Saturday, January 24, 2009

LBJ Steps Back for the Win

As I sit on the couch getting ready to watch the Cavaliers take on Utah in a few, I keep replaying LBJ's game winner in my mind from last night. Nasty shot. Step back, gotcha, for the game. I liked watching him get right in Mo Williams grill after celebrate. I like seeing the King boy-up with Williams alot more than I did when Dam Jones was trying to be his B-F-F for the last couple seasons.

But back to the jumper...what are you gonna do now NBA? For the record, that is the same jumper that James took for the last few years at the end of games. The same jump shot that had haters saying 'he has no killer instinct.' That was a ridiculous comment then, but it looks more ridiculous now. People said, he settled for a J with the game on the line.

People surmised in the past that because he took a J, he wasn't a true tough closer...somehow. They said he should go to the rim. Maybe he should go to the rim with the game on the line. Maybe he will in the future. But he has gone to the rim with the game on the line in the past and not gotten the call. What if he does that on the road last night in Oakland...gets hacked, no call. The Cavaliers loose.

No, the kid is a closer. What a step back jumper is, is LBJ taking the outcome of the game squarely into his own hands. Step Back J with the clock winding down. He won't get fouled, he knows that. There won't be a put back on a miss, he knows that too. Just one shot, win if it goes, loose if it doesn't. He nailed it. What are you gonna do now?

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DejaTrue said...

LeBron also feeds the needy, clothes the frozen and carries those that cant walk. Is this the Christ of the new millennium??