Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Tressel Can't Coach Now?

I am not a Buckeye honk, and I fully understand the ramifications nationally of losing to Texas last night, but you can't blame the Tressel for the loss. He pulled out all stops last night, whether you want to believe it or not. He dusted off a benched and forgotten senior QB, and drew up a play that had him throw a TD pass to the Freshmen QB that took his job, he guided his offense to (2) TDs in the second half with Beanie Wells out of the game, he blitzed on defense to force the action, he challenged a call I still think he should have won, and he was up by four with under a minute to go. If he was in the prevent people would have been saying he should have blitzed. What is he supposed to do on that last play, tackle Quann Cosby himself? And if that challenge call goes Tressel's way, which would mean the referees went with the original spot, 2" behind where the ball was eventually placed, all these ignorant Buckeye honks and national Buckeye haters would be saying that Tressel figured out how to win the big game, instead of saying he should be fired...and that doesn't make any sense.


DejaTrue said...

Just my thoughts on the subject and the game. For all of those people complaining about what Tressel's and Heacock's game plans were on the O and D side of the ball I would like to see you draw up what they did. Secondly, when looking at the different schemes they game Colt McCoy (runner up in the heisman) at was a medley of attacks. Now as in most fruit medleys I have devoured in my day I always wished there were more of something, strawberries, blueberries, papayas, orange slices, ECT. In the Buckeyes case I would like to have seen more zone blitz packages and more of an invert cover two look. That being said I thought the D played very well and scheme wise I am happy. Now, when in cover zero defense (that is straight man-man for you armchair coaches) NEVER GET BEAT INSIDE!!!!! If Cosby does not win the inside bucks win the game and trust me im sure that was coached. Love the OH-IO Tress is in the top 5 greatest coaches in CFB along with probably 4 other coaches from Ohio!

Shaver Sports said...

Deja - Well Said, appreciate the expert analysis as well as the fruit medley analogy...couldn't agree more with the following:

"If Cosby does not win the inside bucks win the game and trust me im sure that was coached."