Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bill Cowher: Playing the Field?

Monday we learned that Bill Cowher met with Browns President Randy Lerner on Saturday, and apparently he told Randy "NO". First off. Good Move by Randy. How could you get anyone to take over this team after watching that garbage on Sunday?

Initial reports were that Cowher does not want to coach in 2009. Don't believe everything you read. Cower most likely said "No...for now" Rumors are now being floated in by ESPN Radio 1050 in NYC that Cowher may be interested in the Jets HC position.

Cowher's name will probably be connected to all teams with Head Coaching vacancies, and see which position may be most lucrative for him.

Shaver Sports does not think Randy Lerner will wait long enough for Cowher to slow dance with all the girls at the prom. The quicker Randy can finalize this decision, the better.


Shaver Sports said...

UPDATE: The Jets position is reportedly $10 million a year for 5 years

Shaver Sports said...

UPDATE #2: ESPN's John Clayton is now saying that Cowher may not even meet with the Jets because he wants full control of personnel decisions. Jets have a GM (Mike Tannenbaum) under contract

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, Bill Cowher is not going to be a savior in Cleveland. The PLAYERS need to make plays if a team is going to win games. Too many people think that somehow Cowher is going to magically turn the Browns into a consistent playoff contender because he likes to yell and is intense.

Look at the Steelers, they haven't missed a beat since Cowher left. They replaced him with an unproven rookie head coach in Mike Tomlin, and Pittsburgh has won the division both years under his wing. That says it all right there.