Friday, April 17, 2009

At Least We Ruined Their Housewarming Party

Whether the Indians beat them or not, I would have found some joy in the New York Yankees losing their home-opener - In the House That Hank's Dad Bought For Him - 10-runs to 2, regardless. Call it doubly sweet that the Indians were on the winning end of the 10 to 2 victory. And I'll say this...if the Indians, who currently sit at 3-7, end up finishing in last place in the Central, at least they'll have this one, and it was a nice one to have.
But who knows...maybe they are about to make a run. They won two games in a row...Cliff Lee had a good outing...I was going to bench him on my Shaver Sports Fantasy Team if he went 0-3 - so he has that going for him...back to back wins...everybody got knew they weren't as bad as 1-6 right?

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pub96 said...

you are right it always feels good to beat the yanksespecially to ruin their big party!!