Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thanks for Spreading the Word...

Shaver Sports wanted to send a couple shout outs to our brothers in blogging for linking us up the last few days...thanks to the Big Lead for linking us up for a second time, this time by way of our Aaron Goldhammer calls Randy Lerner a Weirdo post - we're helping you out Hammer, don't even mention it - and thanks to the MWSF as well as WFNY for the love on the ACDG post. While JD Shaver, of Shaver Sports, is a contributer to the MWSF team, we nevertheless appreciate the link for the official rules and regulations on the ACDG game. Lastly, thanks to the WFNY for the shout out by way of MWSF on their site today - we appreciate that as always fellas.

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