Friday, April 3, 2009

That's Why I Don't Order Papa John's

I almost forgot why I swore I'd never eat Papa John's Pizza again for the rest of my life not too long ago. Then, when I head the fans of Washington's basketball team (insert nickname: Wizards, Bullets, Zephyrs, Haters) booing LeBron James, it all came back to me. I am glad this team will be nowhere near the playoffs this time around, and not because I am afraid of losing to them, like the Cavaliers did last night 109-101, snapping the winning streak at 13-games. Last year's series was just ridiculous looking back on it - no? Deron Stevenson - wasnt that his name? And that fourteen year old rapper he brought to the game - Little Romeo was it? Oh, well. What does it matter anymore. The only thing the Wiz...urr...Zephyrs have going for them these days is the McGee kid. He can get up off the deck. For the rest of those has beens, meet Blake Griffin. He's your reward for coming in last place this year. Nice season chumps.

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