Friday, April 3, 2009

AC Line of the Night: Thursday

Austin Carr is not all Hammer Downs, and Deeps during the broadcast. He'll tell you what he thinks from time to time about his Cavaliers, even if its not all rosy. This AC Line of the night is just that.
With the 4th quarter getting underway, FSN had up on the screen the 'points in the paint field goal percentage stat,' illustrating the Cavaliers lack of production in that area against the Wiz. In regards to paint production, AC thinks the Cavs need to step their game up:
"That is the one area that they will have to clean up when playoff time comes. They cannot give up those kinds of points (in the paint). In any sport, you have to be strong up the middle, in order to win on a consistent basis. The Cavaliers did a good job of that before the All Star Break, but they have been kinda lacks with that particular stat, since the All Star Break."

Agreed. While its hard to find a lot wrong with this team, they will need to improve this come playoff time. Hopefully Ben Wallace can help in this regard.


Los Mustachios said...

How many times must FoxSports cut away in the middle of an A.C. seque? Less commercials-more astute commentary.

Shaver Sports said...

Mr. Mustachios - Couldn't agree more...let the old wise basketball sage drop his knowledge!