Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mitch Albom, and His Hair, Believe LeBron Stays

On ESPN's Sports Reporters this morning, award winning sports writer Mitch Albom said the following in regards to LeBron James, marketing, and the NBA Finals:

"They (young sports fans) also don't care that he comes from Cleveland. Now the NBA and marketing used to say that he (LeBron) has to be in New York. What's gonna happen here, though, is if he gets to the Finals, if they (Cavaliers) don't win, or they do win, he is cementing his place in Cleveland. Everyone keeps talking about how he is going to New York. I don't think so. I think he's going to stay there. Because of the way the whole global views of things (are now), it doesn't matter if you play in Cleveland, or whatever. You can be that big a star, he's got every big commercial there is. What I want to see is, these two guys (Kobe and LeBron) play against each other in the Finals, they go to commercial break, and I want to see who's commercial comes up first. "

Good point Mitch, as cruise back into Best Cuts and get that lettuce trimmed up.


DejaTrue said...

Simply a great set of locks Mitch!! Keep it up!!!

Sports Waste Management said...

I think that Mitch is definitely sporting a rug that he purchased in the mid 1980s. how else could he have those "side flaps" covering his ears so perfectly trimmed, every single time he's on tv. even mel kiper's hair grows. in this shot the rug looks like it is perched a little higher on his head than normal too.
what a wierdo