Sunday, April 26, 2009

A.L. Casoni Presents: A View From The Burgh

A.L Casoni is a die hard Cleveland fan, from the East Side of Cleveland, he now is forced to reside in Pittsburgh...unfortunately. He will be offering his opinion of the Cleveland sports world, from the darkside...below is the first of a feature series from Casoni:

As we near the beginning of May, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in the midst of something they have not experienced in over a decade and a half, a winning record. Even though the Penguins are in the heat of a Stanley Cup race, fans are still embracing the boys of summer, or make that spring. The problem is, the team is not any good. By the time summer rolls around, this team will be well below .500 as they have been since 1992, and they will continue their run of the longest losing streak in the history of sports. Pittsburgh is a city of "bandwagon fans". It frustrates me beyond belief that nobody has paid any attention to the Pirates for over 10 years now, and now they are all about them. Banners are flying, newspapers are reporting and apparel is being worn. As a Cleveland fan, I look for Pittsburgh teams to falter as most Cleveland fans do. Cleveland fans are loyal to their teams, and are still striving and yearning to see their first championship in their lifetime. With that said, I can't wait till the Tribe rolls in to the Steel City in mid June and brings these clowns back to reality. I'll be there in the second row on the Cleveland side with my Tribe gear. The question is, will the Pirate fans still be embracing their team by then, or will we already be seeing the dreadful terrible towels?

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