Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lil' Jonny Barry is a Ridiculous Hater

During the Halftime Analysis of the Cavs - Spurs game, Sunday on ABC, the MVP conversation was inevitably discussed. After Avery Johnson said that LeBron James is the 'crystal clear cut' favorite to win the trophy, his partner, Lil' Jonny Barry, offered his opinion as to whether LeBron is the clear-cut favorite to win the award:

"Absolutely not. Oscar Robertson is in the building (Sunday), so obviously LeBron's gonna play better today. He's gotta show people he's as good as Oscar was. So this is not clear cut. He is not the clear cut MVP. He will win. But if you ask me who should win, that's a different story."

The son of Rick Barry went on to say that he's pick is Dwayne Wade. And while I disagree, he can think that. That's fine, Wade's and elite player... BUT...don't tell me, Jon, that LeBron has (26) in the first half because 'Oscar Robertson is there, and LeBron is playing better today because he wants people to think he is as good as Oscar was.'
That is ridiculous Barry, and you sound like a jealous hater. Check yourself.

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Unknown said...

I dont like that man!!! Now, I cant comment on your "hater" and "Check Yourself" lines I am not sure what cloudy world Jon Barry is living in but that popultion is only 1. Wade was the "sexy" choice earlier, but even Mrs. Wade has been heard saying, "long live the king!!" Enough said!!