Thursday, January 22, 2009

From the Desk of Dejatrue...

Dejatrue is a frequent commenter here at Shaver Sports, and had the following to say today:

Trickle down effect: In Cleveland we are as used to coaching changes as quickly as the weather changes - from Chris Palmer, to Butch Davis, to Terry Robiskie, to Romeo Crennel, to Eric Manginni, and that is just the last 10 years. But when you examine the landscape of sports what becomes scary is the trickle down effect of this win now or your fired philosophy. Sometimes, the constant guidance, or leadership of a coach, especially as a high schooler, is important for the development of youngster. However, what we are seeing of late on levels as low as high school age, is administrations that are valuing the win now or your gone philosophy over the idea of molding a young man. This is translating into some ugly messages to our youth, detailed in the Deadspin post titled finish your Anabolic steroids or no cartoons. This is evidence of the fact that the culture of steriods brought to the forefront in recent years is being copied at ages as young as (14). At that same time, HS coaches are getting canned for not winning the big one, just like their professional counterparts. Recently St Ed's has fired their second football coach in (3) years. This is the same St Ed's that has been nationally ranked (3) times in the last 5 years, and send numerous students to D-I schools during the same time. Oh, and the graduation rate for those two fired coaches in that time - 100%. But who cares about the development of the kid anymore...just win it all or get out of here.

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