Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remembering The 2007 Cavaliers Roster

As the Cavaliers cruise past the Pistons, with (66) regular season wins in the rear view, the NBA world is well aware of how good this team is this season. Everybody also remembers that the Cavs went to the Finals (2) seasons ago. But do you remember how bad the roster was that LeBron carried to an Eastern Conference championship? If you don't, I'll remind you...

Of the (15) players on the 2006-2007 Cavaliers Roster, only (5) still rock the wine and gold.

The hold-overs include LeBron James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, and Sasha Pavlovic.

Here's the list of the other (10) guys from that Finals roster...let me if you miss 'em:

1. Larry Hughes
2. Drew Gooden
3. Donyell Marshall
4. Damon Jones
5. Eric Snow
6. Shannon Brown
7. Ira Newble
8. David Wesley
9. Scot Pollard
10. Dwayne Jones

Here is who Danny Ferry - Executive of th Year - has replaced those guys with:

1. Mo Williams
2. Delonte West
3. Joe Smith
4. Ben Wallace
5. J.J. Hickson
6. Wally Sczerbiak
7. Tarrance Kinsey
8. Darnell Jackson
9. Lorenzen Wright
10. Jawad Willams

On that roster from (2) years ago, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Donyell Marshall, and Damon Jones, averaged (37) mpg, (28) mpg, (17) mpg, and (20) minutes per game respectively for the season.

Even being forced to play with those scrubs, LeBron still took his squad to the Finals.

Now let him play with guys like Mo Willams, Delonte West, Joe Smith, and Ben Wallace instead of the aforementioned (4)...and you wonder why it looks like he having so much fun this year.

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