Monday, June 1, 2009

So LeBron Didn't Shake Hands, Huh?

LeBron was supposed to shake Dwight Howard's hand huh? Because why? Because Dwight Howard is some great sportsman that deserves the respect of a humbled half court handshake from the King after his team bounced LeBron from the playoffs? The same great sportsman that threw powder up in an ESPN halftime interview during the Lakers - Nuggets game, mocking LeBron? In the words of Ozzie Guillen, 'shh please.'

I for one am glad that LeBron James was pissed off about the loss. I am glad that LeBron was so mad about losing that he didn't want to shake anybody's hand, give anybody dap, give anybody hugs, wish anybody good luck in the next round, and exchange pleasantries on national television, while I sat at the Harry Buffalo in Cleveland debating whether or not I should throw my chair through the window of the Corvette that was parked right outside in front of me. Props to my brother for telling me that would only make it worse.

My brother was right, that would have made it worse. And LeBron would have made it worse too had he shown Howard love. He sent him an email. Get over it.

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kyle said...

Let's not forget to mention the magic immediately mocking Cleveland's "family picture" right after the game ended.
This was something that the cavaliers performed DURING THE REGULAR SEASON. And does everyone forget Stan Van Gundy and Dewey Howard repeatedly whining to the media about lebron, fouls,and not getting enough attention?? Media, find something of substance to write about..