Thursday, December 3, 2009

A.L. Casoni presents.... "Who should you idolize?"

You either live in a hole or your parents have grounded you for a month in your room with no access to the outside world if you haven't heard about Tiger Woods' deal. You know what the worst part of the whole thing is though? I would be surprised if he lost one sponsor. I mean, the guy walks to the grocery store and money falls out of his butt to buy bread. I am one who believes he has a right to privacy. The media is eating this up like a fat kid eats cupcakes, and you really can't blame them I guess, but come on. This is a person who people all over the world idolize, and now not so much. Speaking of other sports star goofs, Ron Artest comes to mind. Seriously dude? Henny at halftime? No wonder you rolled in to the stands in Detroit, you were hammered. How does nobody smell this on your breathe? Anyways, my point is this. Athletes are like everyone else. They are human, they make mistakes, a lot of them. You want an athlete to idolize? Choose Albert Pujols. The dude is sick. More importantly, in an interview with ESPN, he openly admitted he would not walk in to an elevator in a hotel if it opened and just one woman was alone in there. There's a smart athlete. Artest, pour out a little liquor for Big Al.


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