Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Cold Weather Program in America

After reflecting more on the Buckeyes loss yesterday, I found myself pondering this question?

Is OSU the best bad weather football program in America?

If you haven't noticed, the best players in the country have been choosing to play in warm climates of late. There was a time when teams like ND, OSU, and Michigan where the only teams on television, but that was so long ago, at the time, people said that those were the only teams on the tube.

So, while you are entertaining my first question, I will ask you another one. Off the top of your head...

Who was the last bad weather football program to win a National Championship?

So you don't have to flip to the back of the book while getting ready for the - Florida or Oklahoma game - the answer is as follows.

The last (10) College FB National Title Winners:

2007 - LSU
2006 - Florida
2005 - Texas
2004 - USC
2003 - LSU
2002 - OSU
2001- Miami
2000 - Oklahoma
1999 - Florida State
1998 - Tennessee

Further analysis to follow...


Texas Mullet Hater said...

Although OSU doesn't land as many out of state studs like they did when Coop was coaching, they still get a couple blue chippers from down south. T. Pryor could have gone anywhere, but he chose the BUCKS. I'd say they are #1 in the Northern region of the US

Shaver Sports said...

Texas Mullet Hater - I would agree with you on #1 in the Northern US...and I also agree with you on your hatred for that mullet the Texas kid had the other night worn by Poelman, #77

DejaTrue said...

Texas Mullet Hater I first need to say I love the handle!!!! Secondly, when speaking about recruiting, it is a very difficult thing to measure. With all the recruiting websites out there I think it has become tough on colleges. Many times there are highly touted recruits coming out of hs who are not big time D1 caliber. You have to understand who the people are that write on these websites. They are people that are equivalents to you TM hater and myself. If a family friend is in HS whats stopping us from talking him up. This brings false truths to colleges and puts kids on their radar that shouldn’t be. OSU scores very well at getting these highly touted players. The only problem I see is you have to ask, "Do these kids fit my system?" When we look at the Bucks I am interested as to what their system is. ON the 02 National Champ team they had a QB who was a "safe" Q, a guy who made little mistakes. Recruited a RB who was a true I back guy in Claret. THAT FITS! Fast forward to this year. A true I back guy and one of the best RB's in the country. The Bucks recruit a true Spread Option QB = BAD FIT. In conclusion I think the Bucks get great players but they don’t get guys who fit their system. Something needs to change there for them to belong at the top of the nation charts.

Texas Mullet Hater said...

OSU and UM were built to play football in cold, northern weather in November. Hence the I formation, less emphasis on speed, and the plodding, uncoordinated lineman. Unfortunately, all bowl games are played either indoors, or in perfect 60-70 degree weather. The emphasis is all about speed. The skill position players of OSU run damn good every year at the combine, but the o and d lineman seldom are as athletic as their counterparts down south. I'd love to see OSU start recruiting 6'2-6'3" maulers with some quickness, low center of gravities, and athleticism on the interiors of both lines. These guys can still get push, but are quick enough to hang with the speed guys they play against.

DejaTrue - I agree w/your comments. The Bucks would have been better running 10-20 gadget plays per game for TP, but after the USC loss, Tress gave the team some much needed buzz in the press by starting TP. I think the transition is now to a spread team. The line/backs/receivers didn't fit that this year, but next year they will be much more atheletic with the young blood coming in. Posey, Thomas, Boom Herron, are all suited more toward the spread. It will be inherent that they will be able to execute the power I, etc. but I am predicting a very smooth transition by TP's junior year.