Sunday, November 29, 2009

A.L. Casoni presents.... Stuck at Uno

Before I get in to the Browns/Bengals game a bit, there are 3 things I would like to address. First, every time I see Hines Ward smiling after a catch, block, penalty, what have you, I want to just punch him directly in his mouth. Secondly, there is absolutely, positively, no chance a college football team can beat an NFL team. 0% chance. Florida, Alabama, and Texas would all lose to the Browns by a minimum of 28 points. Lastly, if you haven't yet seen "The Blind Side", go see it. Its an outstanding movie about football, survival and many other things. Ok, now that's out of the way, take a look at these nunbers. 358, 155, 340, 141, 277, 358, 206, 329, 344, 304 and 348. If you haven't yet figured it out yet, these are the numbers the Lions have given up through the air this year, which is good for dead last in the league. Those of you who thought the Browns had "turned the corner" last week against the Lions offensively, please consult a therapist. The Lions secondary is awful. Brady proved again today why the Browns are the worst team offensively in the league, by ripping off 7 points today. The passing game was bad, the running game was worse. Jamal, I know you are retiring, but can you leave now by chance? You had a good career, but its over pal, sorry. The defense again today was decent. Cedric Benson or not, they were decent. The play calling/decisons made by the Browns is terrible. How do you go for it on 4th and 4 from the 50 yard line, and then punt on 4th and 3 from the Bengals 40 yard line? Does that make sense to you? If it does, refer back to what I said about those who thought the Browns had turned the corner.


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