Monday, July 27, 2009

Deal Martinez and Lee?

If I was forced to watch a Cleveland Indians game for the remainder of the season, I would only really find solace in the fact that I could watch Victor Martinez hit, and Cliff Lee pitch - every fifth day. If the rumors of the Indians making a deal with the Dodgers for James Looney, and whoever the heck else they are looking to acquire in a 'return to the old days salary dump manuever' come to fruition, I would have no reason to turn them back on for the next two years. Sorry Grady. I know they are awful this year, but if the Indians had any real intention of every being good, wouldn't a Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee type player be the two guys you built your team around? Or is the better question, do the Indians have any real intention of ever actually being good. Bring back nickel beer night.

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