Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 10 NFL Prospects in NBA Uniforms...(5-1)

5. Glen Davis - If Big Baby wasn't crying, going to Disneyland to ride the kiddie rides, or playing PF for the Celtics, I think he would make one helluva a FB. Davis played FB in high school, and thank all things good that you weren't a 5'8" safety with acne, who accidentally got in his way while trying to make a tackle.

4. Jason Williams - Williams was Randy Moss' QB in high school. While the two of these guys undoubtedly got in a lot of trouble as prep stars, they also hooked up for a lot of yards en route to a West Virginia state championship.

3. Nate Robinson - He was offered both a football and basketball scholarship from Washington. Inevitably choosing basketball as his career path, and unfortunately got drafted by the Knicks, Robinson certainly had an opportunity to play corner, safety, or even possibly running back as a professional.

2. Allen Iverson - If he had chose football he might have been Mike Vick - the football star - before Mike Vick was. Tough, hard nosed, athletic, and can take a hit, his QB potential at the next level is obvious.

1. LeBron James - All State as a highschooler, LeBron has said numerous times that he would be a pro football player if he didn't play in the NBA, and I don't think there is an NFL GM who doesn't believe him. At 6'8" approximately 270 plus, with at least 4.5 speed, LBJ could line up at WR, DE, or Safety, and absolutely redefine the sport.

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