Monday, June 15, 2009

A.L. Casoni presents- Too much Bubbly ... A View from the Burgh

Like many Clevelandlers, I really don't understand icing and high sticking. I don't get it when you are sometimes allowed to catch the puck in mid air and sometimes you can't. None of that really mattered this past Friday night though. As I was sitting at a bar in downtown Pittsburgh Friday night, there were tons of Penguins fans and Red Wings fan around. As the clock struck 0:00 in game 7, I closed my eyes because I knew it was coming. The roar of another championship. The sound of drunk and sober people (mostly drunk) celebrating another one. The noises of a self proclaimed city known as, "City of Champions". It made me sick. I have lived in this city since April of 2005. Pittsburgh has brought home 3 World Championships in that span. 3 of them, are you serious? Out of a total of 13 possible championships that they could have won during that time, they have won over 20% of them. That stat even includes the God-forsaken Pirates who haven't had a winning record since the Reagan administration. What made me even more angry was some of the Penguins fans at the watering hole saying, "Finally the Penguins won one." It took me everything I had not to turn around and say something to them. Are they that spoiled? The stupid Penguins won the Cup in 1992. Sorry that winning a title every 17 years is not good enough for you. The Indians are somewhat close, maybe. The Cavs are even closer. The Browns are, well, the Browns are better then the Lions, at least last year. Yet Cleveland fans hear about our "championship drought" more in the media then from their peers. We all know how long its been, yet we still don't bitch about it. Cleveland has earned the right to say "Finally" when we win a championship, not these ridiculous people.

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Shaver Sports said...

Casoni - great stuff! I feel your pain, that had to be a tough evening.