Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stepien Rules - New Member of Bloguin Network

If you are wondering what's been happening with the Shaver Sports posts of late, I apologize for the delayed response. While Shaver Sports was founded by two bloggers to remain nameless, one is getting married, and the other has launched a new site which will be home to the majority of his blogging energy. It is our hope here at Shaver Sports that Stepien Rules...A Cavaliers Blog will become one of your new stops on this the world wide web of information that Al Gore was so gracious enough to invent.

A proud member of the Bloguin team, Stepien Rules was recently launched, and if it weren't for a series of trips out of town over the last few weeks, the launch would have been quicker. But I'm home now, and if you stop by Stepien Rules in the days to come, you will find posts on a daily basis, that if you don't find interesting, I hope you read and come back anyway, because I am sure that one day something will be posted that you will be glad to have skimmed over.

Stop by Stepien Rules today...if you have time.

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