Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pistons Mail It In...Cavs Roll 94-82

Don't make too much of the 4th quarter comeback by the Detroit Piston J-V team. Last night's win was a laugher.

Prior to last night I did not think it was possible to win a Seven Game Series in a little over a game and a half. But apparently it is. When LeBron James, on a break-away, went with the underhand, windmill slam, with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter to put the Cavaliers up (22), the series was completely over by the time James landed. The Cavs went up by (29) at the end of the third, tried to give their starters the rest of the night off, and ended up bringing them back in with (5) minutes left, still preserving their second of back-to-back double digit wins.

They'll play the last two games out, but forget Piston bench players on cell phones, I am predicting that at least (2) Pistons are caught on camera taking a nap at various points during games (3) and (4). After watching the game last night, for the life of me, I can't Remember the Pistons teams that went to the last Six Eastern Conference Finals at all. The will of this team is completely broken. Don't let Will Bynum fool you.

Quick Hits from Game 2....

On the Amir Johnson foul in the first half, how does LeBron not fall down? That was three guys, 6'5 plus, 225 plus, that hammered him, and he doesn't fall...He's Shaq O'Neal on wheels.

How about Darnell Jackson...our boy...playing in his first minute and half ever he picks up a Technical Foul...classic...nice work D-Block...nobody likes Kwame Brown anyways!

Mo Williams seem to have found his playoff legs..look out now.

Oh and the Cavaliers were up by 29 going into the 4th and only won by (12) who cares...Cavs in 4.

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