Monday, December 7, 2009

A.L. Casoni presents.... "Boom Goes the Dynamite and the Steelers"

Minutes after watching Alabama manhandle Florida, my buddy called me and asked if I wanted to go to a bar in downtown Pittsburgh and I agreed. As I mentioned before, I am a long time resident of Cleveland, but now I live in Pittsburgh. Anyways, the night started off like any other night, sitting at the bar watching whatever sporting event was on. I had my eyes glued to the Texas/Nebraska game, while my buddy watched the one sport that is less tolerable to watch then badminton, hockey. So around 10:00 we started doing some shots, and another one of our friends arrived at the bar. All of a sudden it was midnight, and one of the guy's I was with mentioned he had 4 tickets to the Steelers/Raiders game on Sunday and asked if I wanted to go. As I sipped on the absolute best tasting beer in the world, Corona, I started thinking about how cold it was going to be, how I could care less who wins, etc. Then it was 1:30 am, and not only had I agreed to go to the game at this point, but I was excited about it, and I had my friends south of the border in Mexico who brew those oh so tasty beverages to thank. As I sat in my seat at the game, I kept quiet and I listened. I decided that I was going to wear normal clothes since I didn't have any Raiders/Steelers gear obviously, but I wore my Browns winter hat. By the time the game was finished, I had heard approximately 10 things that reiterrated my opinion that Steelers fans may just be the worst in football. In order to keep this somewhat brief, I will give you my top 5.

#5- "The Steelers need to fire Dick LeBeau"---- Just an absolute ridiculous comment. The dude first of all is 87 years old and has led some of the most dominant defenses in the history of NFL. Seondly, the Steelers are minus quite possibly the best DB in the NFL in Polamalu. If LeBeau were fired, he would receive 31 phone calls in 11 minutes with job offers.

#4- "These guys are just not worth me spending $75 anymore to come see"---- What? Have you seen the Browns? the Lions? the Rams? People still go to those games. You are not even a full year removed from the Super Bowl, and you have roughly the same roster. You are in what's called a "losing streak". They happen, Cleveland fans have seen double digit losing streaks on more than one occassion.

#3- "Roethlisberger is overrated."----- Sir, if you don't want him, you can have half of the Browns starting offense in return. Seriously, take them, they aren't going to start for your team anyways. As much as it just kills me to say this, the guy is a certified winner. I think he is the definition of a tool, but the guy wins football games.

#2- "How much longer are we going to suck?"----- I mean come on. You won the Super Bowl last year. Yes, you lost to the Raiders and the Chiefs this season, I get that. But you just don't realize how truly spoiled you are as a Steelers fan, and I hate it. You people are all bandwagon fans, and its a complete joke.

and last but not least, the most ridiculous comment of the day was.....

#1- "It was a complete mistake bringing Mike Tomlin in as a coach."----- I actually turned around and said something to the guy who said this because I was in complete disbelief. Oh, I'm sorry, the dude has coached 2 years, been in the playoffs both seasons and won the Super Bowl once. No, no, you're right, he should be pumping gas for a living.

So, moral of the story, stay true to the Browns. They'll be back, I promise. Don't lose faith and become one of these clowns.


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