Sunday, January 11, 2009

Man's Game...

LeBron James' said after the game Friday that his Cavaliers were a 'confident team' coming into the game against Boston, and that the 98-83 win was far from anything like the 'best win in our history' and I believe him. I also know he believes that, and his teammates believe that. But while I know LeBron and the Cavaliers know they can be the best team in the NBA, I am not sure the NBA knew that until Friday. Moreover, I don't think there was any part of Boston that thought the Cavaliers were a better team then they were, until the clocked ticked zeros Friday at the Q. But they have to know now. The Boston Celtics played the role of Jason Stewart Friday night, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were the Proverbial 6'4" ex-Bruin in the YMCA run, who got a hold of a Jay Stew jumpshot, and air-mailed it onto the stage. Like Stew after the mammoth rejection, I believe the Celtics confidence is now wavering. How can't it be? Pierce was frustrated all night, barking at teammates, getting completely locked up by the King, and tallying (11) points for the evening. Meanwhile, LeBron dominated him on the offensive end, and got anything he wanted. As a team, Boston now has lost (7) of their last nine (9), and are looking for Stephon Marbury for help. When they got back on the plane Friday night, they had to feel about as low as Jay Stew did when the 6'4" shot blocker told him 'Man's Game Bitch,' on his way back down the floor after the block. The East is far from won, but at least now Boston knows that it is a conference that can be won by Cleveland...just as easily as J -Stew's shot got blocked.

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