Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top Men Review Browns New Head Coach

Your Cleveland Browns have a new Head Coach, Eric Mangini. The displaced NY Jets coach didn't have to wait long before he found his new gig. Top Men sat down and reviewed the Pro's and Con's of the Mangini hiring. Part One looks at the Pro's of the Browns new hire-

NFL Head Coaching Experience. Mangini is the first coach the Cleveland Browns have ever hired that has previous Head Coaching Experience. Crazy, but true. In his 3 year tenure with the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, he went 23-25. 2 winning seasons out of 3. Pretty good for a 1st Time coach. The last Browns coach to have a winning record in 2 out of 3 years was Marty Schottenheimer in '88-'89! (Sorry to all the Schottenheimer honks- looks like Marty ball wont be coming back to the Lakefront anytime soon)

He'll be coaching with a chip on his shoulder.
Mangini was the fall guy in NY. They spent TONS of money in the off-season on big name free agents. Alan Faneca, Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins, and of course, rocket arm Brett Favre. After the Jets went 1-4 in their last 5 games, someone had to be responsible and you cant fire the players. He is a young coach with a lot to prove. He'll be anxious to show the Jets they were wrong.

He's never been described as being a "Players Coach"
The Crennel Country Club has officially repealed all memberships. Braylon, K2, the entire Defense, should all be doing some soul-searching right about now. One important item Mangini mentioned in his presser was accountability. Believe that he will hold these players to his demands. I don't think Edwards should plan on hopping on a charter flights to see U of M lose to a MAC team next year. He will be tough on his players, but don't expect to see a lot of fireworks coming from him on the sideline. He'll leave that to his coordinators. Top Men expect to see Rob Ryan (son of Buddy, bro of Rex) hired soon.

Cleveland Roots (kind of)
Top Men like the fact that Mangini is familiar with Cleveland and had a history with the organization. (The former ball boy even referenced Bucci's, Shaver Sports favorite Italian joint in Berea in his press conference) He will also get some advice and insight on this town from family. He is the brother-in-law of Indians Top Man, Mark Shapiro.


Unknown said...

great piece as always but a tiny question. Way back in the year of 2008 Mr Shaver posted about the fact that the Browns only coach with Head experience prior to the Browns was a man named Nick Skorich. Now you say that Mangenius is the first hired by the browns with experience, im confused?

Another reason that makes you great is that Gay Munch Bishop has never referenced you!! Keep it that way!!!!

Shaver Sports said...


Good memory. The Shaver Sports research department should have checked the archives.

Skorich did had 3 years Head Coaching experience in the PRE-MERGER NFL in the Eastern Conference with Philly. He was hired on in Cleveland as a defensive assistant and was promoted after Blanton Collier retired.