Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 Down...15 To Go

Yesterday afternoon, the bars surrounding the Q were packed with enthusiasm and energy in anticipation the start of the Playoffs.

At the Harry Buffalo, across the street from the Q, before the game, even the Piston Fans - like this guy pictured here in standard Detroit Apparel: Pistons T-Shirt, long mullet, and sunglasses strategically placed on the back of the T-Shirt - couldn't damper Cleveland's spirits.

Early on, the Pistons did not disappoint their fans that made the trip. During the Pregame lay-up lines, they were on fire.

But then the Cavaliers took the floor.

Right after the National Anthem, my brother turned to me and said:

"Watching these two teams is like watching one franchise's fall from dominance, while watching another teams rise to the top, all at the same time."

How right he was. Once the game started, the crowd was electric, LeBron James was spectacular, and the Pistons moved three games closer to being swept by Cleveland.

Before the game we also stopped down at the Clevelander to check out the WKNR Pregame Party. While there, an old friend of mine predicted the Cavaliers would win by (18). He was right. I hope he bet on that.

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