Monday, January 5, 2009

Chargers had same Record as Browns in Week 13

In week 13 of the NFL season, the Browns just finished losing to the Indianpolis Colts, to push their record to 4-8. The San Diego Chargers lost to the Atlanta Falcons that same week, and found themselves staring the Brownies dead in the face with a 4-8 mark of their own. Ahh the different roads traveled from there...
From that point, the Brownies packed it in, lost (4) straight, got every QB they had hurt, fired their GM, and fired their coach. San Diego, won (4) straight, got into the playoffs, and just upset the Indianapolis Colts, lead by newly crowned MVP for the third time, Peyton Manning.

Nothing like that California Sunshine...congratulations to Eylria Catholic product Matt Wilhem and to Iggys Grad Anthony Gonzalez who both had good games for the Chargers and Colts respectively...look for the Chargers to give Pittsburgh all they can handle this weekend in the AFC semis.


Unknown said...

Is that the same Matt Wilhelm that got owned by none other than Todd Thornicroft on the hardwood and gridiron while in high school??

Shaver Sports said...

The very same...and Thornicroft didnt even wear his rec-specs those games!