Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trade Possibilities Visit Q Tonight

Shaver Sports has been saying all season that the Cavaliers can win an NBA title as the roster is currently constructed. Nevertheless, as the trade deadline approaches, the banter continues. Amongst those names rumored as 'available' are Brad Miller and Johnny Salmons. They are both in town tonight, as the Sacramento Kings come to town to take on the Cavaliers. Michael Reghi had Grant Napier, Sacramento Kings TV Analyst, on his radio show Monday, and Grant had the following to say about each player:

In regards to Miller...

"Excellent fit. He accepts his role, and has no ego. He is not a good passer, he is a great passer, and is an excellent shooter as well. He would have no problems coming off the bench, and deferring to LeBron. Now on the downside though, he doesn't have a post-up game, and doesn't play any defense. But, overall, he could be an excellent fit for the Cavaliers."

In regards to Salmons...

"Best wing defender in the league, period. He can score, has a post up game, and would be an excellent fit on any team. As an on the ball defender, he is better than Ron Artest, and can still get you (15) points a night."

Napier went on to say that he knows the Kings are shopping Miller, but doesn't know if they want to move Salmons. Miller has one year left on his contract and Salmons has two. Salmons will have a tall order in front of him tonight, as he will most likely be matched up against LeBron.

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