Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mike Brown apologizes to let's move on

Big Z broke the record last night, finally, and is now officially the Cavaliers all-time leader in games played. Hats off to the big fella, and we all know what Z has meant to this team and this town as chronicled throughout the week. However, record in toe, I must ask everybody to take a step back and get off Mike Brown's back for a minute. As referenced yesterday on Stepien Rules, Mike Brown might have had a few more pressing things on his mind going into the Cavaliers game against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. Keep in mind, the Cavs just played awful on Friday, and had a red-hot, first placed, Dallas squad coming into town. He made the mistake of not announcing Z would play, and then after the non-announcement, he didn't play him. Not right. Bad move. However, the Cavaliers won the game going away. And they just blew out the Suns right after that. Since Friday, Mike Brown has the Cavaliers back on the right track...would you agree? And Brian Windhorst is also reporting that he has since apologized to Z for the DNP on Saturday. And people around town, including Big Z, still appear to be bent about it. Memo to all involved, get over it. Move on. And to Z specifically, we are all proud of you, seriously, but you're a role player now. Embrace it...the team needs you to.

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