Monday, April 27, 2009

So Who Do Want Next: Hawks or Heat?

The Cavaliers made short work of the Pistons, sweeping the series with double digit wins in each of the the (4) games. The Cavaliers became (1) of (3) teams in NBA history sweep a series in that fashion, and now sit in wait for their next opponent. So who do you want next, the Miami Heat - who currently hold a (2) games to (1) lead in the series - or the team picked by most to advance before the series began - in the Atlanta Hawks.

In the spirit of NBA History, I say bring on the Heat. Why? Because how good would this title run read in the tales of NBA lore:

1st Round: Sweep a Pistons team that once laid claim as the perennial power in the Eastern Conference in the seasons soon to be referred to as B.L. (Before LeBron).

2nd Round: Beat Dwayne Wade - Olympic teammate of James - and a Miami Heat team that won the NBA Title (3) short seasons ago, prompting some to ask the question, is Dwayne Wade better than LeBron James?

Eastern Conference Finals: Beat the Defending NBA Champions, and one of the (2) most storied franchises in all of the NBA, in the Boston Celtics.

NBA Finals: Beat the other (1) of the (2) most storied franchises in all of the NBA, in the LA Lakers. In addition to that, beat the coach who coached LeBron's hero (Jordan) in Phil Jackson, and the player said to be the closest to Jordan since, in Kobe Bryant.

To me, there would be no better way to close the book on the Best Season In Cleveland in last 45 years, than to go through those teams, those franchises, and those players. And the next chapter begins with Dwayne Wade.

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DejaTrue said...

Great piece JD. And I agree bring on the storm of south beach D Wade!! He may drop 40 on us in all 4 of the games against us but the rest of the team is nothing to worry about!!