Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Key to Cavaliers Success...Krispy Kremes

Don't discount the importance of doughnuts to the Cavaliers' NBA best record this season. A (2) box per rookie mandate for every shootaround has been in effect all season, and it seems to be paying dividends.

Pictured below is Cavaliers Rookie Forward Darnell Jackson, fulfilling his first year obligations, a bit too tired to open his eyes.

When asked, during and interview with Fox Sports Ohio's Dionne Miller, what would happen if he didn't bring the doughnuts to a shootaround, he said the following:

"I forgot one time, and they (the veterans) kicked all the basketballs all over the stands, and we (Darnell Jackson, JJ Hickson, Jawad Williams) had to go and pick everyone of them up. I was ahh man."

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