Monday, June 8, 2009

Names Surfacing In Cavalier Rumors

Micheal Reghi mentioned (3) names as re-curring rumors as possible Cavalier offseason moves on air today, and while all three probably make the Cavaliers better, its hard to say that any put them over the top. I've listed them below though, and you can decide for yourself.

Jason Kidd - This was the move LeBron wanted a few years ago, and he was p.o'd when it didn't happen if you recall (Cavs made deal for Wallace, Szerbiak, Joe Smith, and Delonte at deadline instead - Kidd went to Dallas). You might make this move if for no other reason but to appease the King, but does Kidd make you better? A little better I guess. He adds size and consistencey to the Cavaliers back court, two things noticeably lacking against Orlando. Leadership? Sure he does. But how much does he have left in the tank at 37? That remains to be seen.

Charlie Villanueava - He would probably be the best offensive big man the Cavaliers have. Actually there is no probably involved there, he certainly would be. But is that saying much? Not really. The thing with him is if you can get him for (3) years, and reasonable dollars I say why not. But chances are you won't. I think he is going to be asking for (5) years, double digit millions, and do you pay that to a guy who averaged 26 minutes a game this season, and will be playing on his (4th) team in (5) years? Sounds a little like a guy with a hair patch growing out the back of his head that used to wear number 90 if you ask me.

Rasheed Wallace - Okay, he makes you better too - if healthy - but I initially say no. He is 34, played awful this past season, and is most likely going to disrupt any locker room that he is in at some point. Does he bring an edge the Cavaliers at time seem to lack? Yep. Additionally, he could step outside if healthy, and knock down the perimeter shot, and he would have matched up well against Rashard Lewis this past series. But I don't know. Health and dollars are huge factors here. The downside is huge, and is the upside at this point in his career really that high?

Lets just hope Ben Wallace retires, and go from there.

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