Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hurry Up, Take My Football Team, I Gotta Get Back To Europe To Play Soccer

Reports are the Browns hired Eric Mangini.

He might be the right hire, he might not be, I don't know. Top Men will be breaking this down in posts to follow. What I do know is Randy Lerner seemed to be in an awful hurry unloading command of a franchise I don't think he wants any part of running. After Lerner canned Crennel, it almost looks like he went down a list that could have been put together by any run of the mill Fantasy Football Player, that read as follows:

Top Candidates:

Bill Cowher, Scott Pioli, Mike Shanahan, Eric Managini, etc., etc, etc.

He met with Cowher and offered him an ungodly amount of jack - Cowher says no.

Next on the list...

He reportedly offered Pioli the job if he wanted it - Pioli saw something he didn't like and interviewed with the Chiefs.


He reaches out to Mike Shanahan who, according to Andre Knott with WTAM, told Randy he couldn't meet with him until after his vacation - Boom outta here, can't wait.

And then it is almost like Eric Mangini simply said:

"Yes, I'll take it."

And Randy responded with:

"Hired. And who would you like to be your boss?"

"There is this buddy of mine from the Ravens that no one has heard of, hire him, and I'll come for sure."

"Done and Done."

...hope this works, back to the Soccer pitch to find a free agent midfielder, and a back-up goalie.

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DejaTrue said...

After you get back to the soccer pitch throw in a movie on Mongols and play a Peruvian pipe and life will be all right!!