Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A.L. Cassoni presents....Money Talks, Stallworth Walks

I really don't even know how to start this article so I'm just going to flat out say it. 1 frickin month? Excuse me, not even a month, 24 days. More importantly, the victim's family is happy with the punishment (or lack there of) to Donte. Who said money can't buy you everything? Drunk Stallworth never said that. It bought him another life. Seriously, money bought him another life. Sad but true. It also bought the Reyes', the victim's family, another life. This guy rips off an all night bender, decides to hit up a late night spot (or make that the middle of rush hour spot if you will at 7 am) and hits and kills a guy. Not only is he going to serve less then a month in jail, but he is going to play ball for the Browns this year. Hell, I don't even want him. Get rid of him. What did he have last year, 200yards receiving and 1 touchdown? Let these rookies prove themselves. Goodell has one chance to salvage this thing and give him a big suspension, but who knows if that will happen. Apparently dogs are more important in civilization now then people since Vick got a couple years for his thing, and Stallworth gets just over 3 weeks. I really don't get people saying Vick's thing was premeditated and Stallworth's was not. Who cares? Stallworth ended a human being's life, and more importantly, he was drunk when doing it. I was talking to a guy at my office about this, and he goes, "Well, I heard Stallworth has his license taken away from him for the rest of his life, so that should count for something." Stallworth should be thrilled about that. The guy has enough money to buy a limo with a driver, and have him take him around whenever and wherever he wants while he sits in the back and sips on a cold one. Many new stations reported that if this were a regular dude with average income, he would probably have to serve 15-20 years in jail. So I guess ACDC put it best... "Come on Come on, lovin' for the money. Come on come on, listen to the money talk." Say hello to Art Modell in hell Donte...


Ronnie said...

The guy he hit was jaywalking, part of the blame goes on him as well. agree more than 30 days shouuld be handed down, but 15 years? come on the guy was trying illegally cross a causeway- not some residential street.

they parties are in the wrong in this situation.

Ronnie said...

also you can change your settings so the comments come directly on your board so no approval is needed, but im guessing it you did this for a reason?

PS. Keep the blog going man, good stuff.