Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Mo All Star

Shaver Sports first predicted Mo Williams would be an All Star in October, and now the chatter is really heating up. Reason is simple; kid's an All Star folks. Brian Windhorst is now, on board after some debate throughout the season. The outstanding beat reporter was on Reghi's show Wednesday, and said that he thought Mo would be an All Star. Reghi agreed that he should be. Aaron Goldhammer also said on the Really Big Show yesterday that LeBron told the group of reporters after Tuesday's game that Mo Williams better be an All Star, or, if not, 'tell David Stern I'm not going.' Game respects game. But we'll find out for sure today. The All Star rosters should be filled out before the Cavaliers tip-off tonight against Orlando....

Word is that out of Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson, and Mo Williams, one guy is going to get left out. Couple thoughts here...Harris' team stinks, and Nelson is the third best player on his team (Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis). If I had to pick one of these three guys, I would not hesitate with picking Mo 43 times out of 43. Mo is proving to be a legitimate Robin to LBJ's Batman...Sorry Larry.

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DejaTrue said...

cavs are simply much MO better with than without!!