Friday, January 23, 2009

Browns Fire Mangini for Gruden!

If there was ever an organization in professional sports that would fire a coach, hire a new coach in the offseason, and then fire that new coach, for another coach, before the previously hired coach ever actually coached a game, it would be Randy Lerner's Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately for the sake of comedy, the Browns actually did not fire Mangenius...yet.

But, with Jon Gruden walking the streets, should they? I'll Gruden a better fit for this team than Mangini? Interesting debate if you ask me...the career stats are as follows:

Jon Gruden: (4) Seasons with the Raiders (40 - 28) record; (7) Seasons with the Buccanners (60 - 57) record for a career mark of (100-85) which includes (5) Post Season Appearances and (1) Super Bowl Title

Eric Mangini: (3) Seasons with the Jets (23-25) record; (1) Post Season Appearance

A couple other footnotes...Gruden has deep Ohio ties...born in Sandusky, he played college football at the University of Dayton as a back-up QB. He is an in your face coach that would probably not put up with all that much of the Braylon Edwards type garbage that surrounded the team all season. Maybe Mangini won't either, who knows. What else is interesting is that when Gruden went from his first job to his second, the Buccs traded first round draft picks to get Gruden...Mangini on the other hand got fired after (3) years of service...on the flip side of the firing coin, it took Jon Gruden (11) years to get fired from his first NFL gig and it took Mangini (3) years.

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Unknown said...

mangini is not connecting with this team and did not do a good job with the jets as the new jets coach seems to have changed the attitude and performance without a hall of fame quarterback running the offense. mangini is trying to copy bellichek when he should try to be himself. guy sucks.