Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relax Cavs Fans...Scot Pollard Says Its All Good!

After the Cavaliers followed a disappointing effort on Thursday, with an emphatic beatdown by the Magic on Friday, some in Cavalier Nation began to panic. With the Spurs on the docket for later today, it doesn't get any easier, but fear not Cavs faithful - Scot Pollard says its all good. On GameTime Live last night, NBA TV's own analyst Scot Pollard, offering the following analysis:

"Nothing against my Celtics but I am calling a Cavs - Lakers Finals and I'm calling the Cavs if they stay healthy. They are sputtering right now, and I think they are just getting into the end of the season doldrums right now, they're just kinda like eehh not really fired up, but when the playoffs start up they are going to be re-energized."

And Scot...while I don't agree with your hair-cuts, or your use of the word eehh, I do agree with the latter analysis. They will be re-energized come playoff time, and these end of the season doldrums are nothing to get too shook up about. Look for the Cavaliers to come out fired up today against San Antonio.

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