Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jon Barry Doesn't Like LeBron James

I could not agree more with Waiting For Next Year's post from Monday titled: NBA MVP: Jon Barry's Agenda Knows No Bounds.

Scott not only details the understatement of the NBA season by Barry, but goes on to highlight the fact that he is the only analyst at ESPN that wont give the award to James. Check it out.

If I were a lawyer, and was trying to prove my Lil' Jonny Barry is a Ridiculous Hater case, filed last week with this blog, I would call a motion to submit this WFNY post as factual evidence to my claim. Well done fellas.

Also, if interested in checking out a You Tube Video of Jon Barry falling out of his chair when approached by some GlobeTrotters with box of confetti, click here.

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