to coach my flag football team he'd take the job. No other NFL Coach makes $9 mil Phil, you are just blowing smoke. And if you disagree, feel free to hit reply and shoot me an email back to discuss.


John D. Shaver

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dana White on UFC 91

In his interview with the Jim Rome Show following UFC 91, UFC President Dana White couldn't be happier with how Saturday night turned out. White claimed that the UFC gate on Saturday was over $5 million dollars. That coupled with an estimated 1.2 million pay per view purchases, would put UFC 91 at an estimated $60 million dollar event. Not bad for 4 hours...

White implied that the winner of Frank Mir/Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira would be next in line to test Brock Lesnar for the title. (Mir/Nogueria is December 27th)

White also discussed having to negotiate with Tito Ortiz's girlfriend, Adult "Star" Jenna Jameson. He said the two didn't get along from the get-go. But he did say that "Jenna Jameson was 500,000 times smarter than Tito". No l.ove lost between those two.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Browns vs. Bills: Who Do the Experts Got?

Vegas has the Browns as 5.5 point underdogs. The weather in Buffalo is supposed to be cold, windy and sloppy. The Browns have been a "Pass to set up the Run" offense. The "Real" Browns Defense has finally shown up and given up 2 TD leads in the second half back to back games....
All signs point to the Brownies losing. However in a season where all logic is lost, who knows what will happen tonight.

On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning, Cleveland Native Mike Golic picked the Browns to cover the spread tonight. Golic feels that fellow ND alum, Brady Quinn will play 'good enough' for the Browns to win. Equally as surprising was Co-Host Mike Greenberg's feelings on the game tonight. He just doesnt like the Browns to cover, he likes the Browns to pull the upset. Not that beating the 5-4 Buffalo Bills is considered "Shocking the World" or anything...

Watch for the Browns Defense to show a few different looks as well as some more personnel rotating in tonight in Buffalo. Wimbley will be moved around, Shante Orr will see more playing time to hopefully limit Marshawn Lynch, and Brandon McDonald will see some much deserved time on the pine.

Quinn will see quite a few different looks tonight too. Watch for heavy blitzing, and the Roving D, or UFO Defense that the Browns have used a few times, to try and confuse Quinn.

Shaver Sports likes BQ to get his first W tonight. Browns: 28 Bills: 24

Sunday, November 16, 2008

UFC 91: Lesnar HeavyWeight Champ

Well, well, well.... Christmas came early for Dana White. WWE Rock Star, NFL Flunkie, and UFC Supernova Brock Lesnar won the Heavyweight Title in UFC 91 Saturday in stunning fashion over Randy Couture. Lesnar was losing the fight overall, outmatched by The Natural in Round One. But a few minutes into the second round, Lesnar caught Couture with a wicked punch right on the chin, and that was all she wrote. He followed the main blow with about 20 follow up strikes, and The Natural, looked like The Over Matched.
In Lesnar's previous fights, Pay-per-View purchases went up about 20%. Now that he owns the belt, who knows how high the ceiling is for White.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cavaliers Beat Nuggets on TNT

When the Cavaliers are able to get LeBron James the basketball coming off that curl cut deep in the lane its over - he's unstoppable. They got it to him there last night, and the rim had to be in pain when LeBron was done beatin' on it. James went for 28 - 10 - 8 and if he had any Ricky Davis in him, he would have gone 3-D easily.

Equally impressive last night was Mo Williams. It looked like Mo heard Brian Windhorst say that his "numbers would go down this year, and he would not be an All Star" while on the Really Big Show earlier in the afternoon yesterday. Mo came out shooting like somebody stole something, going for 24.

Beyond Mo and LeBron, other guys stepped up to put the game out of reach in the 4th quarter with the King resting, and that hasn't happened all that much before. Daniel Gibson's drive, with his Super Boobie Emblem? shaved into his head, in the 4th quarter was sweet. Equally impressive, was Wally taking off like Billy Hoyle for the slam, in that same 4th quarter stretch - what's up now Sydney Deane?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UFC 91: A Legend vs. A Rising Star

The UFC World Heavyweight Title is up for grabs Saturday night as Randy "The Natural" Couture ends his contract squabble with UFC Prez Dana White, to take on Up and Comer (and physical freak) Brock Lesnar.

The Natural is a legend in the sport. The 43 Year Old, 3 Time Heavyweight Champ and 2 Time Light Heavyweight started fighting in 1997 @ UFC 13, back when the sport was in its infancy. His overall record is 16 Wins and 8 Losses. Hardly invincible.

In 1997, Brock Lesnar was just entering college, working on a world class wrestling background of his own. The Heavyweight ended up a Two-time All American wrestler and was the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He then went from "real" wrestling to the WWE, where he was a popular character that won 3 "titles"? After a cup of coffee with the Minnesota Vikings last year, he has focused on MMA. His pro record is 2 Wins and 1 Loss.

This fight promises to be interesting. Lesnar had to lose over 10 pounds to get under the 265 Weight Limit for the heavyweight division. Couture is around 220 lbs. By the time of the fight, Lesnar will probably have a nearly 50 pound weight advantage. Very quick for his size, Lesnar would like to take this fight to the mat quickly.

The sexy pick would be Lesnar. A nimble giant, against the Long in the Tooth Couture. That being said, Shaver Sports likes the experience of The Natural. He's been in a lot of battles, and knows his way around the mat. Experience wins and Couture keeps his belt.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

National Headliners for All the Wrong Reasons

Starting on Monday in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, the Browns have been the talk of the National Media. King said the Browns Coaching Staff were "dead men walking" and they were just coaching on borrowed time right now.
Then there was the quote from Jamal Lewis, which got play on the Jim Rome Show, where he called out teammates for giving up, and not being ready to play this "Man's Game". Teammate Josh Cribbs, echoed Lewis' sentiments saying "the first thing you think of is that guys quit. If everyone didnt quit, we win that game". Rome went on the say "All the Staph living in the Browns training room thinks that locker room is toxic"
If he's got players quitting on him, 12-29-08 will be the definite End of an Era for Romeo Crennel.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cavs Front-Runner to Sign McDyess

Michael Reghi was on In the Zone with Kenny Roda at the top of the hour and reported that the Cavaliers are very, very interested in signing free agent Antonio McDyess who was recently released by Denver by way of the Billups - AI deal.

"From what I am hearing from people around the league, the Cavs are very interested in signing Antonio McDyess, and could be the front runner to sign him. Along with Cleveland and Detroit, I am also hearing that Boston, and New Orleans are interested as well. Of those teams, Cleveland can offer the most money right now."

Reghi went on to discuss the fact that the Cavaliers, if they so chose, could offer McDyess the full mid-level exception, of $5.1 million, and could pull the trigger on that today. Detroit has to wait (30) days to sign him since they just traded him. While there could be a 'wink - wink Boozer - esque' deal in motion between Dumars and McDyess, Daniel Gilbert's previous relationship with the Pistons, coupled with the dollars he could offer, could overcome that obstacle.

As a Cleveland Fan, I say offer the full mid-level exception if you have to, and get this deal done. Reghi agrees. McDyess is better than Joe Smith, and the Cavaliers no doubt upgrade their roster immensely if they can make the deal happen.

Its Basketball Time at the Q

The Cavaliers open up a (3) game homestand tonight at Quicken Loans Arena, with a chance to build on their division lead and 5-2 record. If Cleveland is able to feast on Gloria James' home cookin,' and take care of Milwaukee, Denver, and Utah in succession, they could make like Usain Bolt out out of the blocks in this young campaign.

Cleveland started the first (10) games last year 5-5, and it seemed like they were playing from behind all season long as a result. If LeBron & Co. can get at least (2) and maybe even all (3) of these next home games, that could go a long way in not only the standings, but also the development of chemistry for this club.

Winnable games you ask? Milwaukee is 3-4, with a current overall Power Ranking of (19), Denver is 3-3 with a Power Ranking of (14) and Utah is 5-1 with a Power Ranking of (4).

Cleveland, by comparison, at 5-2, has jumped from (11) to (5) in the latest Power Rankings on NBA.com. This ranking is a bit better than the 7.5 average ranking projected in the preseason.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Really Big Rumors...

Heard this morning on Tony Rizzo's Really Big Show, that there are many, many rumors going around about a Cleveland Legend coming back to save our beloved Brownies. Rizzo and Hammer discussed Pro Football Talk.com's article on Savage being shown the door and Kosar coming in not as Head Coach, or GM, but as Prez of Football Operations. Could his Worst to Playoffs run with the Gladiators and close personal relationship with Browns owner Randy Lerner translate to a stint in the front office in Berea?
Bernie Kosar himself came on the air himself to quell any rumors. Kosar avoided any talks of taking a job with the Browns, but did have interesting things to say about Romeo and Phil. Kosar said "with a head coach, their record says it all". Translation- Romeo should pack his bags. He also said that it is not always record that sinks the GM. Translation- Bernie and Top Men still like Savage and he may be around for a little while longer.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Five Upgrades to Cavs' Sidelines

Below are (5) uprades to the Cavs' Sidelines that look evident early this season:

1. Chris Jent Courtside - Jent used to sit behind the bench, and this year he is courtside. From what I have heard, Jent has focused on helping the King be a better jumpshooter, now his scope seems to have evolved...good to see from the former running mate of Jimmy Jackson.

2. Mike Brown's Goatee - No joke, it makes me take him more seriously - I am not kidding. He looks like his is in charge with that thing, a little tougher, a little more sure of himself...I don't know why really.

3. Jawad Williams for Damon Jones - D Jones thought he was getting screwed sitting on the bench for the Cavaliers. His moping around ass is gone and it is replaced with a guy who couldn't be happier to be there. Williams is a Cleveland guy, a winner (UNC national title) and a guy that goes back with LBJ (St. Eds vs. SVSM). Williams' attitude is worth more than any b.s. dance Jones ever could do.

4. Talent and youth vs. experience and old age- JJ Hickson for Donyell Marshall, Daniel Gibson for Eric Snow, Lornezen Wright for Dwayne Jones, and so on. Andy is playing well, so is Wally. Sasha also is a guy that has started and is also on the bench and available.

5. Energy - these guys are jumping around all game, chanting guys names when they do well, and pumping up the King. That is better than any advice Eric Snow was coming with in the play calling department.

Cavalier Benchmark

The offseason acquisition of Mo Willams no doubt made the Cavs better on the front end - I have posted on the very topic a few times. However, I didnt realize how much the offseason moves of Tarrance Kinsey, Jawad Williams, JJ Hickson, and Lorenzen Wright have made Cleveland better on the back - end. I have never really liked what the Cavs had on the pine in the past, until now. Now, Im feelin it. Mike Brown spoke to it last night during the Pacers game.

The King is Feeling it too.

“You can see the depth we have,” James said. “We’re bringing starters off the bench. Daniel has started games for us, Wally has started games for us, Andy has started games for us. Sasha can also come off the bench and play. J.J. is going to continue to get better. Lorenzen (Wright, who played instead of Hickson in the opener) has played big minutes. T.K. (Tarence Kinsey) can play.“Our bench is loaded if we need anybody to come in.”

Agreed. The Cavs have talent on the bench, but it is more than that. There is an energy on the bench that was never there before. Future Shaver Sports Posts will break down what the bench brings beyond points.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Edwards Drops the Ball...Again.

Luckily for Bray Bray, the news of Brady Quinn starting has taken a lot of focus off of a bad trend for #17. Braylon Edwards leads the league in Drops, according to Elias Sports Bureau. They have the number at 14. (a generous 14. We counted at least 3 more in the Shaver Sports Film room) A league high 14 Drops this year and we are only half way through the season? (2007 NFL Stats show Braylon was tied for league lead with Dallas Clark at 12.)

Just as bothersome as the drops is the lack of accountability that BE has shown. After last weeks embarassment, Edwards made himself unavailable again to the media, and according to ESPN Cleveland's Michael Reghi, that is 3 Games now that Edwards has had nothing to say. This is the same Braylon Edwards who was seen talking all off-season, promoting Yahoo! Fantasy Football, his own aspiring career in Hollywood, and making wagers with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps (He would have been a lot better off if he bet Phelps he would have 2x more Drops than he had Gold medals). I guess Braylon only talks when the Going Is Good. Think we will hear from Braylon this week? I guess it depends if he scores a TD or not..

Either way, this kid has a lot of growing up to do, both On and Off the field.

Truly Ridiculous

After posting my thoughts on Trent Dilfer, digesting the Brady Quinn news, and interval training on a treadmill at the local YMCA last night, I sat down to further investigate the Allen Iverson for Ba - Ba - Ba - Billups deal that went down yesterday.

I went to ESPN.com, and then clicked on Henry Abbott's True Hoop Column.

I read the article and was stunned by the dot connection made by Abbott:

(The Detroit Pistons) - (Billups + McDyess + some guy I have never heard of) + (Allen Iverson) = (Chris Bosh and LeBron James)

What??? I didn't know what to say. Luckily my friend at Random Thoughts did when he said "this is just getting stupid."

Agreed Ben...this is certainly gettting stupid.

To me, Henry Abbott sounds like the sports talk radio 'I gotta trade for you' caller with this one. He reminds me of the guy that calls Uncle Rizz, waits on hold, and tells him on the air that he thinks the Cavs should trade Eric Snow, Sasha Pavlovic, Lorenzen Wright and the rights to Cedric Henderson for Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant.

C'mon Hank, your better than that.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trent Dilfer Is a Hater

Trent "Scoop" Dilfer was just on Kenny Roda's show talking about breaking the Brady for DA story.

Trent Dilfer called Browns Fans "the most influential fans in the NFL" as well as "delusional" and said they "don't understand that it takes time to build a winner." He said that he understands the impact that the Browns fans have over the organization, and that he himself was "victimized" by the Browns fans during his time here. He went on to call the Brady Quinn move a "knee jerk re-action," and that it was typical behavior for a dysfunctional franchise to make moves like this to quell popular opinion.

My question to you, Mr. Worst QB to ever win a Superbowl, is what is your point?

Its not called influence its called passion.

Its not delusion, its exhaustion - 44 years of exhaustion.

You say you were victimized? I'll just say this, you have to be pretty bad to be in the discussion to be benched for Charlie Frye, let alone to actually be benched for Charlie Frye. And if you were so good, why didn't you ever start again?

Lastly, its not a knee-jerk reaction...that is a ridiculous statement. The guy has one of the lowest passer ratings in the NFL, has all year, he started 0-3, and at the mid-way point they are 3-5. Knee - Jerk? No that's trading your starting QB in week (2) for a 6th rounder.

Its not personal its just business Son--, I mean Trent. Just report the story pal, take your scarred emotions out of it.

Maybe its just as simple as Brady Quinn will do a better job at quarterback. Maybe that's all it is.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

At Least Cribbs Showed Up

Pictures of Joshua Cribbs' Kick-Off Return TD, taken from Section 510 at Cleveland Browns Stadium, are below:

Josh Cribs accounted for 278 yards and a TD on the day.

Jamal Lewis ran for 49 and didn't score, while DA threw for 219 and a pick.


Here is an image I would like to see sooner than later. DA with a clipboard in hand and baseball hat on. Unfortunately for Browns fans, dont expect to see that this week vs the Denver Broncos. If Brady did not crack the starting lineup after the bye week, he is not going to be thrown in there in Prime Time on Thursday night after a short week of prep.

Don't get me wrong- DA is not the ONLY reason the Browns lost today to the Ravens 37-27. The Defense has a lot of explaining to do after allowing 2 Rookies (Ray Rice and Joe Flacco) to bring the Ravens back from 14 point deficit late in the 3rd Quarter. Rice finished the game with Career highs in Carries (21) and Yards (154) and Flacco threw for 248 yards and 2 TDs.

But Anderson HAS to shoulder the blame as well. His inconsistency on short passes, inability to look off of his main receiver and poor decision making are reason enough to make the switch to Quinn. 17 Completions of 33 Attempts for the game, and 104 for 210 for the season is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

At 3-5, what does RAC have to lose? His Job? That may be inevitable at this point.......

10 Reasons to Hate Ravens more than Steelers

As Browns fans, I know we hate the Steelers - but I think we should hate the Ravens more. Below are 10 Reasons to boo the birds from Baltimore:

1. They Stole Football from Cleveland.
2. They won the Superbowl after they left.
3. Ray Lewis is on the team.
4. Ray Lewis does that stupid dance still.
5. Baltimore Raven fans have existed as long as Diamondback Fans
6. Their nickname is from an Edgar Allan Poe poem.
7. They used to be the Cleveland Browns
8. Brian Billick...even though he got fired.
9. Gary Baxter was productive when they paid him.
10. Art M----

Lets go Brownies!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swami Sez Browns Win 19-14

Chris Berman picked the Browns, to beat the Ravens, 19-14 at Cleveland Browns Stadium Sunday, on Sportscenter this morning.

If that happens, with the Week 9 NFL Standings the way they are, the Browns legimately enter the Playoff discussion...just like Wilbon said they would a few weeks ago.

The Wild Card Picture would look this if the season ended today:

The 1st. Wild Card Spot belongs to the Bills at 5-2.
The 2nd Wild Card Spot would belong to the Jets at 4-3 or the Ravens at 4-3.

Sooo...If the new Browns beat the old Browns, then both Browns are 4-4. The Jets play the Bills, and they could certainly lose that game to put them at 4-4 as well, with the Bills at 6-2.

The other 3-4 teams include...the Dolphins, Jags, Colts and Texans.

The Dolphins play the Broncos, the Jags play the Bengals, the Colts play the Patriots, the Texans play the Vikings.

If all (4) of these teams win, and the above happens as per described, you would have the Bills at 6-2 and (7) teams - the Browns, Ravens, Jets, Dolphins, Jags, Colts, and Texans - all log jammed at .500.

With half the season to play, it feels like new life for a season on life support - at best - not more than (3) weeks ago.