Sunday, June 19, 2011

No To Vessly at Four For Cavs?

Kyrie Irving Appears to be a lock at number one, and the speculation is now at pick number 4. Names rumored about at Four include Enes Kanter, and Jan Vessly from Serbia, as well as others. As far as speculation the Cavs will take Vessly at Four goes, Cavs the Blog says No!

From Cavs the Blog:

"ESPN has moved him to 4th on their list of top prospects and 5th in their most recent mock draft. I’ve researched what Vesely has done through the years, watched what video is available to me, and I don’t understand the infatuation with him. A top 5 pick should become a top contributor on a playoff team, and I don’t see that. I view Vesely as a great fast break finisher and high energy player; not a player that will be a star."

Let us know what you think! Draft is Thursday

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