Sunday, May 31, 2009

A.L. Casoni Presents- "You too can be an NBA analyst"

Chris Broussard of ESPN published an article after last night's game entitled, "Cavs advanced as far as they could." He picked the Cavs to win in 6 before the series started. Jalen Rose was seen on Sportscenter late last night saying that he knew the Cavs just weren't ready for this stage. He chose the Cavs to win in 6. J.A. Adande stated on one of the weakest sports shows on t.v. (Around the Horn) after game 4 that the Cavs don't have a chance to win the crown because of Cleveland's lack of talent besides LeBron, and he even said he had been saying that for months. Surprisingly enough, Adande casted his vote for the LeBrons to win in 5 games. I can keep going, but for what? Does the term hypocrite mean anything to these guys? Since when are you just able to completely change your mind after things aren't going as you predicted? To make matters worse, if the Cavs had come out to a 2-0 lead in the series, these guys would be saying "I told you so." Did the Cavs lose to a better team? Maybe, maybe not. I really don't have an opinion on that. The Magic are a very talented shooting team, and had a great game plan in part by Stan Van Jeremy. They got the rock to a physical beast down low, and when we doubled, he kicked it out to the best shooting 3 point team in the league. And Cleveland had the coach of the year this year? Brown didn't know what hit him. The so called "experts" are all over Brown for getting outcoached. I even heard Tim Legler say they should choose the coach of the year after the season. While I agree with that, Legler had the Cavs in 6. These guys can say the Cavs just aren't a complete team right now, but that wasn't the case 2 weeks ago. Nearly everyone had them in the finals. Of the 10 experts that picked every series in the playoffs for ESPN, all 10 of them chose the Cavaliers. So, if you are unemployed in today's pathetic economy, pack up the bags and move to Bristol, CT. There's hope...



Steve said...

This article is are calling ESPN hypocrits, when before the Magic series started I quote you:

"That said, I really want to agree with his Cavaliers in (5) prediction, but somethings telling me its going to take (6) to dispose of the Magic.

My guarantees for the series are as follows:

The Cavaliers will win Game 1 handily. They will also win Game 6 by at least (15). Other than that, I am not really sure how it will play out, other than the fact that the Cavaliers will lose (2) games somewhere in there; with (1) being at home, and (1) being on the road.

The (2) loses won't be all bad though, as they'll advance to the NBA Finals with a postseason record of 12-2 overall."

This is your post on this subject, it looks like you hit the nail on the head right? haha...laughable your prediction was not any better than theirs, and all of the sudden you have "no opinion" wow.

Shaver Sports said...

Steve - Lay off my man AL Casoni...there is more than one person that writes posts here big dog, and while you quoted mine - JD Shaver - effectively, understand that you can't call Casoni a hypocrit, because he didn't agree specifically with me. You never agree with me Steve, and I don't call you a hypocrit...see what I'm saying.

As for my predictions, I am well aware of the fact they were wrong. Did you pick the Cavaliers to lose in 6? And for the Nuggets, I was wrong there too buddy, thanks for the reminder.